50+ Best Wolf Haircut Ideas To Try In 2024

wolf cut haircut

Haircuts have become a trend in today’s world. There are various styles and options for haircuts. Talking about haircuts, how can we not talk about the popular Wolf haircut? The classic 70’s haircut is back into the trend. In the past year, the wolf cut has ruled over the hearts of people.

The best part about wolf haircuts is, it looks perfect for every face cut and skin type. The only thing you have to understand is, you should know how to carry it. In this blog, you will explore a lot of facts and ideas about the wolf cut girl hair trend.

To start with, let us understand what exactly is a wolf haircut.

What is a Wolf Haircut?

The popular wolf cut girl is a mix of two different haircuts. The shaggy cut and the mullet cut are the two primary combinations that make the wolf haircut. This haircut is a little bit messy and still manages to look exciting and pretty. As per professional artists, the only concern after having this haircut is maintaining them. They usually have long layered trails that, at times, can be challenging to maintain.

The long layers of the haircut are commonly paired with bangs. Bangs give you a classic look for hot summers. For getting a perfect wolf-cut haircut, reach out to your professionals. Wolf cuts have various styles you can try for yourself. Before going for the traditional or the standard wolf haircut. Below, you can explore some of the best wolf cut girl hair trends.

Let me help you with some of the best styles of Wolf haircuts for females.

Top 52 Variant Styles of Wearing Wolf Haircut

1. Short Hair Wolf Haircut

Short Hair Wolf Haircut
Short Hair Wolf Haircut for women

For all those who have short hair, wolf cuts are complete bliss. Experts say a wolf haircut is a great haircut style for all those pretty women who have short haircuts. If you have short hair, you should go for a female wolf haircut. The best way to enjoy your haircut is:

  • Ask the expert to get you the perfect wolf cut female on your short hair.
  • Go for an exciting and fresh look with some hair colors.
  • Explore different wolf cut hairstyles to enjoy your new fresh look.
  • Keep visiting the professionals to maintain the quality and flawless beauty of your hair.

2. Wolf Cut for Curled Hair

Wolf Cut for Curled Hair
Wolf Cut for Curled Hair women

Curly hair usually fails to explore different hairstyles. However, a wolf tail haircut will look amazing on curly hair. For this, one of the most prominent options you have is to pile up the hair on the top. Start trimming them towards the bottom. For all those thinking of how to manage the curls in a wolf cut female, honestly, it is nowhere near a challenge to perform. It is the best wolf cut hair.

Wolf haircut is an apparent survival for all the pretty ladies who have curly hair. You can explore different hairstyles if you are wearing a wolf cut hair trend. Why worry when you have such an informative blog for your hair? Keep reading further.

3. Deep Mullet Wolf Haircut

Deep Mullet Wolf Haircut

If you are looking for a messy and challenging haircut style, definitely try the deep Mullet Wolf Cut female for yourself. It is one of the most exciting and captivating wolf haircuts.

Give your aesthetic mullet an addition of long layers at the hairline. This will not just give you a wolf cut, and it will enhance your overall look. If you have long wavy hair, you should for sure transverse this wolf cut haircut.

So, what do you think is, have you booked your appointment? If not, what are you waiting for, Beautiful?

4. Soft Trails of Wolf Cut

Soft Trails of Wolf Cut

I am pretty sure you are excited to try this haircut on your hair. At times the drastic change on your face is not acceptable. If you want, soft trails look perfect and decent for first-timers.

It is advisable to always try soft tails for wolf haircuts. As per professionals, smooth trail wolf cuts have soft trims that are not easily noticeable. This is a perfect way to slay the new haircut. You can also follow these wolf cut girls’ hair trends.

Get in reach with an experienced professional who will help you with the best way to style and set the haircut trend.

5. Ultimate Wolf Haircut

Ultimate Wolf Haircut

Shaggy layers play a significant role in the ultimate wolf haircut. Wolf cut haircut requires ultimate shaggy layers, which needs an excellent knowledge of carrying the haircut trend. Girls can copy these amazing short wolf cut hair female.

If you are ready to accept the challenge, you will rock the new look. For this, you need great confidence to carry the ultimate challenging wolf cut short haircut. So, are you ready for this challenge?

6. Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut

If you like the soft cut with round layers, you can try this unique wolf cut known as the Korean wolf cut. It has a soft touch with long curtain bangs and Long, sweeping fringe. This is a great hair cut for girls with thick, pin-straight hair.

