Top 10 Trendy Rose Gold Hair Colors in 2023!

rose gold highlights

One of the most universally flattering hair colors is Rose Gold! It is also one of the top trendy hair colors in 2023! You must be wondering why Rose Gold Hair is so hot and popular? It’s because of its two-toned combination. The cool (rose) and warm (gold) tones flatter all skin colors, and it looks extremely good with a variety of makeup, clothing, and accessories.

Another reason why people are crazy about this hair color because rose gold is a classic color among all the other pastel hair colors, and it never goes out of style.

The shade is a perfect mix of gold, blonde, red, and light pink, making it a great introduction color. So, if you’re planning to dye your hair, we highly recommend you go with rose gold hair color.

According to hair experts, rose gold will be more popular than ever this year! So, to help you in deciding the best rose gold hair shade for your hair, today, we’ve gathered the top 10 rose gold hair colors. So, keep on reading and find the best one that suits your skin tone and natural hair color.

Top 10 Latest & Stylish Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas!

You can also take inspiration from many celebrities, including Cara Delevingne, Emma Roberts, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Scarlette Johansson, Kylie Jenner, and more. Even many Instagram and youtube influencers and colorists like Guy Tang are going for these gorgeous rose gold shades.

So, below are the ten beautiful color options for you. So, get inspiration before your next salon appointment.

1. Glossy Rose Gold

rose gold hair color
rose gold hair color

The best thing about this color is that you can really experiment with the various tones and hues. If you blend darker pink with brown, you’ll get this beautiful tone. This tone will give your hair a glossy finished look.

To finish it off, add some big and loose curls and set them with a hair spray, and your hairstyle is ready! Your hair will be voluminous, healthy, and all-around beautiful!

2. Sunset Rose Gold Hair

rose gold hair color

Are you a dusk or dawn type? If yes, then this shade of rose gold will be ideal for you. To get this exact shade, mix these three colors: rose gold, red, and pink. Whether you have short hair or medium, this romantic look will mesmerize everyone!

3. Rose Gold on Brunettes

rose gold hair color
rose gold hair color

It is so much easier to dye blonde hair in rose gold; however, it doesn’t stop you from coloring your hair if they’re dark or brunettes. This shade looks amazing on brunettes as well!

To get the exact vibrant shade, you have to bleach your dark hair to a lighter tone before dyeing. That’s why we recommended going for an ombre style.

4. 50 Shades of Pink

rose gold hair color

There is no rule that you have to settle for a single rose gold shade! You can add as many pink tones to your hair color. Take inspiration from the above picture. Here multiple shades of pink and blonde have been mixed together and created this really lovely hair color.

This will add a dazzling effect and dimension to your plain and boring hair. Also, it will give your beautiful locks and style.

5. Rose Gold Balayage

rose gold hair color
rose gold hair color

One of the popular combinations with rose gold is balayage. They’re a heavenly-made match. You can paint your hair roots in a dusky rose hue, then freehand paint a lighter shade of rose gold hair dye from the mid-lengths down. This will result in glistening, glowy hairs.

6. Bubble Gum Shade

rose gold highlights
rose gold highlights

Do you want to look cute and edgy at the same time? If yes, then without thinking much, go for a Bubble Gum shade. This stunning pastel pink dye will look extremely good with a frizzy hairstyle.

These cutting-edge vibes and the soft witchy look of the model are eye-pleasing. You can pair this bubbly shade with modern accessories such as a black beret and choker.

7. Rose Ombre on Brown Hair

rose gold highlights
rose gold highlights

Here is another great combination with rose gold hair color for lovely ladies with brunette hairs. As we already mentioned that for darker hairs, it’s best to add rose golds at the end part of the hairs.

This ombre effect looks pretty and naturally blended. This is a more subtle color that you can obtain by mixing a little amount of rose gold shade with brown. Perfect for short to medium hair because the color will look minimal and healthy-looking.

8. Dreamy Pink Highlights

rose gold highlights

Try various shades and experiment with the tones according to your hair. By doing so, you can get the best color combination for yourself. If you have a round face, these rose gold face-framing highlights will be best for you. They’ll emphasize your features and make your face look slimmer. For a soft and delicate look, add some chunky curls.

9. Gorgeous Rose Gold Hues

rose gold highlights
rose gold highlights

Create a hypnotic, delicate look with these slightly auburn rose gold tones. Leave the roots darker and color the ends with a mixture of golden and pastel pink tones. This will create varying dimensions throughout the hair.

Also, this hair color will complement and suit a variety of skin tones. Finally, style your hair with some soft layered curls, and your brand new hair is ready!

10. Red & Rose Gold Hair Color

rose gold highlights
rose gold highlights

This color combo specifically looks good on dark hair colors and brown skin tones. However, anyone can try this combination. Mix pink, red, and rose gold in appropriate portions and apply them in layers.

You can also add deep pinks and light pastel purples to achieve a soft yet striking color.

Bonus Hair Tips

rose gold highlights

First, check your eyes, skin tone, and natural hair color, and according to that, pick your shade. Here are some tips for you which will help you to select the best rose gold hair color:

  • If your complexion is fair and neutral, then golden peach highlights will be the best way to achieve a rose gold effect.
  • For darker or olive skin tones, ombré highlights will look incredible.
  • Similarly, for warm neutral skin tones, rose gold with apricot tones is perfect.
  • Whereas on cooler complexions, try a lavender-accented rose gold shade.
  • For cooler blonde hair colors, go with raspberry tone and pink highlights.

Final Verdict

So which rose gold hair color do you like the most? You can pick them all by yourself; however, you can ask your hairstylist if you still face any difficulty. They’ll tell the right shade of rose gold according to your hair type and skin tones.

The best thing about this rose gold hair shade is that it is super customizable. This means you can add various tones and colors to it and create a totally unique shade that will suit your hair. After that, just style your hair in loose curls or straighten them according to your look.

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