10+ Different Male Models with Long Hair in 2024

male models with long hair

Gone are days when long hair was the trend for women only, today it is a trend among men too. Many models and celebrities have kept long hair exceptionally long too. There are a many hairstyles that you can choose. For example, you can choose to have a curly, straight, or shaggy hairstyle. All you require is a good shampoo and an excellent conditioner to flaunt your hair.

Wondering which hairstyle will suit you the most? Well! Don’t worry! In this blog, I have a list of top long hair male models with different hairstyles. Pick any of the male models with long hair that may suit your face cut along with your personality.

Models with Long Hair to Inspire You…

For hair inspiration, check out the following male models with long hair. They won’t only inspire you but will also help you make better decisions. Choose the long haired model that resembles your face cut and style.

1. Justin Gossman

Justin Gossman a male models with long hair

The person is a musician, model, singer, actor, and surfer. With a height of 6’2.5” and amazing face looks, the man steals the hearts of millions of people.

To add to his beauty, he chooses a long brown hair that flows down till his chin with the bangs that perfectly highlight his jawline. Also, he has got deep blue eyes to attract millions of his followers. If your personality looks a bit similar to him, his hairstyle is going to be a great pick for you.

2. Johnny Harrington

Johnny Harrington with long hair

Johnny Harrington is a long hair male model that has got amazing looks. Anyone can fall for the looks he has got. Right starting from blue eyes, a bushy beard, to long red messy hair, everything is perfect.

He has set a new trend for the bearded long haired male model in the fashion industry. With millions of followers, he is an idol for the men who want to grow long hair. You can choose to style your hair similar to his low hair bun. The hairstyle is simple yet stylish.

3. Willy Cartier

Willy Cartier a male models with long hair

The built-in style you can simply run your fingers through by choosing the hairstyle of Willy Cartier. He has also got well-nourished wavy or curly hairstyle that simply calls for a center part for subtle style. If you decide to choose his hairstyle, use a curl spray through strands to keep frizz at bay and make it look smoother.

4. Ben Dahlhaus

Ben Dahlhaus a male models with long hair

Ben Dahlhaus is 25 years old and has got amazing looks that will race anybody’s heart. He was passionate about his career from a small age. With a height of 6 feet, he is also popular as the most beautiful man in the world by Buzzfeed.

Moreover, he chooses to have long brown light curls for his hair. The style perfectly fits in to make him a top choice on the list of women ideal men.

Moreover, you can see many jaw-dropping views of his photos with his long brown hair open on Instagram. If your personality is somewhat similar, choose Ben Dahlhaus’s hairstyle.

5. Wim De Klerk

Wim De Klerk a long haired male model

Looking for something frizzy while keeping an eyeglass on? Here is your pick! Wim De Klerk has slightly wavy hair with a center or side part which flatters thin or stringy hair.

Although the person has got a slightly messy look yet he handles it well to make it outstanding. Moreover, the look is hot and works appropriately.

6. Konan Hanbury

Konan Hanbury a long haired male model

Konan Hanbury is a long hair male model that has got a sleek personality to steal your heart. With the height of 6’3.5” and lustrous blue eyes, he has got the looks to die for. Also, he appears in many of the magazines and ramp walks with long blonde hair.

He has waist-length long hair to catch your attention. Yes! The hair looks amazing. He grooms them exceptionally and charmingly to grab all the attention. If you are following Konan Hanbury male model long hair, make sure to timely nourish and condition your hair.

7. Michael Lockley

Michael Lockley a long haired male model

If your natural hair is somewhat frizzy and curly, choose to have Michael Lockley as your favorite male model long hair. This man knows to perfectly play the magic and make a great style out of curly hair.

He is popular as one having the best hair in the model industry. To complement his hairstyle, he has brown eyes and a height of 6’3”. Moreover, the model chooses to keep his hair blonde and has walked on the runway for Rag & Bone, Tom Ford, and Missoni.

