35 Best Edgar Cut for Men: Top Hairstyles 2024

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Haircuts and hairstyles are something that everyone wants to have as per trend, be it men or women. So, which haircut is in trend for men? The answer is Edgar Cut. there are chances that you have heard about it for the first time, that too randomly. Hence you are here to know more about it. Let me make it simpler, it is a lot more like the caesar haircut, but with the higher fade and most probably the skin fade.

Apart from that, Edgar haircut is also a mixture of the French crop and the Caesar haircut. Now, without any delay let’s learn a little bit about the Edgar cut, and then we will move ahead with some mind-blowing and extraordinary Edgar cut hairstyles.

What is Edgar Haircut?

What is Edgar Haircut?

Edgar cut is a type of haircut where the sides are short and tapered, while the top is left longer. Well, the origin of the Edgar cuts is still unknown. However, stories say that it came into a trend after a fan got the baseball player Edgar Martinez’s face shaped in his head. The difference is the Edgar cut now has the hairstyle minus his face. Not everyone wants to have the baseball player’s face on their head. It is also known as a takuache haircut in Mexico.

FYI: In the Edgar haircut, the back and sides are short, while the top is long. It is common among Latino men.

This hairstyle is ideal for the ones who don’t love hair coming in their way of work or just want to stay in the trend and look cool as ever. You can ask your hairstylist to give you an Edgar cut and if he doesn’t understand just show him the hairstyle you want from the list below.

35 Unavoidable Edgar Cut For Men to Try in this year!

35 Unavoidable Edgar Cut For Men to Try in 2023!

Here in this list, you will find every Edgar cut that you can try, from fluffy edgar cut to taper ones. Pick the one that goes well with your face and you’ll never regret the decision.

1. Classic Edgar Haircut

Classic Edgar Haircut

If you wanna stay simple and down to earth, go for the classic Edgar haircut. The lower back and sides of your head will be tapered and the front will have a straight line. This neat and clean will make you look edgy and classy among all. As for the top, ask your barber to style it and give it some texture.

2. Fluffy Edgar Haircut

Fluffy Edgar Haircut

The fluffy edgar haircut is famous among men who have abundant hair. So, if you are also one of them, go for the fluffy Edgar cut. The sides and back will be tapered, but they will be covered with the length of your hair. Also, the front line should be a little lengthier for the exact fluffy Edgar cut and playful look! If you have silky smooth hair, this will look mesmerizing.

3. Edgar Cut Fade

Edgar Cut Fade

The Edgar cut fade haircut is nothing but the different styling on the sides and back of the head. Instead of tapered you’ll have to ask your hairstylists to give you the fade cut on the sides. Normally, men and boys in sports go with this trending haircut as shown in the image.

4. Messy Edgar Cut

Messy Edgar Cut

Normally, the Edgar haircut is known for its clean lines, but who said you can’t go with the messy one? Clean-lined Edgar cut is more suitable for businessmen and professionals, while if you are not into that get yourself a messy Edger cut. Ask your barber not to give finishing and leave it a bit messy.

5. Edgar Low Taper Haircut

Messy Edgar Cut

Edgar cut is known for its easy maintenance, to make it more viable you can also get your Edgar haircut as you want. Confused? The Edgar cut can be tapered or faded. Even with the tapered cut, it is up to you, whether you wanna go with the Edgar low taper cut or the high tapered. The model in the image has gotten himself the low taper Edgar haircut.

6. Curly Edgar HairCut

Curly Edgar HairCut

If you have curly hair, you can still slay the Edgar cut. Yes, many men with curly hair have gone with it. Take inspiration from the image and get yourself the curly Edgar haircut. Remember the curly Edger cut won’t have a clean front line as it is kind of impossible and won’t even look perfect!

7. Edgar Cut with Mullet

Edgar Cut with Mullet

Let’s combine two trending hairstyles to get an amazing look. And which are they? Well, the mullet and the Edgar cut. also knows as Edgar cut mullet Mullet is all about having the perfect length of locks at the back and Edgar cut has the tapered sides with the front cut. Look at the image for the visual representation.

8. Wavy Edgar Cut

Wavy Edgar Cut

Edgar haircuts have been in trend and favorite among people for a long time now. People with all types of hair are getting the Edgar cuts, including wavy as well. If you have wavy hair go and get this look. If you don’t have wavy hair, but still want this look. Ask your hairstylists to give you wavy hair after the cut and slay your new hairstyle.

