Top 7 Most Popular Mustache Style To Get in 2023

mustache style

Gone is the time when people loved to be clean shaved rather now having mustaches would make you trendy. In some Asian countries, mustaches are considered as respect and pride. So men never used to cut them but then the fashion revolution happened and people tried clean-shaved faces. But now that mustaches are already in trend again so men have again started grooming their mustaches to look the best.

If you would look back then you would be able to find out that there were so many different types of mustaches that people used to have. Rather there is some selective mustache style that would make you look stylish as well as trends. If you are wondering about the best mustache styles then here are some of the best mustache styles for you.

1. The Chevron

mustache style

This style of mustache is perfect for those who have just started growing mustaches and don’t have much idea of what style to pick up. This seems more like a naturally grown mustache without any styling which makes it super easy to achieve. If you don’t want to experiment much and want something which would be easy to maintain at the same time then this is the style you need to go with.

If you would look back then you would find that most men used to get this kind of mustache styles. Even some celebs got this mustache and you should try it as well. Here you would see that the mustache would be bushy which you would have to trim to get a settled shape. And you don’t have to be precise as such and the mustache would be as wide as your entire lips and it literally looks as if the mustache has covered the upper lips.

The Beardstache

mustache style

This mustache style is the perfect combination for those who want a beard as well as a mustache at the same time. This is the easiest style you can get and the best thing is that this style of mustache is so easy to maintain as well as groom. This style would provide you with a classic look that looks more natural and definitely not made up kind of and this style goes well with almost every man.

>If you would look back then you would find that this style was one of the most popular mustache styles. Even in the present day, this style of mustache is equally preferable. Here you would have to grow a mustache first and would have to keep growing your beard as well as your mustache, which would mix together to give you an amazing look. This would make your face look fuller.

The Pencil Mustache

mustache style

This particular mustache style is the easiest to achieve and at the same time, it is very easy to maintain which is the best thing for sure. If you are someone who just came into a mustache and is not very comfortable in full or bushy kind or mustaches. Or if you prefer a clean shaved face but want to try a mustache then you can go with this mustache style. This would keep your face appear clean and at the same time, it would give you an elegant as well as stylish look.

Back then in past, this style of mustache was considered pride, and sophisticated people used to have it for elegance. Here you would see that there would be a narrow mustache and the rest of the face would be clean shaved at times you can keep some beard below your lower lips and together they look amazing. If you would search then you would find that many celebs have also experienced this kind of mustache style.

The Horse Shoe

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Have you ever seen the shape of a horse show? If not then let me tell you that the real horseshoe looks like a Capital ‘U’ and this mustache style is exactly like that. Here you would find that the ends of the mustache are kind of carved in which makes it just like the real horseshoe. Back then in the past people used to get this kind of mustache style to maintain a strong personality. This mustache would literally make you appear like a hunk.

This mustache style was very much famous in the mid-90s and even celebs used to get this kind of mustache. Even in the present day, this mustache design seems to become a trend again and if you want to hold a strong personality then this mustache style is for you. If you are the one with round face cutting then you can go with this mustache style as this would act as a face shape corrector. Here you would see that the mustache ends would reach up to the end of the chin. The rest of the face would be clean shaved and people even get the end to grow beyond you’re their chin.

The Handlebar

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This mustache design is not as easy as all the previous designs were but at the same time this design seems to be very stylish. This kind of design is very famous in India as well as in neighboring countries of India and even people of Emirates love having this kind of mustache designs. Here you need to keep on grooming your mustache to get the perfect the handlebar mustache and it takes time so you need to be patient if you are willing to get this mustache.

This mustache was not only famous back then but even in present day people love having such kind of mustache and it actually enhances the facial structure of a man. Here you would see that here the mustache is fully grown but at the ends the mustache would be rolled in an upward direction. You can either use tools to get the look or you can keep on twisting your mustache throughout for quite some days or months to get the desired mustache look. Here the ends are basically longer than the rest of the mustache.

The Walrus

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This was a common mustache design previously and this kind of mustache is getting repeated. People started to love the style and this makes any man look more prominent and also the style gives a depth to the facial structure of any man. Here you just have to grow your mustache bushy and the end of the mustache design would be longer than the rest and you can keep the ends till the middle of the chin. Then keep the ends curved in an outward direction. This kind of mustache style seems to be fuller and denser so if you have a large or oval face shape then you can get this mustache style. Suitable to make your face appear chiseled as well as smaller.

The Anchor

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This is one such mustache style that is famous as well as loved nowadays. After people have seen Robert Downey jr. in this beard style the fact cannot be denied that he looks dashing in this mustache style. and if you have a similar face shape that appears to be a bit taller, then this kind of mustache style would look perfect on your face. Here you would see that this mustache style is kind of narrow and the end is straight rather the ends are kind of curved inwards just like a real anchor. end and to compliment the look you can get some bear below your lower lips.

mustache style

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