51+ Types of Clothes for Every Occasion

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As part of my ongoing wardrobe revamp, I decided to acquire types of clothes that suit my style and meet my requirements. So, when I researched the clothes to get for specific occasions, I was overwhelmed with the options.

I was surprised upon seeing this many options. Hence, this article offers information on a different type of clothing you can go for! Even if you are not revamping your wardrobe, this article will help you learn about clothing types.

However, why is it important to know about types of clothes? Because

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada.

Let’s learn about different types of clothing categories!

Different Types of Clothing Categories

Generally, the clothing types are divided into three, i.e., Women Wear, Men Wear, and Children Wear.

These three are the umbrella categories, and under that, there are different clothing categories as well. How? Let’s see types of garments.

Types of Clothes in Women’s Wear

1. Evening Wear:

Dresses that you wear to evening events come under the evening wear category. The amazing dresses in this category are normally worn at wedding functions, red carpet events, or parties. The evening wear collection includes:

A) Gown

types clothes

B) Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dress

C) Ball Gown

Ball Gown

D) Midi Dress

Midi Dress

2. Business Attire:

The attire that you wear to the office or for formal events is business attire. You can wear this type of clothes when going to the office, attending a formal party or event, or business meetings. The business wear collection includes:

A) Pantsuit


B) Skirt Suit

Skirt Suit

C) Blazer Suit

Blazer Suit

D) Pants


E) Skirts


F) Blouses


3. Sports Wear:

The clothes that are worn for doing physical activity are considered sportswear. You can wear sportswear for cycling, running, walking, hiking, gyming, exercise, yoga, etc. The sportswear includes:

A) Tank Tops

Tank Tops

B) Tops


C) Pants


D) Sweat shorts

Sweat shorts

E) Track Suits

Track Suits

4. Casual Wear:

Things that you wear in day-to-day life are casual wear. Casual wear is more comfortable and relaxing. You wear this type of clothing in your house, friends or family get-together, shoppings, or just a day out.

A) Dresses


B) Skirts


C) Jeans


D) T-shirts


E) Shorts


F) Blouses


G) Cardigans


5. Lingerie:

The undergarments of women come under the category of lingerie. The clothes that you wear under or any attire is lingerie. The lingerie includes:

A) Bikini


B) Bra


C) Bralette


D) Bodysuit


Types of Clothes in Men’s Wear

Just like women, men too have different types of clothing when it comes to different occasions. Normally, people think men have only two to three things to wear. However, I am glad to prove them wrong.

Here’s the list of different types of men’s clothing.

1. Formal Wear:

When you have to attend a business meeting, wedding event, or just go to the office, formal wear will be your aide. The men’s formal wear collection includes:

A) Two-piece Suit

Two-piece Suit

B) Three-piece Suit

Three-piece Suit

C) Pants


D) Shirts


2. Sports Wear:

Just like women’s wear, men’s wear also has a specific clothing category for physical activities. It is also known as activewear. You can wear them on a run, walk, hike, or even a cycle ride. The collection includes:

A) Shorts


B) Track Suit

Track Suit

C) Gyming Set

Gyming Set

D) Cycling Jerseys

Cycling Jerseys

3. Casual Wear:

The everyday clothing items that you wear at home, while shopping, or on an ordinary day out. Men have more options in the casual wear section, as they are free to wear anything and have no restrictions. The types of clothing in this category include:

A) Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans

B) Funky Shirts

Funky Shirts

C) T-shirts


D) Shorts


E) Chinos


F) Jacket


G) Hoodies


H) Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants

I) Joggers


J) Knitwear


4. Undergarments:

The clothing items that you wear under your clothes are undergarments. Some of the undergarments are the swimsuit, or you can say the perfect beachwear. The undergarments in the men’s wear include:

A) Briefs


B) Boxer Shorts

Boxer Shorts

C) Thongs


D) Trunks


E) Jockstraps


F) Mankini


G) Undershirts


H) Tank Tops

Tank Tops

Types of Clothes in Baby Wear

The last but not least section is babywear. Many of you might have thought there wouldn’t be many options for kids’ wear. Well, you might be wrong there. The choices in kidswear are equally available as men’s and women’s. Let’s see what type of clothes suites you.

1. Onesies:

To me, the cutest baby wear is the onesie, or you can say one-piece clothing. Babies look extremely cute in those. Now, what are the different types of onesies? FYI: The onesies are also known as bodysuits, and side snap bodysuits.

A) Sleeveless


B) Short-sleeved


C) Long-sleeved


D) Flutter-sleeve


E) Kimono Style

Kimono Style

2. Romper:

The rompers are similar to onesies but on a bit more dressy side. So, if you are taking your baby to the park, or attending a get-together, select the romper. Rompers come in a load of prints and designs (especially for girls). Let’s see what are the different types of rompers you will find in a store:

A) Off-the-shoulder rompers

Off-the-shoulder rompers

B) Long-leg rompers

Long-leg rompers

C) Skirt/dress rompers

Skirt/dress rompers

3. Coveralls:

Whether you’re going out on a trip or attending an event with your baby, the coveralls will make them comfortable and look perfect. Normally, moms use the coveralls as pajamas, but this is something that your baby can wear from sleep to play. Now, how many different types of coveralls are available in the market?

Coveralls are also known as pajamas, pjs, babygro, Sleep ‘n’ Play, sleeper, and footie.

A) Footed or Footless

Footed or Footless

B) Kimono Style

Kimono Style

C) Mitten Cuffs

Mitten Cuffs

D) Zipper closure or snaps

Zipper closure or snaps

E) Buttons at the shoulder

Buttons at the shoulder

4. Jumpsuits:


Another cute baby staple is a jumpsuit. Yes, I know, jumpsuits are a bit of a tricky wearable. However, trust me, your baby will love this type of clothes. Why? They are super comfortable and look classy as well.

5. Gowns:

The final on the list is gowns. Not that party wear staple, but the sleeping ones. This is super-comfy for both parents and baby. Why? The sleeper gowns have an opening at the end. Hence, a parent can change the diapers without waking the baby up.

It is comfortable for a baby because of the material used in manufacturing, and the design allows his/her legs to move freely. Here are the different types of sleeper gowns available for kids:

A) Footed versions

Footed versions

B) Long-sleeved


C) Short-sleeved


D) Sleeveless


E) Swaddle styles (arms up, arms down and wrapped)

Swaddle styles (arms up, arms down and wrapped

F) Open bottom style

Open bottom style


Aside from these types of clothes, there are also regional and seasonal. The clothing style changes as per the geographical and weather conditions over there. For example, you don’t wear a sundress in winter without adding a layer above or beneath.

Now, you know about the different types of clothes available in the market. The clothing category is wide and endless. You can sort it in many ways, however, we went with the basic ones. I hope this article helped you in learning about different types of clothing!

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