7. Gorgeous Blue Hair with Wolf Cut

Gorgeous Blue Hair with Wolf Cut

What are the best ways to express your personality with some fun hair colors? You can use bright blue color along with a wolf cut to stand out from the crowd. This color is also associated with calmness, creativity, and freedom!

8. Razored Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

Razored Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

Do you feel that your hair is extremely thin and doesn’t have volume? If yes, a razor wolf cut girl’s haircut will be best for you! This cut will add so much volume and body to your thin hair, and you’ll get a heavy, layered look.

8. Multi-Layer Wolf Cut

Multi-Layer Wolf Cut

Here is another bombshell haircut idea for you, a multi-layer wolf cut girl style! To add more drama, you can also color your hair; just like here, the model has colored her hair in a bright yellowish-orange shade.

9) Cropped Short Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

Cropped Short Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

For all the curly hair girls, this short wolf cut girl style will be a game changer for you! This hairstyle didn’t focus on the crown area, and because of that, the ringlets fall right into place. So if you have medium curly hair, try this cropped wolf cut.

10. Classy Wolf Cut for Women Over 30

Classy Wolf Cut for Women Over 30

If you’re a woman over 30 and looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle, here’s one for you: classy wolf cut! We’re talking about the wolf cut girl h with a soft baby fringe which gives your hair a lot of volume and texture while staying on the low-maintenance side. You can wear this cut every day and still look great all the time!

11. Blended Wolf Haircut

Blended Wolf Haircut

Here is another type of wolf cut girl style for curly hair. It is known as the blended soft wolf haircut. Curly hair is the best hair type for this cut as it will give them volume and lots of movement and create a more subtle and blended look.

12. Cute Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle

Cute Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle

Want to look flirty and cute? Get this shaggy wolf haircut!

This one has layers of mullet but still maintains the length of a shag. This cut is created by the razor-cutting technique, which is known to give a heavily textured look to hairs.

13. Wolf Haircut with Messy Curtain Bangs

Wolf Haircut with Messy Curtain Bangs

This trend has been viral on many social media platforms, including Tik Tok. So many versions and combinations can be seen of a wolf cut, and one of them is a wolf cut girl with messy curtain bangs. This hairstyle will frame the face like a curtain on a window that looks flattering on many face shapes.

14. Rainbow Wolf Haircut

Rainbow Wolf Haircut

If one hair color isn’t enough for you, get all the colors that scream fun! Take the inspiration from the above picture and get a wolf cut enhanced with several colors that look like a rainbow! The best thing about this haircut is that it will suit many face shapes and hair lengths.

15. Wolf Cut with Crazy Bangs & Flipped Out Ends

Wolf Cut with Crazy Bangs & Flipped Out Ends

There are a lot of hot wolf cut girl styles that you can get. For example, look at this one; it has bangs with a shag style. You can also get a thick fringe instead of simple bangs for that extra drama.

16. hoppy Layered Wolf Haircut

Choppy Layered Wolf Haircut

Can’t decide on which hairstyle you should try on next? Here’s a cool idea for you: get a layered wolf cut!

This is a chopped layered wolf haircut that combines a shag and a mullet! This will give you a heavily textured and cool finish, making you look modern and cool!

17. The Wolf Mullet Cut

The Wolf Mullet Cut

You can get the wolf mullet cut if you want to experiment with the mullet hairstyle! This one is popular among girls and women of all ages as it creates fun and playful vibes. This haircut can work for any hair length, and you can easily air-dry quickly and style it in many ways.

18. Wolf Cut with Super Thick Fringe

Wolf Cut with Super Thick Fringe

Don’t think wolf cut is a female-based haircut; it is not! Anyone can get this cut and style it according to their personal taste and comfort. For example, this is a wolf cut girl’s haircut with thick fringes, which looks great on women with all face shapes. You can leave your hair a bit messy and undone to achieve a relaxed aesthetic look!

19. Wolf Haircut with Statement Jagged Fringe

Wolf Haircut with Statement Jagged Fringe

Another addition to the wolf cut is to add some jagged statement fringe. Fringes or chopped bangs are shaggy in nature, which can give your hair a lot of movement and enhance your facial features.

20. Medium-Length Wolf Haircut with Fringe

Medium-Length Wolf Haircut with Fringe

Looking for an edgy, bold, and stylish haircut? No worries, we’ve got you!

This is wolf cut with fringes for medium-length hairs. This one has a lot of layers and textures, making your hair super stylish and voluminous. You can also add more layers of framing around your face.

