15+ Punk Hairstyles For Guys To Adorn These Modern Styles

Punk Hairstyles for guys

What is to be punk? Like if you put it in a literal and elderly way, punk means a worthless young child. Yet to specify the real meaning of this noun, it is a subculture that went viral or you can say emerged during the 1960s. It is a form of music that is loud, aggressive, and fast-moving.

Based on the characteristics of punk, it evolved in many industries such as fashion, dance, visual art, film, and even literature. This blog has various punk hairstyles for you if you have the personality that can be described with the following words – crazy, loud, ruthless, restless, and unconventional.

There are two types of punk followers – one who really is one of them and another who loves the outlook of punk fashion and its design. Whether you are from the former group or the latter, these punk hairstyles for guys will make you adapt and slay them.

There are hundreds of punk hairstyles for women or girls on the internet, but very few have described the famous men’s punk hairstyles, so I took the opportunity and created a blog to help all the rebellious guys out there!

Punk Hairstyles For Guys

Pink Punk Spikes

Pink Punk Spikes Hairstyles for guys

There are lots of colors that you can go for, but pink is the true punk. Spiky is the most common punk hairstyle. So mix both of them and do the pink punk spikes, like the one in the image. You can go for the faded or total bald sides.

Spikes with Low Burst Fade

Spikes with Low Burst Fade

French Crop with High Fade

French Crop with High Fade Punk Hairstyles for guys

You will be like, from when the French crop is counted in the punk haircut? Well, from now on, but only with the high faded sides. Sides are what make it look crazy and loud. So in the year, slay the French crop with high faded sides.


Dreadlocks Punk Hairstyles for guys

The famous African style of hair is dreadlocks. While it looks funkier it actually has benefits as well. Dreadlocks can prevent breakage and increase hair growth. Just braid your hair tight and there you go. It can be short, long, spikes, or even mohawk.


Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for guys

Speaking of which, our next punk hairstyle is Mohawk itself. There are many varieties in mohawk style but the traditional one is where sides are shaved entirely and a clear strip is visible at the center, which is later on spiked. Many people give the faded effect while some go for the bold look.

Dyed Mohawk

Dyed Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for guys

I could have explained this in the above point only, but it has its own significance and group of followers, so the separate point. Go for the traditional mohawk and get it dyed with pop colors like pink, blue, purple, green, etc. In short, any bright color.

Fanned Mohawk

Fanned Mohawk Punk Hairstyles for guys

Okay, this one is the most loved and adored mohawk hairstyle – a fanned one. It is pulled out thin furthermore for the exact tribal look and resembles the classic pop-punk culture. This one is advised for the guy with thinner hair, as there will be no need for extra trimming.


Hawks Punk Hairstyles for guys

The little brother of the mohawk is the hawk. All types of hawks are cool and ruthless. Of which the most deadly is death hawk. Hehe! Kidding. What I mean is death hawk is the look that all the death rockers will love. However, you will be able to slay this hairstyle only if you have long hair like in the picture.

Thick Mohawk with Braided Sides

Thick Mohawk with Braided Sides  Punk Hairstyles for guys

Do you have thick hair? Don’t worry, I got you. This hairstyle is the one for you. It is a mohawk one only but with a broad thickness and instead of shaved or bald sides, you have to braid the hair on both sides.


Pompadours Punk Hairstyles for guys

In the world of rock and roll, pompadours have its sleek position with the shiny top. Whether you go for a hard part pompadour or the tapered one, it will definitely give you the aforementioned lifestyle (Punky).

Fringes Punk Hairstyle

Fringes Punk Hairstyle Punk Hairstyles for guys

Fringes are another style describing the punk and restlessness of a young man. Fringes can be on the side, or the front. Also, you can pair it with spikes, mohawk, or pompadour. They look even better on colored hair. Angular fringe has a dramatic coolness to it and adds the dash of punk.

Long Punk Haircut with Undercut

Long Punk Haircut with Undercut

If you want to play safe and don’t want to go too bold but still wish to keep the punk element intact – this hairstyle is for you! What is an undercut? When the cutting is done only on the under part, the top head hair is left long. It might require or asks for more maintenance but be rest assured it is the safest and stylish one.

Faux Hawk Punk Hairstyle

Faux Hawk Punk Hairstyle

If you are the punk of your group but not the real one, it will keep you safe from all the troubles. Faux is the French word for ‘false’ so be rest assured, it won’t reveal your personality and still, you get to follow the trend. The faux hawk is one of the most demanded men’s punk hairstyles.


Devilocks Punk Hairstyles for guys

It is the scariest to look at, but kind of easiest to pull off, if you know the art of hairstyling (even the beginners part). It will go best with the perfect goth makeup. All the hair is pulled back and some are pulled out right from the center. That part of the hair is kept on the front-side, it is hard to pull off!

Gothic Punk Haircut

Gothic Punk Haircut

The messy, wavy, and chopped hairstyle defines gothic punk. Enter the world of madness and craziness with these gothic punk hairstyles. You can even highlight a few sections of hair with red color for the exact look.

Liberty Spikes

Liberty Spikes Punk Hairstyles for guys

Have you seen the Statue of Liberty? If yes, then you must be knowing the spikes on the hat of the statue. This hairstyle resembles the same. You will need the heavy gel application for recreating the look.

Punk Hairstyle for School

You can’t carry any of the punk hairstyles to the school, there are certain restrictions and rules to follow! So here are a few best punk hairstyles for the schoolboys.

Punk Hairstyle for School
short  Punk Hairstyles for guys
A man with a tattoo on his neck and a leather jacket with Punk Hairstyles
A man with white shirt and Punk Hairstyles
A young man with Punk Hairstyles
person with Punk Hairstyles

Few More Inspiration on Male Punk Hairstyles

curly Punk Hairstyles for guys
Red Color Punk Hairstyles for guys
young man with Punk Hairstyles for guys
A man with White Color Punk Hairstyles for guys
A man with Punk Hairstyles wearing a leather jacket
A man with Punk Hairstyles wearing a black shirt
Zac Efron Punk Hairstyles for guys
A couple of men standing next to each other on a street
A Group of men standing next to each other on a street
Green Color Punk Hairstyles for guys
Blue Color Punk Hairstyles for guys
Different type of Punk Hairstyles for guys

Wrapping Up:

So these were the punk hairstyles for guys, that they can do for the perfect ruthless and unconventional look. Get yourself one from these and it will be our little secret. What are you still waiting for? For more ideas on fashion trends, hairstyles, and skincare, visit Fashionterest.

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