8. Brock O’Hurn

Brock O’Hurn a long haired male model

Do you have a bit of a muscular body? Pick up the BROCK O’HURN hairstyle! He is a model, actor, and fitness trainer. He stands a chiseled 6’7” with  long hair and a muscular body. You can also choose long brunette hair and touch it up with highlights to bring warmth to your face. The style is amazing and going to heartthrob for millions.

9. Viggo Jonasson

Viggo Jonasson a male models with long hair

Although he is new in the fashion industry, Viggo Jonasson’s hairstyle is getting more popular day by day. He has appeared in the top magazines like V Magazine, Interview Magazine, and Metal Magazine and also has walked on runways for brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Etro.

This male model’s long hair is brown and straight with light waves around. He chooses the length of his long hair up until the shoulder that adds to the beautiful effect on his face.

Viggo Jonasson’s hairstyle is just perfect to catch anybody’s attention and will be a great choice for any of you. Some other amazing features of the model also include blue eyes, a perfectly defined jawline, and a strong body.

10. Dylan Fosket

Dylan Fosket a long hair male model

Dylan Fosket is a model with full blonde hair and has shown on the front pages of many top magazines. He is popular because of his bleach blonde hair and idol for many women around. He has straight hair, a jaw-dropping jawline, and blue eyes.

You will also find him in many look books of Acne Studios, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Barneys, and DKNY. If you find your personality somewhat close to the model, His hairstyle is going to be a great pick for you.

11. George Culafic

George Culafic a long hair male model

George Culafic has got long brown curls that complement his face very well and give him an appealing look that will steal your heart. He is a musician and now turned into a model.

Appearing in popular magazines for example GQ Italia and Men’s Health Best Fashion, the model is popular for his golden long hair. Moreover, he chooses to keep his little curly and smooth that anyone will praise.

12. Jordun Love

Jordun Love a long hair male model

Bored of brown shades for color? Want something Black yet attractive? Jordun Love is the right male model long hair inspiration. Although he started his career by dancing in Philadelphia, the person grew his skills.

This 25-year-old model has not only worked with great magazines like Nylon, W, and Exit but has appeared on the billboards for the campaign that says I’m Perfect with the Esprit. The person has got long black hair that grows up to the chest line.

The model is famous for leaving charm on runways because of its long and luscious hair. His popularity doesn’t stop here but the hairstyle of Jordun Love has been approved by Beyonce herself.

13. Bruce Machado

Bruce Machado a long hair male model

This model from Brazil features a height of 6’2, brown eyes, and long hair. To be more specific, this long haired male model had got his hairs long to the shoulders. Long brown pairs well with a mustache and goatee. The look is amazing and eye-catchy.

Bruce Machado has worked with some of the famous magazines for example V, VIP, Vogue, Fiasco, GQ, Nylon Man among many others, and also has walked runways for Marc Jacobs, V Files, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Dior Homme. If you are a person with a best mustache style and want long hair too, nothing will be better than Bruce Machad’s look.

14. Ruanui Dalton

Ruanui Dalton a long hair male model

Do you want long hair but want to tie it? Ruanui Dalton’s hair bun will work great for you. He is one of the great male models with long hair that chooses to tie his hair.

Moreover, the bun looks amazing and should be emulated by men with long hair everywhere. However, you must keep it a bit masculine by not wrapping it too tightly. You must also keep a few strands loose to your face.


Long hair among men is trendy these days. From top fashion celebrities to common man, everyone stands out uniquely with a long hair style. It not only helps you in visiting barbers less but you can also frequently change your hairstyles.

Be it curls, man bun, or straight hair, long hairs offer a long list of hairstyles for you to decide. For all those who are looking for long hairstyle inspiration, the above article discusses many male models with long hair. Fine-tune your personality by choosing any of the male model’s long hair. You are guaranteed a fashionable haircut that is tried and cherished.

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There are many famous male models who are having long hair and they too have a huge fan base not only because of their professional work but also for their attractive personality. Many men fear that their hair might get degraded if they keep them growing but if they maintain them regularly then there is no reason to worry. Have a look at the famous male models with long hair who look pretty, stylish, cool, and dashing!

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