The Hottest Summer Fashion Trends for Your Wardrobe

Summer Fashion Trends

Defining the summer clothing aesthetic is relatively easy; you just have to focus on light materials and colors to embrace the hottest months of the year. However, while the classics never go out of style, each season brings new trends that you can incorporate into your own wardrobe. Here are some of the hottest summer fashion trends you’ll see everywhere.

Shorts and Skirts 

Shorts and Skirts For Summer Fashion Trends

Both shorts and skirts are tried-and-tested summer staples, and it’s impossible to go through the season without them. In the case of shorts, Bermuda is the most popular style to add in this Summer Wardrobe. So, while you shouldn’t rush to throw your cutoffs and hotpants away, adding a pair of Bermudas to your outfits this season can truly add some versatility and flexibility.

These shorts are classically about one inch above the knee. In some places, particularly in Bermuda from where they’re getting their name, these shorts are considered an appropriate business and formal attire when paired with socks, a blazer, and a dress shirt, so if you’re looking to create a business casual look, this summer, they’re your best bet. They can also be made more casual by pairing them with a crop top or a classic white t-shirt.

For skirts, maxi ones are the most popular this summer. The most popular shade is pristine white, and organic cotton is the go-to material. Pair yours with a vest top and sandals, ideally in matching shades that can add a splash of color. The best news is that the style looks great with both flats and heels.


Accessorize for Summer

No list of trends would be complete without talking about the accessories as well. African head wraps are one of the most popular, as they’re not only beautiful but also remarkably versatile. You can create many different looks with a single piece. You can wrap a headscarf in several ways, depending on the look you’re going for and how much coverage you want.

African print fabric adds a touch of color to any outfit, creating a textured, authentic look. Made from natural materials, they also have a practical role, protecting the hair against breakage, tangles, and frizz. They’re also ideal for guarding your natural curls against wind or humidity.

Bags are supersized this season. After several celebs were spotted wearing large totes, internet searches for similar ones spiked by nearly 150%. Woven raffia purses are also oversized, and they’re no longer appropriate just for the beach but also to carry around on a daily basis. African Prints became famous thanks to Jane Birkin, the epitome of the French girl look, who carried an iconic and widely-recognizable wicker basket everywhere she went.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors outfit for Summer

When it comes to prints, there are two main options, either minimalism or maximalism. If you’ve watched “The Devil Wears Prada,” you know that Miranda Priestly was not a fan of florals in spring, which she wryly called “groundbreaking.” Yet, her opinion might be different when it comes to florals for summer prints because they’ll be everywhere this year. It’s not just about flower prints per se but also about color schemes inspired by petals and foliage, such as soft lilac, vibrant green, and eye-catching pink.

Cobalt blue is another star of the season. Already reminiscent of the clear summer skies, it adds an extra vibrant touch so that it stands out in any outfit. You don’t have to wear a monochromatic cobalt blue ensemble, but a single piece can go a long way to add variety to a single costume. One of the best examples is adding a bleu de travail jacket, a classic vintage piece.

Preppy Inspiration 

preppy style Outfit for Summer Fashion Trends

The preppy style and subculture are classic in American culture, frequently coming back in style or incorporating certain items or designs into other fashions. The tennis-inspired look also draws from it, but another example for this summer is button-ups. Seersucker is a popular choice for fabric, with a long history in the preppy environment, giving any shirt a fresh, summery look. Beige, light green, and blue are some of the best color combinations. Wear yours tucked into trousers or shorts and with loafers.

Slides and Sandals 

Slides and Sandals for Summer Fashion Trends

When it comes to footwear, the trends this season point towards slides, particularly of the chunky puff variety. The slides are already a summer staple, being both comfortable and easy to slip right on when you’re in a rush. This season, they’re more voluminous, and several platform options are available to combine with dresses and skirts. The classic, refined leather slides are also popular if you want something more elegant.

However, if you’d like something with straps, plenty of trendy options are available. Unisex styles are perfect if you’re looking for utility. They are sporty and solid, so they can withstand all conditions, from bustling city streets to camping pitches. Huarache sandals, inspired by the Pre-Columbian Mexican design, are a class act for summer of this year. They are padded, which means they offer sufficient cushioning, but the intricate woven look makes them chic and the perfect option for running errands and then getting dinner at a restaurant.


Trends change all the time, and each season there are some that define the fashions you’ll see everywhere for the next couple of months. Don’t forget to add your personal touch for a truly special look that represents your individual style. 

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