Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Girls: 35+ Ideas

Cute Hairstyles for Girls

Ready to step up your hairstyle game? We’ve gathered the coolest cute hairstyles for girls that are not only simple to create but also suitable for all ages, from toddlers to tweens and teens.

Thinking about being a mom to a girl brings excitement for all those “girly” activities, like playing dress-up and styling hair. However, mastering hairdos can be trickier than it sounds!

Whether you’re getting ready for your first baby girl or have a household full of girls, we’ve gathered 35+ hairstyles to ignite your creative hairdressing spirit. From buns to braids and ponytails to pigtails, we’ve selected the cutest styles that are simple to recreate, even for someone new to hairstyling. With options suitable for toddlers to tweens and teens, there’s a plethora of choices guaranteed to make your special girl happy!

1. Pull-Thru Ponytail

Pull-Thru Ponytail for girls

Creating the pull-thru ponytail is easier than it looks. Start by making sure your hair is smooth and secure with a hair band. Then, split your hair into two ponytails – one on top and one at the bottom. In the top ponytail, add another hair band about an inch and a half from the top band.

Split the hair in half, creating a hole for the underneath ponytail to pass through by pulling it up from the bottom. Repeat this process until you reach the bottom of the ponytail or stop at the base of your skull. It’s a cute hairstyles for girls that you can easily manage before heading to school in the morning.

2. Flip Over Braid

Flip over braid for girls

Certainly! One of the most adorable hairstyles for little girls is the flip-over braid. Start by dividing the hair into two sections and choose one side to begin. Secure the other side in a ponytail to keep it neat. Start with a Dutch braid at the top front of the hairline.

As you progress toward the ear, leave out a section toward the face before adding it to the braid, creating a beautiful waterfall effect. Secure the braid with a hairband, then repeat the process on the other side, excluding the waterfall sections to match the completed side. Now, return to the waterfall pieces and initiate a Dutch braid, allowing space as you work your way back.

Once completed on both sides, flip the bottom braid up and pin it above the top braid. The remaining hair can be left in a ponytail or braided to form flowers. Despite its intricate appearance, this is one of the easy little girl hairstyles that creates the illusion of complexity.

3. Dragon Braid

Dragon Braid for small girls

The dragon braid is a distinctive-looking braid that mimics the appearance of a faux hawk. Begin with a regular braid on one side of the part line. As it reaches the nape of the neck, gently pull out the pieces on the inner edge of the braid to create a pancake effect. Repeat this process on the opposite side, making sure to cover the part line.

After pancaking both sides, lift and push them together, securing them with bobby pins. Emphasizing the pancake effect not only defines the look but also adds dimension to it. This makes it an excellent choice for cute hairstyles for black girls, suitable for both school and sports events.

4. Double Dutch Infinity Braid

Double Dutch Infinity Braid for girls

Explore adorable hairstyles for girls with short hair, such as the Dutch infinity braid. For a polished finish, consider using wax spray to manage any flyaways. Keep the braid tight and secure each link for a neat appearance. Despite its seemingly complex look, this hairstyle is surprisingly easy to achieve at home.

Whether your hair is longer, allowing the braid to curve and follow a varied pattern, or shorter, going straight back at the head, this style offers versatility for different hair lengths.

5. Pigtail Buns

Pigtail Buns for girls

Discover various updo options for cute easy hairstyles for girls with short hair. Start by parting your hair in the middle and ensuring it’s well-combed. Take a section of hair, create a small ponytail, and secure it with a hair band. Gather the remaining hair to form a larger ponytail with an additional hair band.

For a smoother look, pull down wispy side strands before securing them with the hair band. Create adorable pigtail buns by twisting them up and securing them with a pin or hair band. Embrace the somewhat messy nature of this hairstyle, as it adds character and charm without the need for perfection.

6. Upside Down Braid Into A Messy Bun

Upside Down Braid Into A Messy Bun for girls

This cute hairstyles for little girls holds a special place among my favorite little girl hairstyles. While this braid is usually done as a single braid from the center of the head towards the crown, the photo above showcases a unique twist, radiating youth and playful charm.

