11+ Short Hairstyles Women That Suit Every Face Shape

short hair for women

Do you know which is the trending topic nowadays? It’s the short hairstyles for women for this and next year! This hairstyle often gets extreme reactions. Either woman will love them and will go for them time and time again, or they will hate them and regret the moment they decide to cut their hair.

Many people believe that short haircuts look good only on specific face shapes, and only some women can pull this off. We are here to tell you that this cannot be any further from the truth.

Just as there are women of different body shapes and complexions, there are short hairstyles for different face shapes. All you need to do is look at the various haircuts and ask your hairstylist to do the one that suits you best.

Why not start the new year with a bang? Give yourself a mini makeover by cutting a few inches of your hair. This change will give you an extra dose of confidence, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

We have created a list of 13 Short Haircuts for Women that contains short haircuts for every face shape. Without any further ado, let’s dive in.

13 Best Short Hairstyles For Women

1. Blunt Bob with Bleached Ends and Dark Roots

Blunt Bob with Bleached Ends and Dark Roots

This is the first entry in our Short haircut for ladies series. This haircut is perfect for girls with rounder cheeks and square jaws. Dye the tips lighter than the roots to create more depth to the look. Use styling products such as hair gel to achieve this style. It is easy to do and maintain.

2. Gray Blonde Pixie Bob

Gray Blonde Pixie Bob

Why did we call it a pixie-bob Short haircut for ladies? This is because it is the love child of a pixie cut and a bob. A great example of short hair for women where is longer than a typical pixie cut and shorter than a bob. The haircut suits almost every face shape.

3. Blonde and Pink Ombre Bob

Blonde and Pink Ombre Bob

Hop on this ombre trend by dying the roots a darker pink shade and leaving the strawberry tips blonde. This hairstyle might look high maintenance, but it’s not. Dyeing just the roots dark pink has a purpose. It will save you trips to the nearest salon. The pink will blend with the natural hair color instead of awkwardly standing out.

4. Darker Roots Short Haircut for Ladies

Darker Roots Short Haircut for Ladies

It’s time to let go of all that is unnecessary in current year. Be it the extra inch from your hair or a toxic relationship. Go for a short haircut and look simple as well as appealing. The roots are kept darker, and the back is kept longer than the front to create more depth to the look—your perfect solution to your search- Short Hairstyles Women.

5. Blonde Bob With Undercut

Blonde Bob With Undercut

Undercuts are the trendiest haircuts this season. From Miley Cyrus to Pink, all are fans of pixie-bob with an undercut, which is why this is among the most requested short hairstyles for women. This hairstyle will bring out the inner rockstar in you. The pixie-bob is kept warm blonde while the undercut is darker. It is also a minimal haircut, so all minimalist girls will love this look.

6. Platinum Pixie With Side Part

Platinum Pixie With Side Part

This cropped pixie look will suit any face shape because of its structure. The cropped hair will give an ultra-chic look while the side part will take the sharp edges out. The platinum blonde color has a snow princess vibe—someone who is headstrong and determined but also kindhearted and playful. The hairstyle brings paradoxes together and makes them even more beautiful.

7. Bob With a Balayage

Bob With a Balayage short hairstyles women

Balayage is a style in which color transitions from dark to light. The transition is kept very natural. This hairstyle is perfect for girls dealing with thin hair or hair fall. The balayage gives the illusion of fuller hair, and the bob keeps the look put together. Give this one a try, ladies. We promise you; you are going to love this.

8. Pixie Cut with Brown Highlights

Pixie Cut with Brown Highlights

Channel your inner Victoria Beckham by going for a classic pixie cut. The haircut screams superstar. Give your spin to the look by adding red or brown highlights at the crown and front area. This look looks especially good on girls with an oval or square face shape. Remember, this is a bold look and might take a couple of days to get used to.

