Chic Ideas for Men to Flaunt Their Facial Hair

Facial Hair

Men around the world need to shun the idea that taking care of themselves makes them feminine. Now more than ever, awareness has been raised towards a more egalitarian view of men and women. And no one faces ridicule for taking care of their physical state any longer. We live in the 21st century, so it’s about time we stopped thinking about others’ opinions and how they might ridicule us for grooming ourselves. Moreover, it would be best to take care of your appearance for yourself, not anyone else for the record.

Not only will you look attractive, but you will feel better and more confident about yourself when you are well-groomed compared to when you aren’t. Beard is undoubtedly a neglected part of a men’s grooming regime. We often don’t think past trimming it. It grows, you trim it, repeat. It would help if you started thinking about what more you can do to take care of it.

Here are some chic ideas for men to flaunt their beard hair.

Work with Dyes

There is no harm in experimenting when it comes to your beard. What’s the worst that can happen? You can shave it off if it turns out bad. Consider streaks of color in your beard to give it that extra dose of chic. Be creative and try something that you have never done before.

There are so many color variations that you can choose to accentuate your beard. A streak of silver hair is the vogue trend of this year. If you don’t like the look, trim it down or shave it off completely. After all, it’s going to grow back in about a month anyway.

Face Shape is Everything

Different type of Face Shape

You need to style facial hair in a way that suits your facial structure. It isn’t as simple as growing a bunch of hair on your face. It would help if you thought about what works for you and what doesn’t. Having a beard that suits your face structure will help define your best facial features. We see tons of men who don’t know how to style facial hair, which complements their features.
There are many popular facial hair looks that you can look into to see what suits you best. Look into what you like the most and what works for your face structure. It depends on your face’s shape; if you have a sharp jawline, you need to define the beard around the edges. If you have a round face, then keeping a light stubble will work.

Balms, Oils, and Creams

Again, modern times have given products to help you tend to your beard in ways you never imagined before. If you have ever had a problem styling your beard, these products might help you out in the future. It helps you maintain shape and texture and ensures that you have control over the hair.

Moreover, beard oils are known to make your hair considerably softer and healthier. Therefore, you might want to consider some of the options available on the market. Healthier hair is more manageable and makes one feel good.

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Ties and Beads

If you have a reasonably long beard, consider a small knot to keep it together and add a neater look. Your beard should be 10 inches for you to tie a knot, so if it’s any shorter than that, consider skipping over this point entirely. Moreover, you can consider adding beads and bands which might change the entire look of your beard. Much like in dreads, beads in your beard might be a game-changer you never thought of before.

Understandably, this point might not sit well with a lot of you. As we have been reiterating, modern times have brought a range of trends and reductions in judgment. If you think this could work for you, go right ahead and check out how it might work for you.

Keep Some Parts, Shave Others

Merely supporting a mustache may work for a lot of people. You can stand out in a crowd if you are keeping a healthy mustache. At the same time, we have seen people shaving their mustaches and supporting a full beard.

It’s interesting to see how these looks pan out on different faces. You may want to consider which ones work for you and which ones don’t. It is one of the simplest yet chicest things you can do for your facial hair, increasing your self-esteem.


The entire point is to give ideas that provide you the confidence to flaunt your beard. Understandably, not everyone might agree with some of the beard trends that are going around these days.

Hence, we recommend that you pick and choose what works for you and ignore the rest. One message you should be taking away from this article is that grooming and maintenance are vital for your look and personality.

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