15 Trendy Mustache Styles for Different Face Types

Mustache Styles

Thinking of growing a mustache but clueless about your options? Read along to explore different mustache styles and much more.

Mustaches are a gentleman’s identity. In the past, they were a symbol of societal status. Right from the kings and upper-class elites to today’s celebrities, mustaches have never fallen out of fashion. Thankfully, men today are experimenting with fashion, and mustaches are also getting a grand revival.

Now, taking today’s topic forward, we will be exploring the trendy mustache styles that you can try out, based on your face type. So, whether you want to go bold and channel your inner Hulk Hogan or keep it classy like Mr. Robert Downey Jr., pick your stache and just own it!

But first, contain the excitement to understand a few key pointers.

How to Choose a Mustache Style?

Choose a Mustache Style

Before scouting the best mustache styles, there are some important things to consider. Firstly, acknowledge the commitment you’ll have to undertake for this, as grooming facial hair is time-consuming and an added task to your daily routine. Additionally, here are other things to keep in mind:

Understanding Your Face Shape

Even though we are going to bombard you with 20 men’s mustache styles, know that not every mustache will suit you. Certain styles look more flattering on a particular face shape than on others. Also, you need to know that every facial proportion can be complimented with a specific beard look. Given below are a few things you must understand before selecting your look.

Considering Your Facial Features

It is all about balance. Choose a mustache style that will highlight your unique facial features. For example, guys with thinner lips should opt for fuller mustaches to balance things out. Others who have softer features could try crisper styles, accordingly.

Considering the TLC Needed

Depending on the mustache style you choose, maintenance will vary. Moreover, some may also demand that you buy certain hairstyling products for grooming that particular style regularly. Therefore, consider this factor of both time and money before committing to anything.

Here Are Our 20 Mustache Styles You Can Experiment With:

1. The Anchored Mustache

The Anchored Mustache

Some celebrities seen carrying this style: Michael B. Jordan, Eddie Murphy, and Steven Yeun.

Imagine a simple yet precise mustache look with a touch of swag! Cool mustache styles like these have reigned for ages. This anchored mustache is a suave and sophisticated cousin of the facial hair world! The upper lip looks sharp and tidy, granting you a dose of confidence to carry. It is a look that can probably never go wrong, as it’s the safest choice out there. So, whether your personality screams playful or classy, an anchored mustache is perfect for you. This mustache style can be paired with a chin beard that complements it very well.

Necessary required

2 to 3 weeks of medium growth is enough to achieve this mustache style

Best suited for

People with round and fuller faces

2. The Classy Chevron

The Classy Chevron

Some celebrities seen carrying this style: Miles Teller, Donald Glover, Tom Selleck, and Henry Cavill.

If you want to make a statement without going too overboard, then Chevron’s the stache for you! It strikes the perfect balance between classical charm and modern uber-coolness. This is probably why even Harry Styles mustache was a Chevron kind.

A fully grown upper lip stack of facial hair might be the least stylized, but it is easier to maintain and groom. Moreover, it is very versatile. Men with both corporate as well as informal gigs can sport this look. Chevron can be pulled off effortlessly by men who have a square-shaped face. In which, the style defines the sharp jaw angles.

Length required

2-3 months of growth to get the thickness and length needed

Best suited For

Oval, triangle, and square face shapes. But it is a versatile style that works for most face types.

3. The Pencil Mustache

The Pencil Mustache

Some celebrities seen carrying this style: Brad Pitt (in Babylon), Eddie Murphy, John Waters, and Salvador Dalí.

Here, it’s all about that thin, carefully sculpted line above the lip. This popular style is also referred to as the black guy mustache style. Remember, precision is key here. So, choose a good barber to achieve this thin mustache style. You can even do it yourself if you have steady and composed hands.

This mustache style is definitely worth trying out. If anything, it’s the easiest to change later. A minimalist masterpiece like this adds sophistication and intrigue to the bearer’s face. So, be unapologetically yourself and pull off this mustache style.

Length required

2 to 4 weeks of short growth and maybe a bit longer for people with lighter hair color

Best suited for

Round, oval, or heart-shaped face.

