Funky Short Stacked Bob Ideas: Try this Biggest Haircut Trend of 2024

funky short stacked bob

When life doesn’t allow you to change anything else, get a new hairstyle!

Yes, it’s true in so many ways. You don’t need expensive clothes and accessories to look trendy and stylish; the right haircut is more than enough to make a strong impression. A perfect haircut can quickly and easily change your whole look for the better. That’s why hairstylists and experts always suggest getting a haircut according to your face shape and hair type.

So if you’re planning to change your hairstyle, consider a funky short stacked bob hairstyle! Many people just know about the bob cut, but there are so many types of layered bob haircuts such as A-line bob, Inverted bob, Shingle bob, and many more. You can get a bob cut according to your face shape and length.

One of the stylish and timeless bob haircuts is a short stacked bob cut. From Hollywood actresses to Pop Stars including Riri, Kristen Stewart, Salena Gomez, and many other actresses already rocked this hairstyle, and they look absolutely breathtaking!

So before going to your salon appointment, you’ve to decide on the length, the angle, layers (or no layers!), bangs (or no bangs!), and many, many more things. Are you still confused? Need a visual? If yes, keep reading this post.

Today in this blog, we’ve gathered up some of the best and funky short stacked bob haircuts and how to style them. Not only this, but we’re also going to tell them which colors are in and some interesting styling tips.

So are you ready to chop off your long locks into a chic short one? Let’s know what this hairstyle is and how to style it. Let’s start.

What is a Stacked Bob?

Stacked Bob, also known as a graduated bob, is a short haircut with many layers at the back.

Though it is short at the back, you can go long at the front; it also has many layers along the sides. The styling of this haircut is also pretty easy. All you need to do is simply brush your hair, and your hair is all set for the day. Perfect for those girls and women who find it extremely hard to style their hair in the rushing morning time.

The best thing about the stacked bob hairstyle is that it looks good everybody! Yes, whether you have a round face, square shape, or heart, you can confidently rock this bob cut. Even many people have a perception that this hairstyle doesn’t look good on curly hair. That’s absolutely not true. No matter whether you have thin, thick or straight, or curly, a short-stacked bob haircut will look good! It’s all about finding the right angles and lengths for your face shape.

Trendy & Funky Short Stacked Bob For Women

Trendy & Funky Short Stacked Bob For Women

Compared to other hairstyles, shorter bobs are truly unique as you can select the length per your liking. For example, if you’re going shorter at the back, you can keep your front hair length a bit longer. Stacked bob with layers will perfectly balance the layers at the back and give you that perfect short stacked bob hairstyle.

From simple short stacked bob cuts to colorful and highlighted hairstyles ones, we’ve covered various styles of stacked bob haircuts. So explore these funky short stacked bob ideas and get the desired look.

Don’t forget to read till the end to know how celebs style their short stacked layered bob (with pictures!).

Chopped & Stacked Bob

Chopped & Stacked Bob

Whenever we hear the word ‘bob,’ we immediately start to think about sleek hairstyles. Yes, there is no doubt that bob cuts are sleek and sophisticated, but you can give a fun twist to it if you want. We’re talking about the popular chopped and stacked bob. This one has many chopped layers at the back and some length at the front.

Look at the above pictures for reference. These super short stacked hairstyles are the perfect way to show your playfulness and an effortless way to achieve a stylish look.

Stacked Curly Bob

Stacked Curly Bob

Curly hairs are indeed hard to style, but they’ll look so gorgeous if they get styled properly. So if you’re blessed with naturally curly hair, make them more beautiful by getting a short stacked bob. Yes, you read it right!

All the women and girls who think it’s hard to experiment with short curly hair, don’t worry, you can also rock this funky short stacked bob cut. Though most bobs are inclined towards straight or little wavy hairs, this cut also looks pretty cute on curly hairs.

Short Stacked Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Short Stacked Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

One quite popular bob among girls is the short layered stacked bob with bangs. This is one the shorter side with many layers at the back. This gives a lot more volume to the hair, and with bangs, it looks so cute and stylish.

You can either go full-on bangs or Korean see-through bangs or simple bangs with some fringes according to your face shape. These all versions will look best on most of the faces and create a rectangular and squares formed appearance. The frontal hair will help to get a sharp jawline appearance.

Colorful Short Stacked Bob

Colorful Short Stacked Bob
Colorful Short Stacked Bob hairstyle

Do you love to experiment with your hair? If yes, you’ll love this funky super short stacked bob! Bring out your edgy or playful side with this dramatic stacked funky short stacked bob cut.

You can go with bold colors like pink, purple, red, or anything you like. These bright and bold colors look excellent with a blonde base. You can also combine two or more colors to achieve an ombre effect. However, don’t forget to consult your stylist to get the desired look. Though the hairstyle is short, these colors will make it more dramatic and noticeable. Style your hair either sleek straight or give them some texture with some curls or waviness.

