35+ Top Asian Hairstyles Men Trending Now in 2024

Asian Hairstyles Men

Are you looking for a new hairstyle? If yes, stick to this blog because we are going through some stylish hairstyles that can rock your entire look. The Asian hairstyles men are those hairstyles that can give you a classic and elegant look.

When we talk about men’s grooming and fashion, hairstyles play an important part. A proper hairstyle can elevate the entire look. Thus, choosing one of the most suitable hairstyles for Asian men is essential.

Asian men have thick hair, a perfect base for various hairstyles. Not everyone around the world is blessed with thick hair. You can elevate your entire look when you style well with your thick hair. These are the best asian men hairstyles.

Here, we will tell you some of the best Asian men’s hairstyles.

Top Hairstyles for Asian Men

1. Buzz Cut

 Buzz Cut Asian Hairstyles For Men

If you want to free yourself from your locks, the buzz cut can be the right hairstyle for men. It is a type of masculine haircut that can be suitable for almost everyone but is especially recommended for people with robust facial features as it will amplify cheekbones and jawline.

2. Pompadour

Pompadour Asian Hairstyles For Men

Pompadour is an attractive Asian haircut that can catch everyone’s eye. You can start with a quick blowout to achieve this smart and sleek look. Teasing your top hair will add height to your hair. At last, you need to comb the front up and back to form voluminous pomp.

3. Disheveled Hairstyle

Disheveled Hairstyles For Men

The messy hairstyle is a very sexy style as it gives you a textured look that too with the minimum effort. This hairstyle is very much suited for people who want a messy kind of hairstyle. You can wear your hair in different lengths and cuts; the focus should be maintaining it as if it is undone (not styled).

4. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks Asian Hairstyles For Men

Dreadlocks are strands like ropes; these hair types easily catch everyone’s attention. People with dreadlocks look cool; you can keep the dreads long and short and experiment much more.

5. Edgar Haircut

Edgar Hairstyles For Men

If you want a tough and masculine appearance, you must consider the Edgar haircut. This style is cropped and cut straight around the head, creating a straight line across the forehead. This is great for highlighting the hair on the top and can make it more voluminous. This hairstyle suits almost all types of face shapes, especially angular, long, or oval.

6. Slicked Back with Mid Fade

Slicked Back with Mid Fade Asian Hairstyles For Men

The slicked-back style has become very popular in the last few years. A mid-fade will help you lighten the overall look and add a modern twist if you are blessed with dark and full hair.

7. Slick Over

Slick Over Asian Hairstyles For Men

The slick over, same as the smooth back, features hair brushed far from your face; however, it is more focused on the side instead of backward. It is a modern & stylish hairstyle that is suitable for every type of occasion. You can use hair styling products for a glossy finish.

8. Crew Cut

Crew Cut Asian Hairstyles For Men

A crew cut is an excellent choice to add a bit of natural height to your crown. The longest portion of the quiff is in the front, while the remaining hair gets progressively shorter towards the back. The crew cut’s length is maintained short, so the front hair virtually stands up independently.

9. Mohawk with Design Detail

Mohawk with Design Detail Asian Hairstyles For Men

Unleash your creativity with a bold Mohawk hairstyle adorned with intricate design details, allowing you to express your individuality from every angle. You can also try asian men short hairstyles.

10. Side Fringe

Side Fringe Asian Hairstyles For Men

Adding a stylish side fringe, you can add a little edge to your facial features. The cut is defined as known by the asymmetric line going across the forehead, where one end is kept shorter than the other. The top hair is kept longer and brushed to the front to add volume and texture.

11. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut Asian Hairstyles For Men

The Caesar cut is a short men’s hairstyle characterized by short hair on the sides and back, and a longer, textured top. It is named after Julius Caesar and is known for its versatility and timeless appeal.

12. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Asian Hairstyles For Men

The faux hawk haircut offers a lot of versatility, allowing you to tailor your cut exactly as you wish. It is a trendy men’s hairstyle featuring shorter sides and a strip of longer hair in the middle that is styled upwards to create a bold and edgy look. Let’s see these asian men long hairstyles.

13. Curtains Hairstyle

Curtains Hairstyle Asian Hairstyles For Men

This hairstyle is a perfect choice if it highlights your facial features. This hairstyle can be suited to all types of hair textures and add various elements. You can also experience multiple hair lengths with this hairstyle.

14. French Crop

French Crop Asian Hairstyles For Men

This haircut is easy to style, low-maintenance, and suitable for all men, irrespective of their age. The back, top, and sides should all be the same length, but you can alter your cut to accommodate different hair textures and kinds.

15. Half Up, Half Down, Brushed

Half Up, Half Down, Brushed Asian Hairstyles For Men

This haircut is very stylish and is a very good option for men who want to keep the hair away from their face and show off the length of the hair. It can be done on the medium and long hair.

16. High Fade with Comb Back

High Fade with Comb Back Asian Hairstyles For Men

The comb back is the best look if you want to add volume at the front of the head. It’s perfect for adding texture or making their hair look fuller.

The high fade, which is made between the tops of the ears and the temples, will give your haircut a clean, contemporary look. Additionally, it will highlight the comb back and highlight your texture.

17. Ivy League

Ivy League Asian Hairstyles For Men

Ivy League is a low-maintenance hairstyle that is suitable for every kind of occasion. It is the right hairstyle for corporate setup. You can even choose to style this haircut by trying different lengths or even trying a side parting.

18. Man Bun

 Man Bun Asian Hairstyles For Men

This haircut is easy to style and looks very good and stylish on your long hair. It is one of the simple hairstyles you can style quickly with a bit of skill. It is very versatile and is suitable for all hair textures.

This style can easily catch everyone’s attention towards your neck and face. The length of your hair will determine how high or low you may wear your bun; you can do it on very long hair or shoulder-length hair.