30. Pretty Wolf Haircut for Long Hairs

Pretty Wolf Haircut for Long Hairs

If you’re blessed with long hair, here’s another great haircut idea for you! Look at the above picture for reference. Here the girl’s platinum blonde tresses are sliced to get the long layered effect, which looks good on every face shape. You can also get a similar cut and some layers chopped around the face.

31. Pixie Short Wolf Cut

Pixie Short Wolf Cut

You have already seen this short wolf cut women style on your social media pages. This is a Pixie cut that is really trendy and popular among hair cut for girls and women. You like it but are always wondering whether you can pull it off. No worries, this will look good on you! This one has so many layers that will make your crown area look full and voluminous.

32. Wolf Haircut with Pink Streaks

Wolf Haircut with Pink Streaks

This cut also combines shag and mullet cuts, resulting in a heavily layered look. Not appropriate for people who want hair that blends into the crown area because this one can really make you stand out among the crowd. For an even more dramatic and interesting look, add bold pink stripes.

33. Wolf Haircut with Neon Yellow Stripes

Wolf Haircut with Neon Yellow Stripes

Don’t like pink? No worries, here’s another bold color option for you: Neon! This hair look screams fun and demands attention! You can get these neon strips along with wolf cuts, which can turn your boring-looking hairs into edgy hairs with punk vibes.

34. Chunky Wolfcut For Brown Hair

Chunky Wolfcut For Brown Hair

Here is another wolf cut for girls with brown hair! This chunky wolf haircut can actually miraculously transform the bulky thick mane into a beautiful frame. This makes it the perfect hair cut for girls with strong bone structures! This one has been created with plenty of hair layers and pieces that beautifully frame the face.

35. Short Wolf Cut for Women Over 70

Short Wolf Cut for Women Over 70

There is also a wolf cut short hairstyle for women over the age of 70. It is known as the short version of the wolf cut. This is a great choice for your mom, grandma, or elderly woman as it gives an edgier and more modern version of a regular pixie cut. At this age, hairs also become thin, so this haircut will help to get some volume and is also pretty easy to take care of.

36. Ethereal Short Wolf Cut for Girls

Ethereal Short Wolf Cut for Girls

If you’re not confident in getting the classic wolf cut as you think that this one looks too brutal on you, here’s what you can do: Ask your hairstylist to give you a finer sliced version with some highlights. This is a great idea of a short wolf hair cut for girls & people who want a softer version of the wolf haircut.

37. 90s Retro Style Wolf Haircut

90s Retro Style Wolf Haircut

This one got extreme popularity after the viral videos on Tik Tok. There are so many different versions of this 90s-inspired wolf hair cut for girls. You can easily recognize this with heavy layers flicked out and textured hair. It may appear super voluminous, but it actually frames the face greatly, and your face will look sleeker.

38. Short Straight Bob Wolf Haircut

Short Straight Bob Wolf Haircut

Got short hair? No problem, we have an amazing wolf cut short hairstyle for you! This version is known as the short straight bob wolf cut women, which looks flattering on most face shapes. Any woman can get this haircut for a youthful and fresh appearance. Also, the length and texture of the hair are pretty manageable.

39. 70s Inspired Wolf Cut

70s Inspired Wolf Cut

Are you a fan of getting bangs? You’re not alone; many people are!

This particular one is all about getting the iconic Farrah Fawcett-esque layers around the face. Along with this, a long fringe is parted in the middle section, which kind of looks undone and messy. This will create an effortless and flirty hair look!

40. Wolf Haircut On Straight Thin Hair

Wolf Haircut On Straight Thin Hair

Versatile and beautiful are two words that describe the wolf haircut perfectly!

We have many wolf-cut hairstyles for curly hair, but what about people with straight hair? Calm down, girls! We also have a haircut for people with thin straight hair. This one gives your hair a natural volume and texture, which you have been lacking all your life!

41. Wolf cut with Blonde Beach Waves

Wolf cut with Blonde Beach Waves

Wondering how to create this gorgeous hairstyle? All you need is a few styling tools and a good texturizing spray, and that’s it!

This looks so cool on all hair lengths if styled properly. These beachy wavy hair looks remind you of the beach and seashore.

42. E-Girl Inspired Wolf Haircut

E-Girl Inspired Wolf Haircut

Yes, here is another viral tik Tok hair trend for you: E-Girl Haircut! This is actually a combination of the two popular hairstyles: eGirl-inspired cut and wolf haircut, which makes the ultimate E-Girl Haircut. This haircut is pretty unique and expressive. The main thing about this hairstyle is the placement of the highlights.

