Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes

While some brides-to-be have a crystal clear vision of their wedding dress, this is not the case for everyone. For some, deciding what to wear on their special day may be something they are considering for the first time or is an afterthought once all the other preparations for their wedding have been put in place.

However, one thing all future brides can agree on is their desire to look their best on their wedding day and to have fond memories of the occasion. To help you choose the perfect wedding dress for your big day, we have compiled a list of some common wedding dress shopping mistakes to avoid when shopping for your dress.

No Research

Research for Wedding Dress

Without research, it is difficult to know where to begin in your hunt for the right dress. This can end up costing you valuable time as you try on various dresses to see which ones you like best. From strapless to A-line, mermaid to the bridal gown, the options can be overwhelming so it pays to do your homework beforehand.

Seek inspiration from bridal magazines, social media channels, and wedding dress apps that allow you to choose various silhouettes, fabrics, necklines and trains helping you to visualize your perfect outfit.

Whether you’re thinking of a sweetheart neckline or a loose, flowing fabric such as a chiffon wedding dress by Jovani an app can help you form a clearer picture in your mind. Having a greater clarity on the style of dress you are looking for can make the process much faster, more efficient and enjoyable.

Making Assumptions

Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes

You may have dreamt of your wedding day since you were a little girl, and seen yourself dressed in a particular outfit. However, as your body shape has developed over the years, you may find that another style of dress is more flattering for your figure and different silhouettes work better for your body.

Before you decide on a style of dress, take some inspiration from your closet to see which type of clothing you feel most comfortable and confident in. Noting those shapes can help you translate them into your wedding dress.

For example,  a curvaceous, hourglass figure will benefit most from a figure-hugging silhouette such as a trumpet or mermaid style dress, with a neckline that flatters the bust. On the other hand, a rectangular body shape with a straighter figure and little definition in the waist will look its best in dresses with a fuller bottom. This includes styles such as A-line, princess-style, empire, and ball gown.

Not Trying It On

A woman Trying wedding dress

Trying on wedding dresses can be time-consuming and challenging. With complicated bodices and various hooks, buttons, and zips navigating your way into and out of one can be quite a task.

Any future bride can be forgiven for judging a dress on the hanger. However, whether you are ruling it out deciding that it won’t be a good fit for you, or are designating it as your top choice take into consideration the advice you are given from the consultant. With their experience, they will know what type of dress will suit your body shape and can make suggestions accordingly. Always try on the dress you have chosen for your wedding day to see if it suits you and if there are any alterations needed.

Too Many Opinions

Wedding Dress Opinions

While you may want to include all of your nearest and dearest in your dress shopping, involving too many people in the process could create more confusion than good. When it comes to fashion, each person has their own individual style and preference. The more people you involve in the process the more opinions you will have of what looks good on you and you may also be persuaded into choosing something that someone else would wear rather than you.

Instead of inviting an entourage of all of your bridesmaids, siblings, and parents to chime in with their views, the process of choosing a dress can be streamlined if you take just one or two close confidants with you. With less feedback to consider and fewer people to appease you can focus on defining your bridal style and choosing a dress that meets your criteria rather than other people’s.

Wedding dress shopping can be a lengthy process that involves more than just picking out your ideal dress. There may be many appointments required for dress alterations and customization of your wedding dress. The clearer you can be on the style and design of your outfit the swifter and more enjoyable the process can be.

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