Beard Without Mustache: 15 Different Trending Styles to Try in 2024

Beard without Mustache

A man with a beard looks smarter, and of course, it is the new fashion now. Beard and mustache being in fashion for a long time, keeps on changing with time and trends. One such trend which has made its way back in fashion is Beard without Mustache. Men with a beard and no mustache were among the most long-time prevalent trends in the late 1800s. 

Through the Hollywood actors t, his trend came into existence. As always, the actors and their styles soon became an inspiration for people and fans out there. 

A beard with no mustache is popularly known as a “chin strap.” This particular beard styling is specially designed for all those men who want to cover their jawline with their beards and showcase their clean upper lips. 

Only a beard and no mustache initially made a great confusion amongst all the men. Later, when they saw actors trying this style and carrying it with confidence, they were hugely inspired. Men started trying the style with baby steps. And now, in this year, the style has made its return in the fashion world. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the most trending beards without mustache styles that you can try for your new look. At the end of the blog, we will even discuss some professional tips for maintaining the look. 

So, get ready to start with the styling options. 

Before  we dive into the  styling options, here is a  professional tip for you : 

Professional Tip: Understand the features and shape of your face before choosing the beard style.

1. The Chinstrap

The Chinstrap Beard without Mustache
The Chinstrap Beard

The chin strap is one of the most trending beards without mustache style. It gives you a clean jawline look with a neat beard cut. The chinstrap beard look makes a bold and long-lasting conviction. 

This beard style allows you to carry a confident look without any mustache. If you have patch hair growth, this beard styling is the best option. You can trim or set the area with the sculpt. You can even try growing a full beard while maintaining the same style and cut. 

To maintain the cut for a long time, trimming and carve shaving the edges or borders will help. 

Suitable face-cut: Diamond, Square, and sometimes on a triangle. 

2. The Neat Chinstrap

The Neat Chinstrap Beard without Mustache
The Neat Chinstrap Beard

The neat chin strap turns out to be a challenging one. The name itself explains the kind of work to get you the exact result. Exact leveling and shaping of the beard are necessary to maintain a bold look. 

If you know to carry the beard confidently, believe me, this is the best beard style without a mustache look. Daily leveling, trimming, and brushing will sustain the neat-cut look of the beard. Though it looks a bit challenging, it will help you score your man card if you keep maintaining the style daily.  

Suitable face-cut: Square and diamond. 

3. The Complete Chin Curtain

The Complete Chin Curtain Beard without Mustache

It is one of the most effortless beard stylings to carry. The complete chin curtain helps grow your ideal facial hair. The most exciting part is the style of the look. Growing the beardalong the jawline on the mid-length symmetric side with wild length below the chin is what this style is all about.

Maintaining the cuts on the sides and allowing it to grow wild down the chin gives you a perfectly mature and bold look. No matter your face cut, this beard without a mustache style is perfect for carrying around. To maintain the style, daily brushing and trimming down once a week will be helpful.   

Suitable face-cut: Usually all types of face cuts. 

4. Left-Right Side Shave

Left-Right Side Shave Beard without Mustache

Side-by-side shave or left-right shave is not every man’s game. The look gives a damn bolder and mature look. Even men in their early 30s can try this look to have a bold and confident styling look. 

The left-right side shave gives you a similar look to the mutton chop. The only difference over here is the length. You will have to maintain a specific short length of growth to carry the style.

This is a perfect style of the only beard no mustache look for those who struggle to grow their beard long and healthy. 

Suitable face-cut: Heart and Square. 

5. Complete Outlined Beard

Complete Outlined Beard without Mustache
Complete Outlined Beard

The full outlined beard needs a master’s or professional’s help. The complete outlined beard look will help resemble the full beard look. The only difference will be the missing mustache. 

Though this look is trendy, it needs a professional touch to create it perfectly. To have a good look, reach out to a professional. 

The completely outlined beard without a mustache needs daily trimming and brushing to maintain the flow. The aligned cut will help to hold a bold and confident impression. The beard gives you a perfect, confident look to carry around every occasion and place.

Suitable face-cut: heart, oval, round, square, and diamond. 

6. Neck with the Beard

Neck with the Beard
Neck with the Beard Without Mustache

Are you ready to go wild with experiments? If yes, Neck with the Beard tops the list. To try this beard styling, you need to shave off the hairs entirely from your face.

If you are ready to try out something challenging, this is the perfect choice for you. It needs confidence. And if you are good at carrying any style, this is one of the bold styles of only beard and no mustache look. 

It would help if you grew your beard long enough to trail down the neck so it can impact the look substantially. It will need professional help to maintain and sustain the exact look. 

Carry the style with confidence, and you can create a significant impact on people. You can be an inspiration for people who love to accept challenges with their looks. 

Suitable face-cut: diamond and square. 

7. Retro Side Burns

Retro Side Burns Beard Without Mustache
Retro Side Burns Beard

Retro sideburn is another option for challenging the conventional beard types.  This is a  very famous look and style of the late 70s which needs the confidence to carry. Not all men can carry this look. You will need to be confident and bold enough to try out the retro sideburn style. 

Retro sideburns are the upgraded version of the ‘classics. Usually, people have mistaken it with the mutton chop, but they are very different. You can create the triangular cut right above the jawline while shaving off the other parts clean and neat.

It needs daily trimming to maintain the clean shave alongside the triangular shape. Maintain a moderate depth to hold the exact look. 

Suitable face-cut: heart, square, and diamond. 

