5 Amazing Look Of James Harden Without Beard

Beard can make a lot of difference on a man’s appearance and you may not believe the fact before you check out some of the James Harden no beard looks. If you don’t know who James Harden is then he is a world class basketball player who is originated from America and he plays for the Houston Rockets and this player seems to be always in limelight for his beard looks and you can barely spot him without the beard and to be honest, beard suits him well. even if you are not sure about this statement then also you would be sure after checking out some pictures of James Harden without the beard and here are some of them listed below which you need to check out and it is for sure that after checking these pictures out you would hardly be able to control your laughter which is normal for sure:

1)Light Mustache as well as Goatee:

james harden without beard

Source:- blogspot.com

Well, it can be said this is a very young look of James and teenagers can relate to this look for sure and it is the time when people start growing beard as well as mustaches. Here the mustaches, as well as beard, would be light and it is the time to actually grow beard as well as mustache and in this look men look much younger and even James is looking younger in the above picture where he had light mustache as well as goatee at the chin and from this time men actually start shaving to grow thick beard and maintaining this look is easy as well.


james harden without beard

Source:- bentalasalon.com

It is the situation when you just had your beard trimmed long ago and soon you are about to have a trim and in this situation, you would see that the beard would be half grown and this type of beard naturally forms when you skip on shaving for some days after having a clean shaved face. Here you would see that small hairlines are appearing on the chick, chin and around the mouth as well. Some days in this look seems to be fine and can be carried as well and transforming look from this situation is easy.

3) Trimmed beard as well as mustache:

james harden without beard

Source:- ytimg.com

This is the most comfortable as well as easy to maintain look that James has carried and if you are among those men who rarely gets time to maintain themselves and if you always run out of time and often fail to style then this look may prove to be perfect for you. Here you would just keep on trimming the mustache as well as the beard whenever you would feel that they have grown a bit. Here you won’t have to do anything else and trimming is the only thing that you would need once in a while and you don’t have to style it anyhow so you would be saving a lot of times and efforts.

4) Pencil mustache which is connected to a goatee:

james harden without beard

Source:- imgur.com

Well, we love to see him with the full face of the beard but even this look of James is much more appealing and here you can see that in this look James carried a pencil mustache which is thin in appearance and the mustache is stretched down to connect with the chin goatee which is also trimmed short. This look made him appear like a gentleman and seems much more formal looking which proves to be perfect for any party or occasion. This look is very common in black boys and is trending as well so you may spot many youngsters as well as black men in this look.

5) Clean shaved v/s beard:

james harden without beard

Source:- beardstyle.net

I am sure the difference can seem through perfectly and the clean shaved one may not be a favorite of many people rather it seems very strange and can rarely be liked by any. Here in the clean shaved look, James looked younger and immature than the one beside where he had the full face long beard on. Here in this look James even had his head shaved and had really small trimmed on the head which makes his head look bigger as well as a rounder. Well according to this look it can be said that fans would rather want to see him with his changing style of the beard but having a clean shaved face may not be liked by any. Although despite his look he is still being loved for his game and the way he performs makes him the best but people would love him more if he would have a beard on.

These were few of the James Harden no beard looks which you need to check out and some of them seem to be very cool and you can try them too and you can check more at Fashionterest.