9. Spiky Edgar Cut

Spiky Edgar Cut

Another amazing hairstyle is Edgar cut with a spiky hairstyle. This again is a mixture of two trending hairstyles. First, you have to get the Edger cut and ask the barber not to add the front cut. Then style your hair in spikes and you have adorned the perfect mixture of two hairstyles. The final result will be something like the hairstyle of the model in the image.

10. Short Edgar Cut

Short Edgar Cut

Who said, people with short hair can’t have the Edgar cut? Yes, if you have short hair you can still have the Edgar cut. As I said above, Edgar haircut is all about the back and side tapered and front cut (in a neat line). You can achieve the same with short locks. See the image for inspiration.

11. Edgar Haircut With Undercut

Edgar Haircut With Undercut

Instead of getting a regular Edgar cut, combine it with a sleek undercut this time! In this cut, the top left section of the hair is long, and the sides are kept short. This gives a subtle clean look, which is why it suits men with thick or fine hair.

12. Short Disconnected Edgar Hairstyle

Short Disconnected Edgar Hairstyle

Looking for a clean yet edgy hairstyle? Try this one!

It is known as the short disconnected Edgar haircut or short Edgar haircut. Here the sides are shaved, and the top parts of the hair have texture. It is done by a special hair technique known as a point-cut technique.

13. Straight Edgar Cut

Straight Edgar Cut

If you like keeping your haircut updated with the latest hair trends, you’ll love this cut! This is a classic yet modern straight Edgar hairstyle with a mid-skin fade, easily catching all the attention. You can also try different variations of it, such as skin fade, low fade, or drop fade.

14. Long Messy Edgar Haircut

Long Messy Edgar Haircut

Long hair looks sexy and fresh!

Even men with long hair can easily carry this wonderful haircut. This Edgar cut has many messy layers that add the right texture and volume to your long hair. Ask your barber to add the asymmetrical fringe for a cool look.

15. Choppy Edgar Cuts

Choppy Edgar Cuts 

Who says older men can’t look good?

Look at the above picture and see how good this man in his late 50s looks. This type of Edgar cut has straight fringes along with some choppiness. Together they create a fun and playful hair look!

16. Jagged Edgar Hair Idea

Jagged Edgar Hair Idea 

Get a clean, jagged cut, and look absolutely handsome! The best thing about this Edgar cut is that it doesn’t need to be symmetrical, so you can get it done at an angle!

17. Unique & Bold Edgar Hairstyle

Unique & Bold Edgar Hairstyle

Tired of the same old hairstyles? Here is a new hair idea for you!

This is something creative and out of the box and which is why this isn’t for everyone. This bold and unique Edgar cut is created with different cutting techniques. It will give you a break from the old monotonous haircuts for sure.

18. Straight Hair Edgar Cut

Unique & Bold Edgar Hairstyle

The next Edgar haircut is for young men. Known as the straight Edgar cut, this hairstyle can be styled in numerous ways. This one has a precision cut with fringes in a straight and horizontal style. This blunt haircut will draw the right attention to your facial features, making you look more attractive.

19. Textured Edgar Haircut For Men

Textured Edgar Haircut For Men

Edgar cut is a popular hairstyle among men of all ages. This is a versatile cut that can be carried in several ways. For example, with Edgar taper fade, fluffy edgar haircut, and many more. So, try a textured Edgar haircut to get an impressive look!

20. Soft Wavy Edgar Mullet Cut

Soft Wavy Edgar Mullet Cut

The Mullet hairstyle is back again!

Combine this evergreen hairstyle with the Edgar cut to create something unique and attractive. It is known as the Edgar mullet haircut. This combination has short hair in the front and is kept long at the back. Ask your stylist to keep your hair wavy or for a wavy Edgar haircut for a soft appearance.

21. Faded Edgar Cut With A Beard

Faded Edgar Cut With A Beard

Get a streamlined hair look with an Edgar low taper fade, or Edgar cut taper fade. It is a perfect hair idea for men with medium-length hair. The sides here are shaved and gradually blended upwards. To make it more fashionable, add a beard.

22. Edgar Cut with Layers

Edgar Cut with Layers

Look at this man with a Ginger hairstyle; doesn’t his hair look so captivating? The color is so unique, and with this elegant Edgar cut, it is just so mesmerizing. To get this look, style the top hair with your fingers in a messy way.

23. Asymmetric Edgar Cut With Undercut

Asymmetric Edgar Cut With Undercut

The best thing about the Edgar cut is that it can be styled in so many different ways. One of the popular versions of the Edgar cut is with an asymmetrical fringe on the forehead. It also has sharp edges and thin sides.

