50 Best Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2024

Rose gold hair color became a big trend in the late 2010s. Unlike the super bright fantasy colors that were popular earlier in the decade, rose gold tones are more subtle and soft. This softer touch makes the color versatile and easy to wear, which is why it’s still a popular choice for trying out something fun with your hair.

Whether you want a complete change or just a touch of pink in your hair, rose gold is a color worth considering. In this guide, we’ll answer some common questions about it and share some awesome rose gold hair color ideas that are trending at the moment.

What Is Rose Gold Hair Color?

Rose gold hair is a mix of pink, blonde, and gold tones to make a shade that looks like your beloved rose gold jewelry. Even though it’s a fantasy color, it’s quite understated. Plus, it’s super flexible: Your colorist can tweak how much pink, gold, or blonde goes in, so you get a unique rose gold that’s totally yours.

How Do You Get Rose Gold Hair?

Unless your hair is already a light blonde, you’ll usually need to bleach it before trying rose gold dye. Bleach can cause some damage, but a professional at a salon can minimize this by using gentle products and customizing the process for your hair.

Once your hair is light enough, the colorist will apply the rose gold dye and style your hair.

When picking a place to dye your hair, do some digging. Rose gold isn’t as common as regular colors like brown or blonde, so find a stylist experienced with these fun shades. A skilled stylist can also share tips to keep your metallic hue vibrant and prevent it from fading too soon.

If you’re eager for a new hair color, we’ve got you covered with plenty of inspiration. Check out diverse ways to flaunt rose gold hair, whether you prefer a more subtle or bold look.

Here are the 50 best rose gold hair color ideas!

1. Smoky Rose Gold

Smokey Rose Gold  Hair Color

Try this soft, rosy rose gold hair look! It starts with a natural medium-brown base and adds gentle maple and dusty rose highlights. They all mix together to create a subtle, smoky effect that’s totally charming.

2. Rose Gold Balayage

Rose Gold Balyage Hair Color

Dip your toes into rose gold hair color by requesting your hair stylist to hand-paint some soft, golden-pink highlights into your base color. It’s a fun way to give classic balayage a playful twist.

3. Pure Rose

pure rose Hair Color

Imagine taking the brightness of fuchsia down to a five, and you’d end up with pure rose—a gentle, almost dusty pink that looks great on both fair and brown skin tones.

4. Dark Rose Gold

Dark Rose Gold Hair Color

Give your natural golden brown hair a hint of color by using a reddish-pink gloss. This demi-permanent formula not only adds color and shine but also saves you time at the salon compared to a regular dye job.

5. Dimensional Balayage

Dimensional balyage Hair Color

Give your current balayage a burst of color by selecting random sections and adding shades like pink, rose gold, and lilac. This mix of tones lets you play with various hair colors without fully dyeing your hair, making it a great choice for those who love low-maintenance styles.

6. Pearled Rose

Pearled rose Hair Color

Usually, rose gold tends to be warm due to its golden undertones, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Request your colorist to craft your shade using a silver base instead of gold for a super-cool take on the rose gold hair trend.

7. Rose Brown

Rose Brown Hair Color

To give rose gold hair color a moodier vibe, think about rose brown. Ask your colorist to blend rich golden pink and coral highlights into your base color. Add a couple of lighter strands in the front to frame your face perfectly.

8. Reverse Balayage

Reverse Balyage Hair Color

Instead of the usual balayage where the ends get lighter, try a bold variation. Keep your roots natural and ask your colorist to hand-paint a gradient of gold, pale pink, and magenta onto your strands. Save the most vibrant shade (magenta) for the very ends of your hair.

9. Barely-There Color Melt

Barely there color melt Hair Color

Color melting blends two shades together smoothly. You can use any two colors, but we really love this seamless transition from neutral brown to sandy rose.

10. Vivid Rose Highlights

Vivid rose highlights Hair Color

Boost your natural color by getting thin highlights in different shades of pink, such as rose, plum, and magenta. Keep it as it is, or add some sparkle to your style with hair tinsel for an extra touch of girlish charm.

11. Rose Bronde

Rose bronde Hair Color

Imagine a Venn diagram with brown, blonde, and pink hair—rose bronde sits right in the middle. Ask your stylist to add warm brown lowlights all over this mix of colors for extra depth and dimension.

12. Half-and-Half

Half and half Hair Color

In rose gold hair color, the main players are pink and gold. For a surprising twist, try a half-and-half style: dye one side of your hair a warm golden tone and the other side a cool pink hue.

13. Rose Gold and Copper

Rose gold and copper Hair Color

Give your cowgirl copper hair a summery vibe by adding blended streaks of peachy pink, gold, and champagne tones.