Make sure to get the highlights that well frame around your face. According to your personal style, you can get these highlights on either one side of the head or on both sides.

43. Long Wolf Haircut For Women

Long Wolf Haircut For Women

Girls and women with wavy textures always struggled to style their hair in less time! Get this long wolf haircut with naturally tousled waves. You can easily air dry your hair and later style them with your favorite hair styling products. That’s it, and you’re ready to go out!

44. Airy Elvish Wolf Cut for Medium Hair

Airy Elvish Wolf Cut for Medium Hair

This haircut literally explains how a wild cut can easily be turned into something soft and airy. If you are also looking for the same vibes, we highly recommend getting this elvish wolf cut, which looks absolutely gorgeous on medium-length hair. Ask your hairstylist to give you a wolf cut with a wispy finish with well-blended layers.

45. Super Long Wolf Haircut with Textured Hair

Super Long Wolf Haircut with Textured Hair

Wolf cuts are bold and statement haircuts, but they can be transformed into something completely fun and modern! Don’t believe us, look at the above picture! This is a perfect combination of heavy layers, mullet, and shag. These all together create a fantastic hairstyle that screams attention! This feminine yet cool wolf cut girl hair style specifically looks good on people with textured hair!

46. Wolf Cut Hair with Feathered Finish

Wolf Cut Hair with Feathered Finish

We all have heard about the feathered haircut. It is one of the popular haircuts among girls and women of all ages. So if you want to try something new and different, you can get a wolf haircut with a feathered finish. To add more interest, you can also add highlights.

47. Voluminous Wolf Haircut for Women

Voluminous Wolf Haircut for Women

One of the major issues that girls with fine hair face are bringing volume to the hair! This problem can be easily tackled with a great haircut like a wolf hair cut for girls. Try to include long curtain bangs that go to your cheekbones. This will give your face an oval appearance.

48. Perfectly Layered Wolf Cut for Girls

Perfectly Layered Wolf Cut for Girls

This is a wolf-cut hair female-style look that anyone can easily rock. This simple-looking layered girl wolf cut can entirely change your appearance in a good way. How is that even possible? This is possible because this cut features long layers and a softly layered fringe with a subtle face-framing technique which makes this wolf cut flattering on many face shapes and different hair lengths.

49. Feminine Wolf Cut on Natural Hair

Feminine Wolf Cut on Natural Hair

With the right texture and movement, you can achieve a fabulous hairstyle without putting much effort!

We’re talking about getting a feminine wolf haircut girl style with layers for a feminine touch. The best thing about this hairstyle is that girls with short hair or long hair can get this cut.

50. Sexy Shoulder Length Wolf Haircut

Sexy Shoulder Length Wolf Haircut

Shoulder-length hairs are one of the hot and sexy hairstyles which make any woman a goddess. This low-maintenance option is great for ladies with a busy lifestyle.

51. Masculine Wolf Cut For Girls

Masculine Wolf Cut For Girls

This is a unisex wolf cut short hairstyle that is popular for men and women. This combines the classic shag and mullet hairstyles, making it perfect for someone who wants a messy and unstructured hairstyle.

52. Soft Wolf Cut Hair Style

Soft Wolf Haircut

Layers make everything better!

If you like haircuts with layers, you’ll surely love this wolf haircut! Get less choppy layers for a soft and feminine look and create a subtle finish. If you want, you can also add wispy bangs around the face.

How to Get an Ultimate Classic Wolf Haircut?

How to Get an Ultimate Classic Wolf Haircut

Getting or achieving a wolf haircut is not a great deal. However, people all around the world now feel that they know how to achieve this haircut. All thanks to the Tik Tok platform from where the wolf haircut got popular. However, if you need a professional hand for slaying this confident and hot look.

Here are the steps every professional stylist will follow before giving you the full and final result!

  • Firstly your stylist will examine your hair and recommend different styles and haircuts. They will honestly suggest to you if the wolf cut girl’s haircut will suit you or not.
  • The next step they will take is to wash your hair and get it ready for a new look. Later they will brush down your hair and set it nicely to start cutting.
  • A further step is, they will start cutting down your hair into layers. This will lead to the depth and volume of your hair.
  • The stylists will maintain shaggy and messy bangs and volume on the top and reduce the volume on the bottom line.
  • Later the professionals let you choose whether to continue maintaining the bangs or shed them off completely. They will even recommend what will look better on your face and personality.
  • They will cut the ends to set your hair perfectly. And in the end, they will blow dry and set the hair picture perfect. Now, you are ready to glam out the world!