Sections of hair from the sides are drawn into braids, crisscrossing to create a delightful design. Start at the base of the neck, crafting the upside-down braid that culminates in a messy bun at the top of the head.

7. Side Flipped Fishtail

Side Flipped Fishtail for girls

This kids’ hairstyle exudes elegance with its side fishtail style, and despite its sophisticated appearance, it’s surprisingly simple. Just gather sections of hair, secure them with elastics, and flip – it’s truly that easy!

Continue this process through the length of the hair, securing and flipping additional sections as you go. You have the flexibility to do as many or as few as you prefer. For an extra touch, consider adding intertwined flowers or ribbons to enhance the overall look. This sweeping hairstyle achieves a glamorous appearance effortlessly.

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8. Simple Dutch Braid Hairstyles For Girls

Simple Dutch Braid Hairstyles For Girls

As the school bell approaches, finding cute and easy hairstyles for girls becomes a priority. Opting for these cute braided hairstyles for black girls is a go-to choice, but the challenge lies in selecting the perfect one. The Dutch braid stands out as an ideal option for school-aged girls. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also effortlessly simple, adding a sense of depth to a girl’s hair.

Whether the hair is long or short, this style remains achievable, requiring only that the sections being braided meet and intertwine. It lets girls showcase their hair comfortably during learning and playful activities.

9. Double Pull-Through Braid Pigtails

Double Pull-Through Braid Pigtails For Girls

Discovering cute hairstyles for girls for school? The pull-through braid pigtails are a must-try. Start by parting the hair and creating two small ponytails at the top. Divide the top ponytail in half, pulling the bottom one through it. Reunite the two halves with the hair length and secure it with a hair band.

Pull the braid through to achieve your desired look and replicate the process on the other side. This style, adorned with bow designs at the top of the braid, is not just cute but also an easy formal hairstyle for long hair.

10. Cute Short Side Braids

Cute Short Side Braids For Girls

If your child is struggling with growing out her hair or is simply tired of the long hair hassle, cute short haircuts offer a fantastic solution. The bob, a perennial favorite, can be elevated with creative braids, as seen in the photo above. This style not only exudes charm but is also among the easy hairstyles for short hair.

The added flair of a side braid brings a touch of style, while the shorter length ensures comfort. Remind your girl that beauty doesn’t require long hair – she can rock a fabulous look with confidence.

11. 4th Of July Hairstyle

4th Of July Hairstyle For Girls

Selecting a festive 4th of July hairstyle for your cute girl is fun, and the one featured in the above photo strikes a balance of simplicity and beauty. Beyond the choice of continuing the braid throughout the entire length, there are versatile options like tucking the hair underneath, which is especially suitable for thinner hair.

Another alternative is stopping the braid at the base of the neck, creating a stylish ponytail. Remember, the possibilities with hairstyles are bound only by your imagination and creativity.

12. Long Side Pony Braids

Long Side Pony Braids For Girls

Highlight any little girl’s look with the enchanting charm of long-side pony braids, bringing out her inner princess. The simple and loose French-style plait is versatile, making it suitable for a day at school, a formal event, or any occasion in between.

Keep the cute hairstyles for girls picture day effortlessly chic by securing it with a standard elastic, or add a playful touch by adorning the braid with a ribbon for extra fun.

13. Sweet Across the Back Braided Bun

Sweet Across the Back Braided Bun For Girls

Keep long hair neatly in place with the adorable, sweet, across-the-back braided bun. This style features a cross-plait that gracefully flows diagonally from one side of the head across the back, culminating in a charming bun pinned at the nape on the opposite side.

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14. Zipper Braid Updo

Zipper Braid Updo For Girls

You can create the zipper braid updo in multiple ways. It’s a tricky yet elegant style that, once mastered, can be adapted for different occasions. The initial steps of this braid might be a bit complicated and require cooperation from the person getting the hairstyle. However, once you’ve finished the first few strands, the process becomes repetitive.