8. Goatee Without Mustache 

Goatee Beard Without Mustache 
Goatee Beard Style Without Mustache 

A goatee with a chin strap turns out to be an angel in disguise for all the men out there. The clean chinstrap with a goatee cut brings another level of confidence. It resembles a complete beard look. If you are trying a beard without a mustache for the first time, you can try this look. 

This style seems easy to maintain for your information, but it needs daily trimming and maintenance. For a better and clear look, it is advisable to approach a professional once a week. They perfectly set the beard and shave off all the extras. 

It would be best to keep brushing it daily to maintain the shine and neatness of the cut and looks. 

Suitable face-cut: diamond, oval, and square. 

9. Chin Puff Beard

Chin Puff Beard without Mustache
Chin Puff Beard

Men tend to think that having a  tiny little puff under their chin can be an effortless beard style without a mustache. However, the reality is that maintaining this look is a real challenge. You can keep the chin puff as large or tiny that you would like. The real task is to maintain and do this style perfectly. 

The chin puff will present the perfect look only when the other parts of the facial hair are properly cleaned and shaved. Shaving extra facial hair daily is compulsory. Try to maintain a similar cut or length to experience the best of the look. It gives a different level of confidence and bolder style. 

Suitable face-cut: triangle, diamond, oval, and square.

10. Medium-Length Beard Without Mustache

Medium-Length Beard Without Mustache
Medium-Length Beard Without Mustache Idea

One more style that gives relief while trying the beard without a mustache look is this one. Medium length beard without a mustache is perfect for first-timers.

It helps in maintaining control over the beard growth and showcases a good casual and professional look both. The best part of a minimal-length beard look is that its maintenance is comparatively more accessible than other styles. 

Brushing and trimming the beards daily will reduce the overgrowth of the beards, maintain the proper shape and flow, and provide the exact texture & shine. This only beard and no mustache look will help you carry a confident look that can shine in the crowd.  

Suitable face-cut: oval, heart, square, triangular, and diamond.

11. Medium Stubble Beard, No Mustache

Medium Stubble Beard, No Mustache
Medium Stubble Beard Without Mustache

Usually, people confuse this beard style with the medium-length beard style without a mustache. However, the type and pattern are a bit different than the other one. Nothing new in this style, shave off the mustache from the upper lips, and that’s it. 

The best part is every man can try out this beard style and maintain it at home. You need to keep trimming them and shave the upper lips daily. If you want to maintain an authentic look, you can approach professionals to seek their help and touch. Carry this look with confidence as it’s a  perfect one for a casual and business look. 

Suitable face cut: oval, heart, square, triangular, and diamond.

12. Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain Beard without Mustache

Chin curtain beard and no mustache look is a perfect option for easy maintenance. What you all need to do is to shave off the hairs above the upper lips. You can grow facial hair as long and wild as you want. 

For a perfect and cleaner look, maintain a moderate length and depth. The chin curtain beard look will help you carry it around every occasion and place. To have a clean and neat look, brush them daily and trim them in any size or shape you want to maintain. 

It is a perfect option for beginners and very easy to maintain and carry.

Suitable face-cut: oval, round, diamond, and square.

13. Soul Patch Beard, No Mustache Look

Soul Patch Beard, No Mustache Look
Soul Patch Beard without Mustache

Soul patch is the most effortless and trending beard style on this list. You have to maintain a landing strip from the bottom of your lip to the chin. Other than the chin area, shave off all other facial hair. It is a very low-maintenance beard styling. 

To stand out the soul patch, shaving the other face and neck areas daily is compulsory. You can try different shapes to grow the facial hair on the front. What all you need to do is keep the rest clean and neat. 

If there is any stubble near the surrounding area, you will ruin the sharpness of the look. To maintain the punch, keep shaving regularly. 

Suitable face-cut: Round, oval, square, and diamond. 

14. Lincoln Beard Style

Lincoln Beard Style

The most loved president has left a significant impact on this bearding style. Men are crazy for the Lincoln Beard without a mustache-styled look. It gives a confident, mature look. Do not try any other customization in the styled look. Maintain the classic look with the exact cuts. 

It is better to reach out to a professional to get this look. Brushing it daily will help to have a flawless texture and neat look. Keep trimming them once a week to sustain the strong impact of this no mustache beard look. 

Suitable face-cut: oval, round, and heart.

15. Amish Beard

Amish Beard Without Mustache

Amish Beard is every lazy man’s dream bearding style. It is nothing but allowing the beard to grow wild and extended without any mustache. This seems to be easy to carry, but it is challenging to maintain. You have to be very particular with the trimming.

To maintain the strong impact of the look, brush them daily and trim them once a week. Trimming will help to create a proper shape for the beard without a mustache. Even beginners can try this look. You have to be confident enough while carrying this look.

Suitable face-cut: All types.

How to Maintain a Beard without Mustache Style?

Trying out challenging beard styles is a great spirit but, you have to make sure that you maintain the grace of the style. To keep the strong impact of the beard, a mustache look follows the below maintenance steps : 

– Keep brushing the beard daily to maintain the neatness of the styled look.

– Keep trimming them daily or regularly based on the style you have chosen.

– Approach the professionals once a month or as per the requirement of the beard. 

– Use the right products for your face and beard to maintain the quality, shine, and texture. 

These are the few steps advised by professionals worldwide to enjoy and slay the beard without a mustache style. 

Bottom Line

Beard without a mustache style is not as simple as you think. You have to be very particular about the style you are choosing and whether it will set on your face or not.

Anyway, if you are ready to accept the challenge of trying out this unique beard styling, be confident about the look. Carry every style with grace and confidence, and you will stand out in the crowd. 

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