Best Ponytail Hairstyle for Man to Try

ponytail hairstyle for man

Let’s break the rule! Who said only women could have ponytails? Men can also have. Today we are here to talk about the man ponytail. They are the result of a man letting their hair grow and then tying them back in a ponytail. The style got popular in the 1980s, and from then it has been in on and off trend.

No doubt it is somehow similar to the man bun, but it has been underrated by many of us. Here in this blog, we will talk about ponytail hairstyle for man. You will also need accessories like rubber bands for your hair that you can easily get in cheap if you look for wholesale hair accessories. Stay with us till the end. No matter whether you have too long hair or just-the-perfect length hairs, you will get to know about the ponytail that will suit your hair length.

If you are someone who is planning to grow the hair, here are the tips on growing healthy and lengthy hairs.

Tip1: Visit barber on a regular basis. Let him know about your plan on growing out hair. While growing hair, you will have to look good, too, so he will help you out in maintaining the structure of the hair.

Tip2: Skip shampoos and embrace conditioners. Many of man have greasy hair and have to wash it on an almost daily basis. You can try switching to dry shampoo.

Tip3: It takes at least 12 to 15 months to grow the lengthy hairs and between that period, you will face many awkward situations. But be patient let them grow.

Tip4: Invest in hairbands to keep your hair protected. Once the hair is grown enough that you can have a pony start doing it.

So, here are the styles of ponytails that you can go for!

1. Basic Ponytail

Basic Ponytail for men

When you are on the growing stage, or you have gone with short length hair, then this one is the best! A basic ponytail is effortless to style. Pull all your hair back in a group at the lower part of the head or in the middle (wherever you want it or according to your hair length), then tie a hairband around it. Tada! This is the basic ponytail.

2. Curly Ponytail

Curly Ponytail for men

Have curly hair? So what? That doesn’t matter. Just tie a pony like the basic one, and you will have a curly ponytail. You can use a comb for the laid back and sleek look and avoid using it for the messy look. If you have straight hair, then get the curler and curl them off for the look. Do the vice-versa for the above (Point 1) look!

3. Half-Bun Ponytail

Half-Bun Ponytail for men

Ever kept the bun? If yes, then you would have tried half-bun too. The half-bun pony tail is a little bit similar to it. For half bun, you used to part hairs in two sections and formed a bun in the upper part, and the other part half part is left loose. Here you have to do the half bun and tie the rubber hairband around it. You will get the result, as shown in the image.

4. Add Accessories to Your Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle for man

Bandanas provide variation to already versatile men’s ponytails. For a refined ponytail look wear custom-made bandanas with unique, edgy designs inspired by retro-prints. Great artwork is offered by 4inbandana that will stir up your imagination and get you started on creating personalized bandanas for a strikingly handsome ponytail look. Your ponytail will be worth flaunting on fashion runways. Give your ponytail a fun twist that will make onlookers envious of your healthy mane.

5. Box Braid Man Ponytail

Box Braid Man Ponytail

Recently got the box braids? Then it is teh time to slay the new look before you need to take it down. For this, you will only need a hairband. Gather up the box braided hair strands and tie it.

6. Three-Strand Braided Man Ponytail

Three Strand Braided Man Ponytail

You would have seen the many girls and women carrying a braid. Now it’s your turn. We know it’s not a ponytail, but let’s make it one. Tie your hair in a mid ponytail, then start braiding your hair and tie a small hairband at the end. Yippee! It’s done.

7. Textured Man Ponytail

Textured Man Ponytail

Sometimes plain is boring. Then, what can bring a twist? A textured man ponytail. Do the twists and turns on your hair before tying a knot. You can also take a few strands of hair from the side part, then convert them into a braid and tie a ponytail.

8. Man Ponytail with Braids

Man Ponytail with Braids

Refer point 6 procedure for this one! For this, after tying a mid ponytail instead of braiding with all the hair, part them into small sections. And braid each section. You will get the result somehow similar to a box braided ponytail.

9. Man Ponytail with Side Swept

Man Ponytail with Side Swept

Have short hair on the front part? Utilize them for good. By good, we mean, for looking dashing, handsome, or whatever you consider. Use them to do a side part at the front part and then tie the hair in any of the above styles of a ponytail.

Slay the Look With a Man Ponytail

Now you know the tips on how to grow hair as well as how to style them in a ponytail. Slay the ponytail look in this year and impress the women of your dreams. The ponytail look is back in trend this year. If you have short hair then start growing out, the trend doesn’t seem to go out shortly. There are very few hairstyles that you can carry without any hesitation and this is one of them.

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