The smaller sections of hair you work with, the more beautiful the style turns out to be. This is among the perfect little girls’ hairstyles, especially suited for formal occasions.

15. Ladder Braid With Flowered Updo

Ladder Braid With Flowered Updo For Girls

Bring life to your formal occasions with the charming flower-accented braid, one of our top picks among cute hairstyles for girls. This intricate style adds a unique touch to those special moments, and the flower serves as a delightful accent, complementing specific color themes.

While the ladder braid might take a bit more time, the stunning result is well worth the effort. Interlacing the braids to create the ladder effect produces a captivating hairstyle that can be left as is or further enhanced with a formal braid.

16. Rick Rack Braid

Rick Rack Braid For Girls

The cute hairstyles braids are so simple that even dads can master it! Grab a section of hair approximately the thickness of a pencil. Separate the hair into three sections – one small section and two larger sections. Proceed to create a loose braid with these three sections, ensuring to leave a length of hair to assist with the pancake effect.

Once the braid is done, examine it for the larger sections that can be pancaked by gently pulling them out to form a stylish swoop. Repeat this step, making each larger section as even as possible. Pin the braid securely in place, blending it with the length of her hair. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest braided hairstyles for little girls.

17. Rope Twisted Heart

Rope Twisted Heart for girls

Creating the rope-twisted heart braid is a breeze, especially with damp or wet hair. Start by parting your hair into two sections. Choose the spot where you want to commence the braid, and, using the end of a comb, shape a heart on one side and its mirror image on the other.

Once the heart is formed, secure the hair with a hair band. Begin making rope twists on either side, incorporating hair and braiding away from the heart to keep its design visible. As your twist reaches the bottom of the heart, take half of the hair from the ponytail and blend it into the twist.

Repeat on the opposite side, and then decide on the finishing touch for the hairstyle. In the picture above, the hair inside the heart has been braided and styled into an elegant bun. This is a timeless choice among girls’ hairstyles.

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18. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail For Girls

Create your high ponytail game with these fun and pretty styles among cute hairstyles for girls easy. For a neater appearance, consider covering the elastic with hair, and don’t be afraid to experiment with various braids and twists to change up the look.

Multiple braids bring an interesting dimension to the ponytail, as do intricate twists. When you combine these elements, you achieve a stunning result that transforms the everyday ponytail into a thing of the past.

19. High Ponytail

High Ponytail For Girls

Have some fun with cute hairstyles for girls by exploring various options for high ponytails. Achieve a neater appearance by covering the elastic with hair. Experiment with different braids and twists to give your ponytail a unique look.

Multiple braids bring an interesting dimension, and intricate twists add extra flair. Combine these elements for a stunning result that transforms the everyday ponytail into a stylish choice of the past.

20. Messy Bun

Messy Bun For Girls

Explore cute hairstyles for girls with medium-length hair, offering a range from the ever-popular “messy look” to creative braid variations and scrunched curls. Achieving a beautiful look doesn’t require an extensive amount of styling time.

Numerous easy hairstyles for kids, such as side braids, ponytails, and messy buns, provide versatile options. You can even introduce a playful touch with temporary colors, like using Kool-Aid to add hues to sections or strands of hair without harsh chemicals.

Consider trying the side crown braid for a cute and sassy addition to your style. Embrace the idea that your hair doesn’t have to be perfect to be pretty—messy is in!

21. Playful Twisted Fishtail Half Updo

Playful Twisted Fishtail Half Updo For Girls

Get a quirky look with this fun updo. Begin by creating a center part, then a fishtail plait on either side of the part, extending to about the middle of the head.

Once you reach that point, stop adding new sections of hair and continue each fishtail to the ends, resulting in two long sections. Finally, twist these sections around each other and secure them at the end with an elastic for a chic finish.

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22. Adorable A-Line Bob

A-Line Bob for girls

Get the trendy and youthful look with an adorable A-line bob. This rounded and graduated style offers a simple shape that can be worn with or without a fringe.