4. The Parted Pencil Mustache

The Parted Pencil Mustache

One of the most reminiscent mustache styles of all time is the parted pencil. It is similar to a thin pencil mustache but has an evidence part at the indent above our upper lip. But here’s where it gets interesting: Firstly, you can decide if you want the gap to be narrow or wide. Secondly, you can either keep its ends straight or even trim them into angled chevrons.

Moreover, this style allows you to keep a full beard or a clean-shaved look, as per your preference. Most men prefer this style as it gives you a distinctive look. So, if you prefer to stand out from the crowd in retro style, give this mustache a shot.

Length required

2 to 4 weeks of short growth and maybe a bit longer for people with lighter hair color

Best suited for

Round, oval, or heart-shaped face

5. The Horseshoe Mustache

The Horseshoe Mustache Idea

Popularized by rugged bikers even to this day, a horseshoe mustache has a fan club of its own. It gives you a very bold and fuller look. Basically, you grow and groom the hair vertically on either side of your lips down to your chin. This resembles an upside-down ‘U’ or even a horseshoe. Hence the name.

This mustache exudes machismo and raw power. But you can dial back on this rugged look if you like. Simply make it a bit sleek and keep it short at first (we’ll learn about this look next!). Later on, you may decide if you want to take the refined look further and go full-on-PUNK mode.

Length required

3 to 4 months of proper growth is necessary

Best suited for

People who have a rounded face because this mustache draws attention downwards, making the chin look longer in illusion.

6. The Half Horseshoe Mustache

Half Horseshoe Mustache

Think of this as the modern, rebellious cousin of the classic horseshoe. The graceful arcs along the corners of your mouth, stopping right above your jawline, make a half horseshoe. It sure is edgy and is guaranteed to make heads turn as you walk by.

Moreover, you can easily carry this mustache without being too bold. You can even opt to grow/keep a half-goatee to complement it. Either that or a fully-grown beard also looks great without overpowering your overall aesthetic.

Length required

3 to 4 months of proper growth is necessary

Best suited for

People who have a rounded face because this mustache draws attention downwards, making the chin look longer in illusion.

7. The Outlaw Mustache

The Outlaw Mustache

Are you the adventurous kind?! Well, carrying this cowboy mustache style will set your vibe for the Wild West era. It is similar to a Chevron, but a bit longer on the sides. Also, there are a few face shapes and preferences that might outcast a Chevron, as it may make you look older than your age. Fortunately, you can go for this sporty look instead of a Chevron.

The edges of this mustache style are defined, and the growth is kept thick. An Outlaw mustache is always parted from the middle, making it different from the Chevron, which is not. Use a pinch of good quality wax to tame this stache to look neat.

Donning an Outlaw Mustache helps you portray a bold statement that signals confidence and strength. You can either sport it as a nod to tradition or as a self-expression statement. It will remain a timeless symbol of masculinity and rebelliousness.

Length required

3 to 4 months of proper growth is necessary

Best suited for

People with oval, square, diamond, or heart-shaped faces.

8. The Pyramid Mustache

The Pyramid Mustache

Some celebrities seen carrying this style: Burt Reynolds (in Smokey and the Bandit), and Milo Ventimiglia.

A pyramid mustache tapers toward the outer edges to create a distinctive triangular silhouette, just like a pyramid. This one can be easily confused with the Chevron and the Outlaw mustache too. But the important thing to note with this mustache style is that it’s sharper than the other two and much cleaner in comparison. 

Now, you can either shorten or widen the base of this mustache based on your preference. The triangular shape stays the same no matter what width you choose.

Length required

1 to 2 months of growth is enough

Best suited for

Diamond, heart, oval, round, and triangle face shapes. Basically, men with a narrower face type can try out this mustache style.

9. The Walrus Mustache

The Walrus Mustache

Some celebrities seen carrying this style: Nick Offerman, and Sam Elliott.

The Walrus mustache is probably the bushiest out there. It is aptly named for its resemblance to the marine mammal. In this mustache style, thick, unruly hair overlaps your upper lip, just like the whiskers of a walrus. It sure is a big statement look that exudes wisdom with a touch of wildness.

So, if you want to commit to the growth and grooming of this style, give it a try by all means. Carry it valiantly, just like the untamed spirit of the mammal.

Length required

6 months of proper growth

Best suited for

Men with round or square face shapes can carry it well as it adds dimension and balances out the softer features of their face.

