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Genuine leather outfits are an excellent material for sewing outerwear, which never goes out of fashion, looks great in products, wears well, protects from bad weather, creates a comfortable microclimate for the human body. High-quality, well-treated and colored skin retains an attractive appearance and high-performance characteristics for a long time, which, of course, is important for outerwear.

A large range of women’s and men’s outerwear is sewn from genuine skin; coats, jackets, sheepskin coats, raincoats, swingers, ponchos, etc. Being a natural material, the skin has a porous, breathable structure and hygroscopicity, making it pleasant and comfortable to wear. Its soft, smooth, and beautiful surface give both tactile and aesthetic pleasure.

Genuine leather clothing

Leather jacket

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Genuine Leather Clothing

The genuine skin used for sewing outerwear is characterized by the high quality of dressing, plasticity, smooth front surface, persistent staining, and the use of various methods of decoration: embossing, engraving, varnishing, laser cutting.

Most often used natural skins for outerwear:

  • sheepskin, obtained from the skins of sheep and lambs, is extremely soft and delicate to the touch, elastic, elastic, having high stretchability, but at the same time perfectly preserving a given shape;
  • calfskin with a dense, thin and flexible texture, as well as a beautiful, pronounced measure;
  • the skin of cattle (cows, bulls, buffaloes) is very dense and durable, used for sewing coats with high wearability and durability;
  • goat and pig suede with a soft velvety surface, from which stylish raincoats, sheepskin coats of various colors are made;
  • exotic leather made from the skins of reptiles, ostrich, rare animal species is an expensive material for making luxury exclusive premium-class items.

Genuine skin clothing is versatile and practical, products made of it look stylish and respectable, and various options for finishing, coloring, decorating allow you to give it originality, special attractiveness, and even extravagance for fans of bright extraordinary things.

Here are some tips from Leffler, top leather supplier, for women on wearing leather outfits:

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket
  • A duet of a black jacket and blue boyfriend jeans is the simplest possible look for an active weekend. Together with this image, black suede shoes will look organically.
  • A  jacket and a midi dress with a floral print are must-have components in the wardrobe of women with a sense of style. Besides, loafers look organically together with this ensemble.
  • The combination of a jacket and a multi-colored straight-cut dress with a floral print is aimed at a modern girl leading a mobile lifestyle. As for shoes, you can finish the bow with black ankle boots.
  • The combination of a leather jacket and tight trousers will undoubtedly draw the eyes of men to you. Brown winter boots will help to create a fashionable contrast with the rest of the items from this ensemble.
  • A black jacket and a gray sweater dress will perfectly fit into the image in a relaxed style. Bold young ladies will complete the bow with pink low sneakers.

Leather Skirt

Leather Skirt
  • Regardless of the style of your skirt and its length, be sure to try to combine it with a gray jumper, cardigan, or sweatshirt. You can get an elegant feminine look if you add black pumps with heels to all this. And a more sporty bow, if you choose black slip-on or red sneakers.
  • One of the best black total bows is obtaining with a leather skirt. Well, there are many options for the top: a blouse, a crop top, a jumper, a sweatshirt, a jacket, a turtleneck. It all depends on the weather in nature and your head.
  • We recommend choosing a light translucent white or black blouse for a black, red, and brown pencil skirt. This image looks both businesslike and elegant, so it applies both to the office and to any evening event. You can replace the blouse with a top and throw a jacket on top.
  • The leather pencil skirt looks bold and cool with T-shirts with various inscriptions and fun prints. You can complete this image with a jacket and pumps with heels or rough shoes.
  • In order not to look vulgar in a leather skirt of mini length; you need to adhere to one simple rule — the top should be closed. Then the image will be balanced. You can choose a blouse or a shirt with long or short sleeves. If the skirt is black, you can combine a white, black, dark green, crimson, cream, pearl blouse. Prints are also welcome: a vertical stripe, flowers, polka dots. To complete the image, pumps with heels, elegant sandals without unnecessary details, stylish loafers, ankle boots with a stable heel will help.

Leather Trousers

Leather Trousers

To make your leather pants truly versatile and go with different styles, it is best to set aside skinny pants that are too tight and opt for straight or cropped pipe pants. These have a wider scope and will serve you and your wardrobe for a long time.

  • Two items of clothing that perfectly complement each other in a single image are leather trousers and a jacket. A jacket will make your outfit more restrained, and trousers, on the contrary, will add a peppercorn to the image. In winter, you can add a knitted turtleneck or a thin-knit sweater to them, and in summer-a basic T-shirt
  • More relaxed and informal images will turn out if you add a sports sweatshirt or an oversized hoodie to leather trousers. An ideal option for weekends or those days when you want to feel as comfortable as possible.
  • A denim jacket or shirt will also easily fit into an ensemble with leather trousers, and the combination of different textures in one image will make it more interesting and stylish. By the way, denim jackets can combine with a hoodie, straightening the hood out, with an oversized shirt or a favorite sweater – in any case, it will turn out warm and cozy.

Trends change each other very quickly, and it may seem that nothing stays on the catwalks for a long time. But some things have not lost their relevance for many years – and these are products made of genuine skin. Such things are easily combined with almost everything that is in the wardrobe and serve for many years.

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