Why You Should Rent Clothes Instead of Buying Them

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https://www.pinterest.com/elizchs/spring-clothes/Having an active social life and professional career typically means that you’ll attend many formal events where you have to look your best. Being tagged on social media and appearing in public frequently needs an extensive wardrobe. Chances are that you have a closet packed with clothes and accessories. But, regardless of how much you shop, finding the appropriate apparel for a particular event is always a challenge. If your wallet has been taking a severe beating these last few weeks, it’s time to look for solutions. And perhaps the best one is to start renting your clothes instead of buying them.

Curious about what this is and why you should do it? Here are some compelling reasons why you should rent your clothes instead of buying them.

The International Clothing Rental Industry Is Booming

Statistics indicate that the international online clothing rental industry will likely grow by USD 990 million from 2021 to 2025. This uptick translates into a compounded annual growth rate of 9.66 percent, a mind-blowing number. T

hat’s an indication that in the coming years, rental attire is expected to grow in a big way, with more people opting to economize on clothing that they are not likely to wear more than a couple of times.

Think about it! You’ll get access to the latest fashions and trends from the top-ranking couture houses and runway collections from across the world. Each time you attend an event, you’ll wear the best styles available in the stores.

Renting Clothes Has Several Advantages Over Purchasing

Renting Clothes Has Several Advantages Over Purchasing

The biggest downside to purchasing fashion is not just the closet space (we’ll come back to that in detail later!), it’s also about the expense. Each piece of high fashion you buy sets you back anywhere from 300AUD to 600AUD and upward. American women would spend upward of $500 for high-quality apparel.

In contrast, you would pay around 100AUD for renting, say, two great wedding guest dresses in Australia or about USD50 for a single dress in the US. These costs are a fraction of the purchase price, not to mention the expense of storing and maintaining the gowns once the event is over.

Ready to Talk About Closet Space?

About Closet Space

When you live in an urban environment where square footage is tough to come by, adequate storage space can present a significant challenge. And, if you live in a location where the climate is extreme, expect to need appropriate clothing for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Let’s also talk about formal, informal, professional, work and party wear, accessories, bags, shoes, and the works. And, if you move around in circles where social stature depends on clothing, that’s a huge problem.

What if you could return the dresses after having worn them a couple of times? If you’ve often thought along those lines, renting apparel makes that a real possibility.

Yes, Fashion Is a Terrible Waste!

Haven’t you often stood in front of your wardrobe with the overwhelming feeling of what a waste it is? Unfortunately, that’s perfectly true. Every year, 10 million tons of used clothing are sent to landfills and more than 3 million tons are incinerated.

Not only does the fashion industry contribute to greenhouse gases and a staggering carbon footprint, but the result is that America generates 16 million tons of clothing waste each year.

Simply by renting clothing instead of purchasing, you’ll help lower this appalling damage to the environment. Also, look for tips on making your wardrobe sustainable and getting the most use out of every garment you own.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Bad Purchases Again!

It happens to the best of us! You see this fabulous-looking shirt or jacket on sale at the store carrying a price tag that seems like a steal. You snap it up, only to realize that it looks terrible on you. The cut and fit are just not suited for your body structure, or the color makes you look pale.

The garment gets a spot at the back of the closet, never to see the light of day again. What if you could return the piece and get another one that looks better on you? And without a dent in your bank balance. Renting clothing lets you do exactly that.

So, How Do Rentals Work?

how renting clothes

It’s actually easier than you think. You’ll visit the website offering rental fashion and scan through the extensive catalogs. New dresses are available all the time, so you can take your pick of the latest styles on the runways. Select the pieces you like and use their guide for information about the sizes to order.

You’ll finalize the selection, and the company delivers the dress to your doorstep. Wear the dress as many times as you want, and return it later. You’ll only pay the rental charges. Did we mention? You can hire accessories, bags, and shoes also.

Look stunning with the best of couture each time you attend an event–with rental instead of purchased apparel.

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