Reach To A Pro

Every enthusiast should understand that it is better to reach out to a pro before getting any final haircut. We usually try to act confidently when trying to get a haircut by ourselves. However, it is crucial to understand that you can get a better haircut if you have an expert for your guidance.

When it comes to wolf haircuts, it is essential to have the guidance and support of a professional or an experienced expert. A professional or an expert will suggest to you what is best for you. At times we can be wrong about a particular haircut. When it is about a wolf haircut, one must not take any risk or chance.

It is highly recommended to consult an expert before selecting any particular style of girl wolf cut. There are different styles and ideas you can adopt for wolf cuts. This is only possible if you have the support of an expert. For a perfect makeover of your hair with a wolf haircut, a pro will turn into an angel for you.

The professionals will get you the best wolf haircut that will perfectly set you and make you fall in love with it.

How to Style and Maintain the Wolf Haircut?

How to Style and Maintain the Wolf Haircut

After reaching out to a professional and seeking their advice and expert suggestion, now it’s time to style and maintain the haircut. It is crucial to understand that a wolf-cut haircut needs proper maintenance and styling to enjoy the cut for a longer time.

Usually, suppose clients can afford the monthly investment on their hair. In that case, professionals advise them to get back to an expert for proper maintenance or styling.

However, I am listing down some of the best techniques and ways to maintain your wolf haircut girl style, which you can follow in your daily routine. All the following ways are effortless and can be quickly followed in your day-to-day routine.

Maintain your Wolf Haircut:

  • Brush your hair twice a day daily. This will help you to maintain flawless and voluminous hair.
  • Use a small amount of hair gel on the uppermost section of the haircut. This will help you maintain a reasonable volume on the crown and stay in the same manner for a longer time.
  • Always wet your hair to keep them moisturized before styling them as per your liking and interest.
  • If you have banged on the front, ensure to set them properly while styling your hair. Styling the bangs properly can impact your overall hair styling. It gives a great look that you can confidently flaunt to the world.
  • Once in two months, consult your professional expert to get your wolf haircut examined. They will give your hair treatment as per the conditions and later advise you of some beneficial products. The products they advise will help you to maintain your new haircut and style in your day-to-day life.

These are some of the best ways to maintain your wolf haircut and styling in your day-to-day life routine. All the steps mentioned above are straightforward and require no extra effort and money investment.

Why Get a Wolf Cut Hairstyle?

Why Get a Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Usually, people have this doubt, why get a wolf cut girl haircut? The fact is this haircut is suitable for every face type. It has variations of haircuts and styles that help the beauties be confident and enjoy their new look.

For your information, most young and beautiful girls enjoy wearing a wolf haircut for their hair. Ever since this hairstyle got viral on TikTok, young beauties have been happily exploring this hairstyle and wolf haircut for themselves.

Reasons for Getting Wolf Haircut:

If you still want some strong reasons to understand why this haircut has such a craze, here are some prominent reasons. All of them are convincing and stated by professional experts.

  • Women with thinner hair on their ends feel confident if they wear this hairstyle.
  • It perfectly bends on all hair lengths—no need to maintain any particular hair length food to achieve this haircut.
  • For beautiful women who have colored hair, the volume of the wolf cut on the crown will help you to have flawless and captivating hair.
  • Best haircut for all those beauties out there who are practicing to grow their mullets.

I am pretty sure these reasons will force you to think about getting this haircut right now. Am I right, Beautiful?

How Much Does a Wolf Haircut Cost You?

How Much Does a Wolf Haircut Cost You

The most commonly asked question to every professional is, How Much Does a girl Wolf Cut Hair cost? Even if you are reaching out to a posh hair studio, you will have to pay a reasonable fee for achieving your dream wolf haircut. These are the best wolf cut hair female.

In general, a wolf haircut girl hairstyle will cost you somewhere between $80 to $120. Honestly, this is a reasonable cost, including a relaxing and refreshing hair wash, a fresh haircut, and picture-perfect hairstyling. If you have to pay somewhere in between this range, you are being cost a reasonable price.

If you are acquiring some additional services, you will have to pay extra based on your requirements.

 Wolf Haircut Cost for women

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