14. Golden Mauve

Golden Mauve Hair Color

Mix a cool-toned mauve with soft pink and rich gold tones to create a surprisingly flattering blend of warm and cool effects.

15. Rooted Rose Gold

Rooted Rose Gold Hair Color

Fantasy colors often need frequent touchups. But you can stretch the time between appointments by embracing visible roots, giving off a lived-in, rock-and-roll vibe.

16. Rose Gold Ombre

rose gold ombre Hair Color

If you crave drama, ombre is the way to go. This technique layers dye on the hair to smoothly shift between two colors—here, think warm chocolatey brown blending into punchy, peachy pink.

17. Glossed Rose

Glossed Rose Hair Color

Rose gold is truly a shade full of dimension. Embrace it by opting for hair gloss instead of dye to color your hair. The sheerer color allows your undertones to show through, giving you an almost see-through finish.

18. Champagne Rose

champagne rose Hair Color

Champagne blonde is a warmer blonde tone, but you can make it even spicier by incorporating beigey-pink lowlights throughout.

19. Bronzed Mauve

Bronze Mauve Hair Color

Mix the warmth of a traditional bronzy base color with pinkish-lilac highlights for a more subdued approach to the fairy hair trend.

20. Apricot

Apricot Hair Color

Think of this juicy hue like a ripe apricot, perfect for summer vibes. Ask your stylist to blend a warm gold tone with a tiny hint of pure pink for that ideal balanced look.

21. Metallic Rose

Mettalic rose Hair Color

Match your beloved pink gloss by having your colorist blend different pastel shades—pink, purple, and platinum—alongside a silvery base. This combo creates a super-dimensional color with an almost shimmering quality. To enhance that shine even more, try using a serum.

22. Face-Framing Rose

Face framing rose Hair Color

If you’re keen on trying rose gold but not up for a full bleach session, try coloring only the strands near your face. We love how these honeyed pink highlights add warmth to cooler skin tones.

23. Bubblegum

bubblegum shade Hair Color

Take your rose gold up a notch with a bubblegum shade—it’s the purest and boldest pink you can get. Vibrant colors like this tend to fade faster, so it’s wise to invest in a color-protecting haircare system, like a Professional Color Last Shampoo and Conditioner.

24. Ambered Rose

ambred rose Hair Color

Enhance your rose gold hair color with depth and contrast by asking your stylist to weave in warm amber-toned highlights. We love how this multidimensional shade adds a playful touch to curls and coils.

25. Fantasy Dip-Dye

Fantasy Dip dye Hair Color

Pink and purple are a perfect pair, like peanut butter and jelly. Embrace their playful vibes by choosing a pastel dip-dye style, starting with pure pink roots and ending with vibrant lavender tips. Ask your stylist to blend the colors smoothly for that seamless gradient effect.

26. Two-Toned Rose

two toned rose Hair Color

Here’s a cool trick to mix rose and lilac differently: try the peekaboo style. Dye the underside of your hair one color, like a cool lilac, and the top half a different hue, such as a pale pink. When your hair shifts, the lilac underneath peeks through, adding depth to your soft pastel shades.

27. Pinkish Platinum

pinkish platinium Hair Color

Platinum hair is timeless, but you can jazz up this classic look by adding a hint of the palest pink over your white-blonde shade. The result? It’s part pastel, part platinum, and totally worth the time at the salon.

28. Violet Rose

violet rose Hair Color

The mix of purple and gold feels regal. To rock a queen-worthy colorful style, go for a deeper fuchsia hue with interwoven highlights of deep honeyed pink.

29. Pastel Peach

pastel peach Hair Color

Pastel peach, a lighter take on rose gold, is a top pick for those with fair, cool-toned skin. Ask your stylist to lighten your strands, and then add a mix of Pastel Peach and Pastel Pink for this cheerful hue.

30. Merlot

merlot  Hair Color

To give rose gold a richer vibe, have your stylist add warm mahogany highlights to a chocolatey, golden-brown base. Just like the wine it’s named after, this color is rich, cozy, and full of depth.

31. Warm Gold

Warm gold Hair Color

Rose gold doesn’t always have to shout pink. For a subtler twist on the trend, consider warm gold. This deep blonde has the slightest pink undertones—you might not even notice them unless you’re in direct sunlight.

32. Persimmon Highlights

persimmon highlights Hair Color

Out with pumpkin spice, in with persimmon! This mix of orange and pink adds an autumnal touch to warm brown hair, giving it a reflective and unique vibe.