24. Short Messy Layers

Short Messy Layers

Layers are one of the best Edgar cuts for wavy hair. Leave the front hair uncombed, or use a styling product to tease them. You can also do the opposite, leaving the front hair straight and keeping the messy hair at the back. Both ways, your hair is going to look amazing!

25. Edgar Cut with Natural Curls

Edgar Cut with Natural Curls

Look at the above guy with an Edgar cut. Did you find something unusual about his hair?

Here, this guy opted for an Edgar cut but with a twist. Instead of changing his hair texture, he defines his natural curls and a curly Edgar haircut. You can do the same to get this stunning hair idea.

26. Scruffy Edgar Haircut For Boys

Scruffy Edgar Haircut For Boys

Get this trendy takuache cut with buzzed sides!

This hairstyle perfectly balances scruffy texture and straight, clean lines. This will give you a sharp and dynamic look with a little bit of messy hair. Get creative and try this gorgeous curly Edgar cut!

27. Thick Silver Edgar Hairstyle

Thick Silver Edgar Hairstyle

Do you want your hair to stand out in a crowd? Get a thick silver Edgar cut!

Silver is a bold color for hair, so it isn’t for everyone! This hairstyle has lots of texture and layers, making it playful and fun.

28. Widow’s Peak Takuache Haircut

Widow’s Peak Takuache Haircut

Do you have a weird shape of hairline growth on your forehead?

No worries, you’re not alone in this world! Many people have an unusual growth pattern where the hairline doesn’t grow perfectly on the forehead. The best solution is to get this widow’s peak Edgar cut. This will beautifully hide that pesky widow’s peak and give you an elegant and crisp hair look!

29. Takuache Haircut For Men

Takuache Haircut For Men

This is one of the most popular versions of Edgar cut: a slit in the eyebrow! This hairstyle is trendy, cool, and creative. So, what’re you waiting for? Get this stylish Edgar fade haircut and get noticed by your crush!

30. Edgar Cut With Fringes

Edgar Cut With Fringes

Fringes are something that can be included in many hairstyles and haircuts. Look here fringes have been added to the classic Edgar cut. It has many versions, such as long fringes, short-straight fringes, and more. The best thing about this look is you can wear it in professional and casual settings.

31. Tight Edgar Cut

Tight Edgar Cut

The Tight Edgar Cut is a state-of-the-art guys’ coiffure that gives a smooth and sharp look. With the point of interest at the Edgar Cut, this style features specific strains and a properly-defined hairline. This versatile haircut enhances numerous hair types and face shapes, making it a famous choice for the ones searching for a cutting-edge and polished look.

32. Natural Edgar Haircut

Natural Edgar Haircut

Looking for an ultra-modern coiffure? Try the Edgar Cut, also called the Natural Edgar Haircut. This elegant appearance is characterized by its sharp edges and clean strains, making it a famous choice among men. The Natural Edgar Haircut gives a contemporary twist on a traditional style, providing you with a pointy and confident look this is certain to turn heads.

33. Fringe Edgar Haircut

Edgar Cut

The Edgar reduce, also called the Fringe Edgar haircut, is a fashionable and modern-day coiffure. With its distinct quick sides and a longer top swept to the front, the Edgar cut offers a cutting-edge and edgy look. This versatile haircut enhances diverse face shapes and hair sorts, making it a famous desire among fashion-forward individuals searching for a fresh and formidable appearance.

34. Edgar Cut with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Edgar Cut with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Discover the charming allure of the Edgar Cut with platinum blonde hair colour. This iconic coiffure merges a sleek, cutting-edge cut with the ambitious announcement of platinum blonde, exuding self-assurance and fashion. Elevate your look with the fashionable Edgar Cut, a really perfect harmony of shape and color.

35. Edgar Haircut with Choppy Hair

Edgar Haircut with Choppy Hair

Discover the trendy Edgar Cut, a flexible hairstyle it’s all of the rage. For a contemporary twist, choose an Edgar Haircut with uneven layers, adding texture and intensity. This ambitious style enhances various hair types, making it a top choice for a current and edgy appearance

Slay the Edgar Cut Everywhere!

With all the trending styles in Edgar cut, it is undoubtedly clear that everyone can adorn the Edger cut. Whether you have curly hair or wavy hair, long locks, or short locks, you can go ahead and ask your hairstylists to give you the different Edgar cuts. The reason we said everywhere is that you can slay this haircut at your office and even at your college.

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