5 Undercut Hairstyle for Men to Try This Year

Undercut Hairstyle for Men

We have always talked about the women’s hairstyles, but the men hairstyles are are also tough to select from and have an ever-changing trend to follow. One of them is undercut hairstyle; this hairstyle has worn the hairstyle of the year award as for 2019. This haircut is as classy and cool as it looks. It can redefine the personality of anyone and can be carried with casual as well as standard style look. The plus point of this hairstyle is that it can look good on any of the hair type, whether wavy, curly, or straight. 

Undercut hairstyle for men has proved that there is nothing like, “once gone is forever gone.” this cut can be styled curly fringe, side-swept, or slicked back. This long top and short side conceptual hairstyle have stolen the heart of men of all ages. There are many celebrities as well as influencers that are following the trend. You too would want to do that, but the problem is which one to get! 

We know this is normal, to get out of this situation, all you have to do is go through the below list of best mens hairstyles that will definitely help you in selecting the right undercut hairstyle for you. So without wasting any time, let’s choose some real hairstyle for your barber to style. But before that we will take a bit of your time, just to give you some pointers on the undercut hairstyles to free you from confusion.

This cut works well with square and diamond-shaped faces as they make it look less square-y and angular.

Length of hair is not that much of a hindrance, as for top structure it there should be a minimum length of 2″ and for sides, the minimum length of 1″ is also acceptable.

Relativity in the hair cut (as of top and sides) is necessary.

Last but not least, always take a picture of the haircut you want to the barber for reference.

The following are the undercut hairstyles that you should try out.

Undercut with Heavy Beard

Undercut with Heavy Beard for Men

If you are a beard lover and heavy beard is your style, then you should definitely go with this faded undercut with hair styled back or swept on the side.

Short Hair Undercut

Short Hair Undercut for Men

And if we talk about length and you have short hair then you don’t have many options to go to this hairstyle. But remember short undercut will make you look classy and stylish. The best look is the hair pulled back slickly.

Medium Length Undercut

Medium Length Undercut for Men

If you have medium length hair, then this can be an excellent haircut for you. Apply pomade having a matte finish and comb the hair as you like. The side-swept, fringed or disconnected anything will look good with medium length hair. If you have curly hairs, then side-swept will look neater.

Long Hair Undercut

Long Hair Undercut for Men

Guys with long hair should not worry about the undercut hairstyle they can style it in a way they want without any hesitation. Just make sure you get this undercut according to your face shape. If you have a round face then avoid this hairstyle, it won’t look that good.

Other types of undercut hairstyle include High Fade, Long Fringe Side Swept, Hard Part Pompadour, Spiky Messy, Low Fade, Cool Pompadour, Bald Fade, etc.

A young man with a black mohawk undercut
A man with a black jacket and Undercut Hairstyle
short hair Undercut Hairstyle for Men
A men with Beard and Undercut Hairstyle for Men
A man with a long black hair and a side part undercut
pomp Undercut Hairstyle for Men
Undercut Hairstyle for Men
 a man with long hair and a beard

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