9. Pixie Haircut With Long Layers

Pixie Haircut With Long Layers short hairstyles women

This haircut ranks in the top 3 short hairstyles for women, for its simplicity and elegance. Strawberry blonde hair with warm blonde highlights and lots of layers are the key features of this haircut. This haircut is perfect for every face shape and every hair category.

We do not believe in compartmentalizing haircuts into age groups because style is ageless. So, whatever your age might be, go and try this look at least once in your life.

10. Long Bob with Blonde Balayage

Long Bob with Blonde Balayage short hairstyles women

This short haircut is perfect for girls who are still in two minds about cutting their hair short. In this haircut, the hair is kept long enough to touch the base of your neck. It looks good on people with heavy hair. You can add more oomph to the look by curling the hair at the ends and adding bounce to the crown area of your head.

11. Short Platinum Pixie With Front Bangs

Short Platinum Pixie With Front Bangs hairstyle

We like to call this look the pixie goddess. While the pixie cut can give off bold vibes, keeping the fringes in the front softens the look giving it an innocent feel. The bangs also draw attention to your breathtaking eyes.

A smokey eye look will complement the haircut beautifully. Keeping the bangs pinned at the back will completely transform the look from cute to edgy. To make sure the bangs stay in place, spray a little hairspray on the front portion of your head and then add a little hair serum just at the tips.

12. Blonde and White Balayage Women’s Short Haircuts

Blonde and White Balayage Women's Short Haircuts

The haircut has an A-line shape which makes it the ideal haircut for all face shapes. It also has more structure than other short hairstyles for women which makes this style stand out. It is also easy to maintain and style. Just your good-old blowdryer and round brush and you are good to go. It is also a versatile look to pull off.

13. Edgar Inspired Pixie Blonde

Edgar Inspired Pixie Blonde hairstyle

Who said Edgar’s haircut was exclusive to men? Certainly not us. Hairstylists have outdone themselves by incorporating Edgar cuts into short hairstyles for women. The pixie cut is more prominent on the front part and the back and it fades as it reaches the sides.

The hairstyle can be styled in different ways for different occasions. For instance, for a night out with your friends, go for a wet look by applying gel at the front part. For a more professional look, you can just sweep the hair back and add some hair spray to keep them in place the entire day.

How to Make the Most of Short Haircuts for Women?

There is no rule that says short hairstyles cannot be styled in fun ways. We say they are the most versatile haircuts of all. They can be styled in different ways effortlessly. Here are some of the tips to help you with it:

  • Short haircuts would suit you perfectly if you have high cheekbones and a triangular chin. Try getting the long bob with layers in the front. It will highlight your godly cheekbones and narrow chin.
  • If you wish to go for a formal chic look, blow dry your hair using a paddle brush and use a leave-in conditioner to tame any baby hair or flyaways. Women’s short haircuts can be hard to maintain.
  •  For all the girls who love to party all night, but are worried their short hair will become frizzy, do not worry; all you have to do is apply frizz-free serum and gel to style your bob or pixie.
  • To ensure the look stays longer, go for regular trims and hair treatments.
  • Always invest in good products to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and bouncy. No hairstyle looks good in unhealthy, brittle hair. Beauty comes from within.
  • Always use heat protectant spray before exposing your hair to heat and other styling tools. The heat from hair styling tools can dry out the hair and damage hair follicles. To reverse the damage already done to your hair, apply a hair mask at least once a week.
  • Accessorize your hair with hair accessories such as hair clips and hair bands. You can achieve different looks without damaging your hair.
woman with white color short hair
A woman with a short haircut and a black shirt
woman with short hair
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short haircuts for ladies
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Final Thoughts on Short Hairstyles For Women!

Going super short with your hair for the first time might look daunting. But trust us when we say this, a woman who can cut her long tresses can do anything. Do whatever brings happiness to your soul and live free. This was our perspective on this highly interesting topic- Short Hairstyles Women. Now go and get ready for this life-transforming moment of your life.

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