What You Need to Know About Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The warm and hottest season of the year, Summer, is one of the best months to dress and show your personal style. So switch your winter clothing essentials to the summer staples like crop tops, denim shorts, and flowy dresses.

As the temperature rises, our body starts to sweat and evaporate fast. That’s why fashion stylists and experts recommend wearing certain types of clothing. Instead of heavy fabrics, you should go with light materials like cotton, linen, and sheer.

Despite how many stunning outfits are available during the spring, staying on trend can be challenging, not to mention staying within budget. It’s also important to find the perfect style that is practical and comfortable at the same time.

From candy-colored sunglasses to floral dresses, here is a list of summer wardrobe essentials

1. Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals for Summer Wardrobe Essentials

For anyone desperate to get back into a pair of heels, blocked-heeled mules and strappy stilettos should have made a joyous comeback in energetic summer colors.

For anyone who has grown familiar with slipper life, flats are just as awesome this season—even women’s footwear staples such as slides and thongs have been given a playful makeover.

This summer, go with flip-flops and strappy sandals or espadrilles instead of traditional sandals. For a stylish look, switch your flip-flops to leather sandals. They’re comfortable and let your toes breathe.

2. Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses for Summer Wardrobe

This summer, ditch jeans because they’re made from the heaviest fabrics. You can go with lightweight cotton or linen pants. And if you want to wear denim jeans, you can wear wide-leg and high waist flared jeans.

One of the best things about summer dresses is that you can instantly either dress down or up according to the occasion. Just grab a summer dress and sandals, and you’re ready to go within a few minutes!

Take out your dresses and style them for the summer season. They’re comfy, stylish, and easy to style. For example, wear a sleeveless maxi dress to create a boho look. Accessorize your outfit with a hat, sandals, a belt, and funky jewelry.

So what colors are great for summer dresses? So this basically depends on your mood and style. If you like to dress boldly, go with bright summer colors such as orange, green, blue, or hot pink. For a neutral outfit look, pick colors like white, beige, and light browns.

3. Matching Co-Ords

Matching Co-Ords

Not good at pairing different pieces of clothes? No worries, get some co-ords sets. One of the simplest and fastest ways to get ready is to wear matching co-ords.

You can start with a matching skirt and crop top, and for special events, you can go with pants or trousers sets with various types of tops or shirts. To finish off the look, add strappy sandals and some gold accessories, and that’s it!

4. Out-There Accessories

Accessories for Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Did you know that statement accessories can transform your look around in an instant?

So if you feel that your outfit is missing something, add some accessories! For example, add a patterned shoulder bag and tinted shades if you’re wearing an oversized T-shirt.

Sunglasses are one of the most stylish and easiest ways to uplift a summer outfit look. Many different sizes and styles of shades are available in the market. Are you also confused about which glasses will look good on your face shape? Fortunately, Eurooptica will help you choose the perfect glasses.

5. Micro Mini Skirts

Micro Mini Skirts for Summer

Mini skirts first showed during the 1960s, but they were finally reinvited this year as micro mini skirts. Folks also pair mini micro skirts with matching suit jackets and wear them with casual tops and tees for a unique but stylish outfit.

You can style your micro mini skirts with a tiny blouse and add a cropped blazer to add some structure to the outfit. If you want to create a baddie look, wear trendy corset tops.

6. Strappy

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Strappy details are still on the rise and one of the top trends this summer season. Whether it is a dress with tons of strappy details or a set of heels with straps going up your ankle, this trend will be all over your IG feed this season.

You can buy the tops with straps extending from the top, bottom, or both. These types of tops look really stylish and trendy.

7. Sheer

Sheer for Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Yes! Sheer looks just make sense for this season—don’t you think? From sheer gloves to skirts and tops, this trend is one folk are seriously obsessed with. Lace and mesh materials have always been in trend, so this time you can try summer-favorite fabrics like gauzy linen or boho crochet.

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