33. Chilled Rose

chilled rose Hair Color

Imagine the refreshing feel of sipping chilled rosé on a summer afternoon. Capture that mid-summer vibe with iced rosé hair. It blends sunkissed blonde with platinum and pink highlights for a cool, beachy effect.

34. Mixed Pastels

mixed pastels Hair Color

Rose gold is gorgeous by itself, but it gets extra playful when mixed with other pastel hues. If you’re ready (it needs a bit of maintenance), try blending rose gold highlights with matching shades of mint, lilac, and silver.

35. Semi-Permanent Highlights

semi permanent highlights Hair Color

Fantasy colors tend to fade faster, which can be a good thing! It means more chances to switch up your look. When you’re ready for a change, try layering semi-permanent lavender and rose-gold hair dyes over your current balayage. It’ll begin vivid and then gradually fade back to blonde, giving you the freedom to try a new color afterward.

36. Black Rose

Black rose Hair Color

If you’re into moodier, sultrier hair colors, try black rose. This vampy shade has a deep red-black base with hints of tonal persimmon and mahogany highlights.

37. Honey Rose Gold

Honey Rose gold Hair Color

We’ve expressed our love for honey-brown hair quite a bit. This honeyed gold twist adds playfulness, with subtle pink ends blending smoothly into the length of your hair.

38. Warm Mahogany

warm mahogany Hair Color

If you’re up for a change but not keen on going too light, think about warm mahogany. It’s got a warm, reddish-brown base mixed with soft golden and scarlet highlights. It’s a bold look, but it’s not too bright or over-the-top.

39. Sunkissed Rose Gold

Sunkissed Rose Gold Hair Color

Prepare for summer with this sunkissed style! It’s a blend from bronde to blonde ombre, with subtle hints of pinkish gold, adding a touch of warmth.

40. Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde Hair Color

Rose gold mixes warm gold with pink, but strawberry blonde throws in some copper tones. The result? It’s a warm version of rose gold that looks great, especially on folks with fair skin tones.

41. Ginger Rose

Ginger Rose Hair Color

If you love vibrant colors, meet ginger rose! It’s a lively mix of faded mauve, fiery red, deep auburn, and golden maple tones. Once styled, spritz your hair with a glossy finish that really brings out the different tones in this vivid shade.

42. Vivid Balayage

vivid balyage Hair Color

Balayage usually goes for a subtle look, but it can be bold! Go for an electric magenta balayage—it’ll gradually mellow into a soft pale rose gold that’s just as eye-catching.

43. Cinnamon Color Melt

cinnamon color melt Hair Color

Cinnamon hair is perfect for fall—it’s cozy and surprisingly easy to wear with its touch of red. If you’re more of a warm-weather person, ask your stylist to blend a bit of pink into your base color. It’s a subtle way to hint at spring, even before it arrives.

44. Bronzed Rose

bronze rose Hair Color

Bronze might be seen as third place, but it’s one of our top choices for chic brunette hair colors. Try adding golden pink highlights all over for a softer twist on the usual coppery shade.

45. Dusty Mauve

Dusty Mauve Hair Color

If you’re starting with fantasy colors, try starting with dusty mauve. It’s a soft pinkish-purple shade that gives a nice touch without taking over your look—and you can adjust it to match your style, whether you want it warmer or cooler.

46. Rose Babylights

Rose Babylights  Hair Color

Chunky ‘90s highlights are back in style, but we’ll forever adore babylights. This version switches blonde baby lights for streaks of golden pink that become more intense, ending in a pure carnation shade at the tips.

47. Rose and Silver

rose and silver Hair Color

Mixing metals isn’t just for jewelry. Give your natural warm blonde hair a cooler vibe by adding pastel pink and silver highlights. It creates an attention-grabbing multi-chrome effect.

48. Warm Mauve

warm mauve Hair Color

Mauve and copper might not seem like a good match, but this soft mauve shade shows they actually blend beautifully. Get this multi-dimension by adding burnished copper and muted mauve highlights to a neutral base of medium-brown.

49. Rose Quartz

rose quartz Hair Color

Millennial pink had its time in the early 2010s, but now, we’re loving rose quartz. This down-to-earth shade is inspired by the stone, blending soft streaks of taupe and sand for a grounded twist on pure pink.

50. Electric Rose

electric rose Hair Color

Rose gold can really do it all, including rocking an electric rose shade: a neon pink that grabs everyone’s eye. At first, this bright color won’t show its golden tones, but as it fades, it’ll turn into a subtle champagne hue (pinks often do).


Take a good look at the variety of rose gold shades to ensure you’ll love the end result. No matter which one you choose, all shades of rose gold are stunning, so you can’t go wrong with any of them!

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