Whether you prefer a center part or a side part, this bob is versatile and looks fantastic on girls with stick-straight hair, ensuring the A-line silhouette remains the star of the show.

23. Straight Blunt Bob with Short Bangs

Straight Blunt Bob with Short Bangs

Accentuate your little one’s precious facial features with the straight blunt bob featuring short bangs. This highly structured cut is tailored for girls with very straight hair and a medium to thick texture. The finishing touch at the sides, just above the ears, adds an extra edge to the overall look.

24. French Braid Updo

French Braid Updo

Give a twist to your everyday style with this fashionable French braid—a perfect choice for home, school, or formal events. Begin by creating a prominent side partition, then initiate a traditional French braid that gracefully follows the contour of your head.

As you reach the nape, elegantly cover the braid about to the opposite side, adding a touch of simple and playful sophistication.

25. Traditional Braided Pigtails

Traditional Braided Pigtails

Get creative and playful with these pigtails, making the most of the charming yet straightforward fishtail technique. Simply divide the hair as you like, secure it into 2 pigtails on each side, and craft a fishtail with separate pigtails.

This delightful look not only protects hair from the wind but can also be adorned with bows, ribbons, or additional accessories for an added touch of flair.

26. Face Framing Medium Layers with Curtain Bangs

Face Framing Medium Layers with Curtain Bangs

For a stylish and effortless look, consider face-framing medium layers with curtain bangs – a perfect hairstyle for girls with locks that need a bit of managing.

The layers provide a cute frame, lightening the weight of the hair. Styling is easy with a classic center part, and a quick pass with a flat iron can easily handle any flyaways.

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27. Relaxed Space Buns

Cute Space Buns Hairstyles for Girls

Give your little one a touch of cosmic charm with these space buns – a hit even for those unfamiliar with Star Wars! This style is extremely easy to achieve, becoming a household favorite in no time.

Simply make a middle part and gather every strand into a tall ponytail. Wring the hair, bind it roughly, and fasten it with a pin to form the bun. Play around with the look by loosening a couple of tendrils for a delicate appearance.

28. Chic Short Bob with Fringe

Chic Short Bob with Fringe haorstyle for girls

For an adorable cut fit for any budding diva, go for the chic short bob with a fringe. This style complements thin, medium, and thick hair textures, but it truly shines on stick-straight locks. With blunt ends cascading just to chin length, it allows for plenty of playful movement.

Coupled with an equally blunt fringe and a sleek center part, this cut strikes the perfect balance between structure and sass.

29. Long Loose Curls

Cute Long Loose Curls Hairstyles for Girls

Achieving those dreamy, long, loose curls for your little one can be a breeze with the right cut and styling approach. This look enhances the natural ringlet texture and introduces the body through well-placed layers.

Keep a light detangler on hand and comb through the hair while it’s still wet. For styling, use a light curl mousse or cream to dampen hair, give it a good scrunch, and let those beautiful curls air dry.

30. Long Wavy Hair with Loose Side Braid

Long Wavy Hair with Loose Side Braid for girls

Get that effortlessly beautiful everyday look with long wavy hair complemented by a loose side braid, a style suitable for girls of every age. For this look, you’ll want medium to long hair, and while waves aren’t mandatory, they do add a nice touch to keep the braid secure.

Create a side part and commence a French braid at an angle from the parted section. Conceal the braid’s end at the back of the head and secure it in place with trusty bobby pins.

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31. Cute Ponytail with Side Braids

Cute Ponytail with Side Braids for Girls

Achieve a charming look with a cute ponytail featuring side braids, showcasing your hair’s texture and volume. Simply craft a dense, slightly loose braid on one or both sides of your head, then gather all the hair into a ponytail.

To add an elegant touch, wrap a section of unbraided hair around the elastic and secure it in place with a bobby pin.

32. Duchess Crown

Cute Duchess Crown hairstyle for Girls

Embrace the magical mystique of the Duchess crown, a style reminiscent of fairy tales and suitable for girls of all ages. Simply fashion a loose and thick Dutch braid that gracefully wraps around the sides and back of the head.