10. The Handlebar Mustache

Some celebrities seen carrying this style: Jim Carrey (in Sonic the Hedgehog), Daniel Day-Lewis, Henry Fonda (in How the West Was Won)

You need his iconic Mexican mustache style. It is the epitome of old-world charm and sophistication. Vintage bikes used to have twizzled handlebars like these, hence the name. The distinctive curled-up ends will bring out the debonair side of your personality. 

A handlebar mustache serves well for most sharp face types because it helps accentuate angular features. All you need to do is tame it regularly with wax and twist it to hold its shape.

Length required

2 to 3 months of growth

Best suited for

Men with oval face shapes.

11. The Skimmer

Skimmer Mustache Styles

If you are looking for a refined look, go get this one! It is very low maintenance, simple to groom or take care of, and looks classy. This understated stache can be easily achieved by keeping a light growth of defined hair over your lip. Giving off a minimalistic charm, this mustache style complements the natural contours of your face.

Get yourself either a mini trimmer or a classic razor to sharpen those edges nicely. Make sure you define it regularly, and chop off any strand of hair that sticks out. Men with softer facial hair must definitely try this style out.

Length required

1 month of growth is sufficient.

Best suited for:

Oval or rectangular face.

12. The Zappa Mustache

The Zappa Mustache

This mustache is named after the legendary American musician Frank Zappa. It is quite dramatic and is often clubbed with a tiny patch of beard below the lower lip. Whereas, thick straps of hair extend on either side of the mouth, ending midway towards the chin. This mustache style screams ‘REBEL’. If you are an aspiring rock star or a part of a boy band, definitely pay homage to Zappa and get this look to embrace the revolutionary spirit.

Length required

3 to 4 months of growth is necessary to pull off this look

Best suited for

Diamond or square-shaped faces.

13. The Hulihee Mustache

The Hulihee Mustache

Let’s just say that this mustache is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll definitely grab the attention of every person around you as you walk by. It is certainly a whimsical mustache style that will personify you as a carefree soul. The Hulihee Palace in Hawaii is where it got its name. The arches also tend to resemble the beachy waves that crash into the Hawaiian shores.

Embrace the ALOHA spirit by sporting this Hulihee mustache and feeling the tropical vibes.

Length required

6 or more months of growth is suggested for this look

Best suited for

Oval or heart-shaped faces.

14. The Fu Manchu Mustache

The Fu Manchu Mustache

Take inspiration from the famous fictional villain, Dr. Fu Machu! He has a thin mustache that hangs from your upper lip to the sides. A lot of Asian men, professionals, as well as creative enthusiasts, happen to pull off this style even today. Even though it is a mustache style that’s in history books, modern men can still carry it and reign their visage.

Length required

2 to 3 months of growth.

Best suited for

Men with square or rectangular-shaped faces.

15. The Poirot Mustache

The Poirot Mustache

A famous detective named Hercule Poirot carried this iconic mustache style, which features a small, groomed mustache. It has curled-up ends that raise upwards. A poirot mustache has to be groomed frequently due to its unique shape. Men who wear this style look very refined, and professional. Confidence surrounds them like a cloak.

So, if you want to look like a man who knows his business, embrace this 70’s style mustache.

Length required

3 to 4 months of growth

Best suited for

Men with oval or rectangular-shaped faces.

16. The Painter’s Brush Mustache

The Painter’s Brush Mustache

Resembling just like a creatively clean brush swipe under the nose, this is a modern mustache style. With a short yet thick shape, it is very easy to maintain. Oftentimes, people confuse it with a chevron. But unlike Chevron, it doesn’t have any angled or rounded edges. It lays flat on your upper lip. In fact, it falls under the category of a pyramid mustache.

There’s practically no grooming necessary for a painter’s brush stroke. Therefore, it is perfect for men who are looking for a no-fuss, zero-maintenance mustache.

Length required

2 to 3 months of growth

Best suited for

Men with diamond or heart-shaped faces.

17. The Petite Handlebar Mustache

The Petite Handlebar Mustache

A handlebar mustache is generally carried by slightly older men. But if you love the style and want to avoid an overly mature look, try out the petite handlebar mustache. It is comparatively slimmer and shorter in length, allowing you to carry it with utmost comfort. The handlebars of this mustache end right at the corners of your mouth. Moreover, the twists at the end are not too sharp, but rather curvy. 

