15+ High Waisted Flare Jeans Styles to Try in 2024

high waisted flare jeans

Jeans come in various styles, but high-waisted flare jeans, reminiscent of ’60s bell bottoms, are a standout trend. These jeans widen below the knee, and their high waist offers a flattering fit. Loved by women of all ages, high-waist styles provide a tummy-tucking effect, making them a popular choice. Discover top picks and style tips for these versatile and fashionable bottoms.

1. Wrangler’s White Flare Jeans

Wrangler’s White Flare Jeans

White on white is a new trend started by influencers. Slay the look of a white tucked-in shirt or basic tee with the white flare jeans. You can wear a jacket with it to add the color pop. For footwear heels or sandals, both will go with the outfit.

2. Button Front High Waist Crop Flare Jeans

Button Front High Waist Crop Flare Jeans

The button-front flare jeans give the ultimate comfort to the body. You can pair it with a crop top or a sports bra and a jacket. You can also wear a trench coat on it with a basic tee.

3. Raw Hem Flare Leg Jeans

Raw Hem Flare Leg Jeans

Flared jeans can add a flair to your life, only if you pair them like a pro. As I said, you can pair it with pretty much everything. But this one here has something special in it, and it is a bell-like flare. Pair it with a halter neck crop top and create a super exquisite look.

4. Mango Dark Blue Flare Jeans

Mango Dark Blue Flare Jeans

Be it winter, summer, or rainy jeans are your companions forever. This dark blue denim from Mango will ace up your look even at formal or semi-formal parties. Pair it with a tucked-in shirt or top and a heel for the final look.

5. Braided High Waist Flare Leg Jeans

Braided High Waist Flare Leg Jeans

The famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs is an idol for many, from his bags to his outfits, leaving an unerasable image. These braided high-waist cotton flared jeans are multi-functional. You can pair it with a ruffled-sleeved top for the party look and a shirt & blazer for the executive look.

6. Button Fly Flare Leg Jeans

Button Fly Flare Leg Jeans

Buttons are the focal point of the jeans. Make sure while styling this, you don’t hide them. Pair it with anything the look will turn everyone’s head, be it an off-shoulder top or high neck balloon sleeve top.

7. Extra Flare High Rise Jeans

Extra Flare High Rise Jeans

Add a dramatic look to the perfect vacation with the extra flare jeans. Oversized crop top, tied-up shirt, furry top, basic tee, or bralette-tee, anything will give a nifty outlook to the outfit.

8. Wash Flared Jeans

Wash Flared Jeans

The American Eagle’s not-so-flare(y) and not-so-skinny jeans have a washed-out look, which makes it stand out amongst all. Pairing it with any of the options available will go just right. The addition of canvas shoes is like a star in the sky.

9. Good America’s Palazzo Wide Leg Jeans

Good America’s Palazzo Wide Leg Jeans

If you want to go basic and laid-back look, go for the tucked-in tee. To add glamour to the outlook, go for the one-shoulder tee or off-shoulder bodysuit and pair it with flats for an elegant look.

10. Belted High Waist Flare Jeans

 Belted High Waist Flare Jeans

The flare of this one is nominal, but like the 6th one, this also has a focal point, its belt. The belt is already uplifting the look, let’s not complicate it further. Pair it plain and basic tee of contrasting color. You can go for a neckpiece to add the glam.

11. Bottom Frayed Flare Jeans

Bottom Frayed Flare Jeans

The cropped-length flare jeans by Tommy Hilfiger are all you need to acquire a sporty and cool look. Pair it with a sports bra and a denim jacket for the complete look. Don’t forget to wear shoes and socks. It will complement best with the length of the jeans.

12. Ripped Wide-Leg Jeans

Ripped Wide-Leg Jeans

Ripped is the pattern that doesn’t wait to show its influence on fashioners. Even wide-leg jeans also have the ripped version. Torn-out jeans add a quirk and a badass look to the outfit. Go bold with the selection of this companion, from tank top to any tied-up t-shirt will look great with it.

13. High Waist Bootcut Flare Jeans for Plus Size

High Waist Bootcut Flare Jeans for Plus Size

Don’t want to tuck in entirely? Don’t worry! You can still slay the look. This boot-cut version of the jeans is the option. Pair a shirt or t-shirt (tucked-out) with it and it will look just as cool as other outfits. If you want, you can go with the half-tuck-in look as well.

14. Side Inset Ankle Flare Jeans

Side Inset Ankle Flare Jeans

You can pair the ankle-length flare jeans with a statement top or a shirt with a waist belt. Make sure the size is perfect for the belt and there should be around 3” of cloth peaking out.

15. Knee Cut High Waist Flare Jeans

Knee Cut High Waist Flare Jeans

Like the ripped one, the knee cut has its place in the industry. Pair this knee-cut high waist flare jeans with a graphic tee, bralette, or tank top. To play on the safer side, you can always go with the block heels.

16. Free People Robin High Waist Flare

Free People Robin High Waist Flare

When in doubt grab your denim jacket, put on it with a bralette and a black velvety boot and you are good to go.

17. Striped Flare Jeans

Striped Flare Jeans

The most unique one on the list is striped flare jeans. When you are getting this one, keep in mind, that you can’t play with the color combination more. It will already have two colors, like this one, black and white, so you can either go with white or black. Pair it with a semi-formal top for the office wear look.

Final Words:

So these were ideas on how to style high waisted flare jeans for the ultimate look. Use this guide and slay wherever you go. When you can’t decide on anything or confusion, takes place while pairing wide-leg jeans go for any tee or shirt but tuck it in, and tada! You are done.

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