Paired with loose curls cascading down the length of the hair, this style effortlessly blends sophistication, making it suitable for formal occasions while retaining a playful charm for day-to-day wear.

33. Two-in-One Fanned Braid

Cute Two-in-One Fanned Braid Hairstyles for Girls

Create the stylish two-in-one fanned braid by initiating a ponytail on top and dividing it into equal sections. Begin two French braids just behind the ears on each side, incorporating one section of the top hair with each pass.

As you approach the nape, skillfully merge the two braids into one cohesive and fashionable look.

34. Small Braids with Long Ponytail

Cute Small Braids with Long Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

Achieve the everyday chic style with small braids and a long ponytail by crafting French or Dutch braids in multiple rows, varying their thickness. Secure them high on the head to form the ponytail. For an added touch of elegance, wrap a section of the loose hair around the elastic.

35. Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Layered Bob with Side Bangs Cute Hairstyles for Girls

This hairstyle is a perfect choice for young girls desiring a short and lively fashion. The lean stack at the rear adds lift, and the longest part gracefully sweeps from a profound side part. On busy days, it’s a breeze to tack the flanks back with pretty barrettes or make an attractive half updo.

36. Low Maintenance Middle Braid

Low Maintenance Middle Braid Cute Hairstyles for Girls

Create a stunning three-dimensional look with the low-maintenance middle braid. This style employs an underhand French braiding method where, instead of pulling new sections of hair over the existing braid, you simply tuck them under and lift.

The result is a secure, not overly tight, braid. For a touch of self-expression, consider adding a cute bow or ribbon at the nape of the neck.

37. Sock Bun Easy Hairstyle

Sock bun Cute Hairstyles for Girls

To create a ballerina-worthy bun for your little girl, repurpose a clean leftover sock as the bun’s base. You can add a matching bow to complement her outfit, and you are set to go on your road trip.

Which hairstyles suit little girls the best?

Which hairstyles suit little girls the best

After multiple brainstorming sessions with several moms and our hair experts at Fashionterest, this is what we have come up with.

Our experts suggested, “Choose hairstyles for little girls that are hassle-free and adorable. For fine hair, go for a chin-length bob that looks great without much styling. Add twists or small French braids to keep the hair away from the eyes.” “If your daughter has thick hair or lovely curls, let them grow longer for fancier updos and downdos. Long braids and lush ponytails will surely make her the envy of the neighborhood,” suggested one of the moms.

“Many moms avoid overly braided and extremely tight hairstyles for their kids. They don’t want their daughters to resemble dolls with elaborate hairstyles and heavy makeup seen on the internet occasionally. Recognizing the need for neatness at school, they prefer hairstyles that are not overly complicated.”

“Smart ponytails, simple high buns, double braids, or braided headbands all look decent and don’t take much time. For special occasions, curly hairstyles work wonders for little girls. They love trying chic, grown-up styles like Hollywood curls or finger waves. To soften the look, you can add a typically girly hair accessory to an adult hairstyle, such as a cool bow or a pretty headband,” our experts suggest.

To sum up, “Simple girly haircuts become extra special with small details. Adding a single thin braid or a couple of twists can transform a basic long or medium length haircut into a chic hairdo. The following examples perfectly demonstrate this idea.”

Wow, that was enlightening; I can now claim to be a subject matter expert when it comes to cute hairstyles for girls. Based on this wisdom, let me put down a list of the best girls’ hairdos for different occasions. Here we go!


Which hairstyle is best for girl?

The best hairstyle for girls can be anywhere from bun updos to braids.

How to do cute easy hairstyles for girls?

You can do cute, easy hairstyles for girls by looking at our list mentioned above.

How to look cute in school hairstyle?

You can check out our list of school hairstyles to get a cute and cool look.


Bid farewell to hectic mornings with the array of cute hairstyles for girls at your disposal. Whether you’re feeling playful or in a hurry, you’re sure to discover a cute look. These styles will earn the approval of teachers and compliments from friends. Share your choice for tomorrow in the comments!

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