So, if you don’t want the whole dramatic pizzazz of the classic handlebar mustache, opt for a style like this one. 

Length required

2 to 3 months of growth for that defined full curl

Best suited for

Length required: 2 to 3 months of growth for that defined full curl.Best suited for: Oval, diamond, or heart-shaped faces.

18. The English Mustache

The English Mustache

An English mustache is a variation of the classic handlebar. It parts in the center and a bit narrow in shape. Instead of getting curled at the edges, it is pinched out horizontally with wax. Sharp, pointy ends make it look very unique and interesting.

The style was popularized by Englishmen, making it a quintessentially British facial hairstyle that exudes class and sophistication. Its timeless appeal will elevate your personality with impeccable charm.

Length required

4 to 5 months of growth

Best suited for

Men with oval, and rectangular face shapes.

19. The Lamp Mustache

The Lamp Mustache

This mustache is generally sported by government officials because it is easy to groom and looks clean on the face. As you may have already guessed by the name, this style depicts the shape of a lampshade. Since it is a simple mustache, it requires a regular trim.

It may look unique, but it’s not. As it is a shorter kind of mustache, it doesn’t get in the way of your daily tasks. Additionally, you can grow it as bushier as you want.

Length required

2 to 3 months of growth

Best suited for

Heart, oval, and square face shapes.

20. The Imperial Mustache

The Imperial Mustache

Regal and rugged are two words that describe his mustache style the best! Apparently, the last German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, used to groom this mustache, hence the name. It is similar to a handlebar mustache, but the ends are not curled, rather groomed in an upward direction. The ends even extend to the cheekbones.

To attain this look, you have to grow a full beard and then trim it down very carefully. Constant grooming is essential to getting that perfect upward hair stroke.

Length required

4 to 6 months of thick and bushy growth.

Best suited for

Oval, triangular, square, and oblong face shapes.

Tips on How to Grow and Maintain a Healthy Mustache:

Grow and Maintain Mustache

Exfoliate to Unclog Hair Follicles

Exfoliating once or twice a week helps eradicate dead skin cells and frees up clogged pores. This way, you can promote new, healthy hair growth.

Hydration Is Key

Water is the key to everything, isn’t it? Dehydration causes hair fall and weaker hair growth. So, if you want to see new hair spouting out, you better drink your fill every day. 3 to 4 liters of water is optimal for an average male.

Invest in a Good Wax

A good mustache wax is essential for everyday grooming. Since you will be using it frequently, make sure you use a good-quality formula that will not cause any harm to your facial skin and hair. Moreover, remember to use a tiny amount. Otherwise, your mustache will look a bit fake.

Follow a Well-Balanced Diet for Facial Hair Growth

Facial hair growth is influenced by testosterone. Therefore, if you are seeking healthy growth, make sure to include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as biotin in your meals.

Zinc, magnesium, and iron deficiencies also affect hair growth. Additionally, it is better not to skip common vitamins like A, B, C, and E.

If you are facing major issues with hair growth or hair fall, we suggest you consult a specialist to get proper treatment for the same.


Can you have a mustache and a beard?

Of course, you can. In fact, we advise you to do so. Mustache styles without a beard look incomplete at times. A mustache complements a fully-grown beard. Given that you trim them frequently and take proper care. 

How do I train my mustache?

Use a small brush or beard comb and go through your hair consistently in the direction you desire. You can also use hair/beard styling products like wax to keep your mustache in place.

How to style a mustache or how do I groom my mustache?

Cleanse your mustache every day while taking a shower, and make sure it dries properly. Keep trimming off the edges, and apply beard oil or wax regularly. This way, the texture of your hair stays soft.


Before we end this article, here are a few BONUS TIPS for you: 

  • Firstly, invest in good beard grooming products.
  • Secondly, buy yourself a beard/mustache comb to help you groom and tame your beard/mustache really well.
  • Lastly, trim your hair regularly to maintain the shape and growth of your mustache.

We hope this write-up gave you enough intel on mustache styling and the different mustache styles suitable for your face type. If you still get confused after reading this entire thing, consult your barber or hairdresser before jumping on mustache styles recklessly. So, we’ll see you soon with yet another article. Until then, stay stylish and slay the game!

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