19. Mullet Brushed Back

Mullet Brushed Back Asian Hairstyles For Men

This is a classic hairstyle from the 80s, suitable for many types of face shapes. You can experiment with different hair lengths; the idea is to keep the front and top short while keeping the length in the back. You can even customize your look with different lengths and finishes.

20. Shag Haircut

Shag Haircut Asian Hairstyles For Men

The Shag haircut is the favorite hairstyle from the 70s, and currently, it is in the trend due to its edgy and cool look. It is adaptable to various lengths, hair kinds, and textures. Limiting the layers will provide volume and richness to thin hair while adding movement and removing weight from thick hair.

21. Samurai Bun

Samurai Bun Asian Hairstyles For Men

A modern twist on the traditional Japanese topknot, the Samurai Bun combines sleekness and style for a bold and powerful look.

22. Undercut with Geometric Design

Undercut with Geometric Design Asian Hairstyles For Men

Add an artistic edge to your haircut with a precise undercut and geometric patterns carved into the sides for a truly unique statement.

23. K-Pop-inspired Bowl Cut

K-Pop-inspired Bowl Cut Asian Hairstyles For Men

Embrace the trendiness of K-Pop with a modern take on the classic bowl cut, featuring soft, textured layers for a playful and youthful vibe.

24. Textured Crop with Fringe

Textured Crop with Fringe Asian Hairstyles For Men

This versatile hairstyle combines short, textured layers with a longer fringe, creating a contemporary and effortlessly cool appearance.

25. Quiff with Tapered Sides

Quiff with Tapered Sides Asian Hairstyles For Men

A classic yet trendy choice, the quiff with tapered sides offers a polished look with added volume, making a stylish statement wherever you go.

26. High and Tight

High and Tight Asian Hairstyles For Men

Suppose you want a masculine and sophisticated look at the same time. In this hairstyle, the short hair is kept at the top of the head, where the back and sides are shaved down to the skin. It is a low-maintenance haircut that can be designed with little grooming.

27. Slicked-Back Undercut

Slicked-Back Undercut Asian Hairstyles For Men

Exude confidence and sophistication with a slicked-back undercut featuring a tight fade on the sides and a sleek, glossy finish on top.

28. Textured Waves

Textured Waves hairstyles for Asian men

Embrace your natural hair texture with tousled waves, adding depth and dimension to your hairstyle for a laid-back yet stylish appearance.

29. Top Knot

Top Knot Asian Hairstyles For Men

If you have medium or long hair, this hairdo will look great. One can experiment with different ways to style it.

30. Bald Fade with Quiff

Bald Fade with Quiff Asian Hairstyles For Men

It is an edgy and cool hairstyle, and the combination of edgy and cool will create a contrast with the quiff, which is voluminous at the forehead, and the bald fade will give you a professional finish.

31. Blowout

Blowout Asian Hairstyles For Men

The blowout is a short haircut that works for guys of all hair kinds and textures. The full front, which is brushed back, gives the outfit its distinctive style.

32. Brushed Back Hair

Brushed Back Hair Asian Hairstyles For Men

This hairstyle is achieved by taking the hair back to the scalp. It will create volume and keep the hair away from your eyes, making a clean and polished appearance.

33. Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut Asian Hairstyles For Men

The Wolf Cut is a trendy and versatile hairstyle with choppy layers, giving a wild, untamed look. It combines the best of a shaggy haircut and a modern mullet for a fierce and fashion-forward vibe.

34. Textured Spikes

Textured Spikes Asian Hairstyles For Men

Achieve a bold and energetic look with textured spikes, adding height and dimension to your hair while exuding confidence and a touch of rebelliousness.

35. Classic Side Part

Classic Side Part Asian Hairstyles For Men

Timeless and refined, the classic side part is a sophisticated choice, featuring a clean side parting and neatly styled hair for a polished appearance.

36. Messy Bedhead

Messy Bedhead Asian Hairstyles For Men

Effortlessly cool, the messy bedhead style exudes a laid-back charm, with tousled and disheveled hair creating a carefree and natural appearance.

37. Textured Quiff

Textured Quiff Asian Hairstyles For Men

Make a statement with a textured quiff, combining volume and texture on top with shorter sides, striking the perfect balance between edgy and stylish.

38. Slicked-Back Pompadour

Slicked-Back Pompadour Asian Hairstyles For Men

Channel old-school charm with a modern twist by opting for a slicked-back pompadour, combining a high-volume top with sleekly styled sides.

39. Faded Mohawk

Faded Mohawk Asian Hairstyles For Men

Blend contemporary style boldly by sporting a faded Mohawk featuring shaved sides gradually fading into a longer, styled strip of hair in the middle

40. Wavy Side Sweep

Wavy Side Sweep Asian Hairstyles For Men

Emphasize you are natural waves with a side sweep hairstyle, where the hair is swept to one side, creating a relaxed and effortlessly cool appearance.

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What Is a Korean Boy Hairstyle Called?

A mullet is termed a stable KPop haircut. It is one of the most popular hairstyles for Korean men.

What Hair Type Is Most Attractive to Guys?

Generally, straight hair is considered more attractive than other types of hair.

Which Face Shape Is Best for Males?

The square shape is considered best for males as it is also considered masculine.

What is a Chinese Haircut?

A Chinese haircut is when the hair on the top of the scalp is grown big and often braided, and the front portion is shaved.

What Hairstyle Is Popular in Korea?

The side-swept pixie haircut is trendy in Korea.


We will conclude our blog by saying that Asian hairstyles men are very stylish, and this category has many options. So, if you are thinking of changing your hairstyle or getting a new look, you should consider Asian men’s hairstyles. You can also select one from this blog’s many options mentioned above.

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