Super Short Stacked Rounded Bob Cut

Super Short Stacked Rounded Bob Cut
Super Short Stacked Rounded Bob hairCut

Do you have a round face shape? Compared to other facial shapes, around one is a bit tricky to style! The key is to get a bob with lots of layers in the back and in front. This will help to frame your face and make it appear longer and slimmer.

These funky short stacked bobs look so flattering on round face shapes. These styles also work for women who wear glasses. Styling is also quite simple; instead of a side parting, go with the middle or a deep side part as they’ll add a symmetry and volume to hair. (But if you like the side parting, you can definitely go with it). Go with angled short hairstyles with front hair below chin length to balance out the rounded chin.

Short Stacked Bob with Fine Layers

Short Stacked Bob with Fine Layers
Short Stacked Bob with Fine Layers Haircut

Stacked bobs are known for layers, but layers look good in thick hair. Don’t worry if you’ve thin hair; you can still go with a stacked bob with fine layered hair. Just say to your stylist that you want a funky short stacked bob for your fine hair. They’ll cut your hair with haircutting techniques such as wispy curls, blunt cut ends, angled cuts, asymmetrical arrangements, layering, and more.

So if you’re looking for bob hairstyles for your fine hair, consider shaggy cuts with lots of layering. These techniques will help to add volume to the hair. With the right length and layers, these short layered stacked bob hairstyles can give beautiful movement and body to your fine strands.

Stacked Bob With Highlights

Stacked Bob With Highlights
Stacked Bob Haircut With Highlights

Highlights are one of the best ways to give more style and character to your hair! Go with a funky short stacked bob hairstyle trends! From babylights to balayage to bold oranges and pinks, there are so many options when it comes to highlights.

For example, red hair with blonde highlights looks good with many skin tones. You can get a few shades lighter than your hair or just get a completely vibrant shade. You can also try various combinations as they look marvelous too! The choice of highlights depends entirely on you.

How to Style a Funky Short Stacked Bob?

How to Style a Funky Short Stacked Bob

There are so many ways that you can style a stacked bob cut. You can add more layers and length in the front according to your face shape or preference. Here are some color ideas that work well with a stacked bob haircut:

  • Blonde Hair
  • Icy Blonde hairstyle
  • Rose Gold
  • Red Hot
  • Purple
  • Blue Streaks
  • Soft Purple

A bob cut really changes your appearance and makes you more stylish and pretty. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this. Here are some before and after pictures of women with stacked bobs.

funky short stacked bob hairstyle

Here’s another secret hair tip for you: if you have a strong jawline and prominent face, try to keep your front hair/layers near to your chin. This will draw all the attention to your jaw. Another thing is that this trick also adds some width to the long face shapes.

To give your hair some texture and volume, use a texture spray or wax. Instead of the casual classic version of the stacked bob, ask your stylist to cut it evenly and bluntly. This will make your hair more beautiful.

NOTE: The best thing is to talk to your stylist and show them your inspiration photos and tell them what you exactly want so that you leave the salon happy and satisfied with your hairstyle.

Celebrities With Funky Short Stacked Bob

Many celebrities, including top Hollywood actresses and pop stars have rock this haircut pretty well, and they all look so gorgeous. Want to see how they style a stacked bob haircut? Below is the list of some famous celebrities with stacked bob hairstyles.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez with funky short stacked bob

2. Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss with funky short stacked bob

4. Jennifer Lopez

funky short stacked bob hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez

5. Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk with funky short stacked bob

6. Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin with funky short stacked bob

7. Lucy Boynton

Lucy Boynton with funky short stacked bob

Here are some more funky stacked short bob ideas and inspirations for you:

woman with blonde short stacked bob hairstyle
Best funky short stacked bob
A woman with blonde shoulder length funky short stacked bob cut
a women with funky short stacked bob hairstyle wear black jacket
A woman with funky short stacked bob hair style and wear black and with floral dress
A woman with funky short stacked bob hairstyle and wear face mask
funky short stacked bob haircut with shite color
funky short stacked bob hairstyle

Good Hair Speaks Louder than Words! 

Unlike Karen Haircut, this is a funky short stacked bob haircuts. This bob cut is so pretty and fashionable. As we mentioned in this post, you can style this bob haircut in many ways.

The best thing about a bob haircut is that it looks good with every face shape and hair texture, and it will be in trend for the upcoming years.

However, if you’re not courageous enough to go with a short pixie stacked bob or a very short stacked bob, you can try a medium stacked bob or a short inverted stacked bob. You can also consult your hairstylist and get the perfect funky stacked short bob cut. So remember all these powerful tips and styling rules about bob haircut and be fashionable and stylish all year around.

I hope this funky stacked short bob guide has helped you to figure out about this latest hair trend. So get a stacked layered bob hairstyle and stay stylish. Also, if you find this blog interesting and inspiring, share it with your friends and family members.

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