How to Pick the Right Shampoo for Your Hair?

Pick the Right Shampoo

The shampoo is the most frequently used product on your hair and it plays a crucial role in making or breaking your mane. But remember, using the wrong shampoo can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. Different hair types need different shampoos, but endless options of hair products lining the aisles of your favorite stores and hair salon’s shelves seem like pick the right shampoo for your hair is a difficult task.

So before picking up the wrong shampoos, it’s important to know about your hair and scalp, and which kind of shampoo will suit you the best.

In this article inspired from Soul factors, we will discuss what shampoos should choose for various types of hair, and how to pick the right shampoo for your hair type. Take a look!

Tips for Choosing the Right Shampoo

Tips for Choosing the Right Shampoo

Some of the common factors to consider when choosing the right shampoo for your needs.

Know Your Hair Type

It is essential to know about what is the type of hair you have this will help to find the ideal product for your hair type.  So, knowing your hair type is the first step.

Look at the Ingredients

Another thing you must consider is what are the ingredients included in the shampoo you’re looking for. Try to find quality products that do not contain any harsh chemicals that could damage your hair or scalp.

Also, it’s important to look at things such as fragrances,  and heavily perfumed could cause increased dryness.

Ingredients to Avoid:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Mineral Oil And Petroleum.
  3. Sulfates.
  4. Sodium Chloride.
  5. Formaldehyde.
  6. Propylene Glycol.
  7. Artificial Fragrances And Colors.


This is another important factor to consider while choosing the right shampoo. Price can vary widely for different shampoos.

So the first you should avoid is going for the cheapest product available, as this could lead to a negative impact in terms of the health and appearance of your hair.


Always check the pH level of the shampoo and try a few different types before choosing one that suits your hair.

Types of Hair and Shampoos

Types of Hair and Shampoos

Let’s have a look at what shampoos should be opted for different hair types.

Dry Hair

Dry hair is hard to manage and your main focus should be on giving your hair moisture. And it gets easily tangled and requires gentle and nourishing shampoos.

  • Choose moisturizing and creamy shampoos.
  • Dry hair type is prone to frizziness, so opt for shampoos with moisturizing ingredients as it helps to condition the hair and reduce frizz.
  • Try to avoid the shampoos that contain sulfates, because this can strip away natural oils from the hair and make it drier.
  • Make sure to avoid using shampoos loaded with sulfates.

Oily Hair

Oily hair needs special care and should washed very often to give a nice shine and to reduce its greasiness.

  • Look for shampoos with ingredients like sulfates that can remove oils, dirt, and salicylic.
  • Stay away from moisturizing and hydrating shampoos.
  • Choose non-moisturizing formulas to get rid of excess oil or sebum.
  • Avoid using conditioner on your scalp.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is often drier than straight hair and tends to get tangled easily. Also, the texture makes it harder for oils to make their way away from the scalp and down the strands.

  • Look for a shampoo that will smooth, protect, hydrate, and moisturize your hair.
  • Opt for an ultra-moisturizing shampoo can help reduce frizz
  • Try cleansing conditioners that contain a very mild detergent for cleaning.

Colored Hair

Colored Hair is something which is in trend, but it tends to become excessively dry. So, it needs extra care to keep it healthy.

  • Opt for shampoos that contain ingredients like soy extract, wheat extract, or amino acids, this helps to protect color and remain gentler on the hair.
  • Look for options like sulfate-free shampoos, because sulfate tends to fade away the color faster.

Signs to Know If It Is Time to Switch Your Shampoo

Signs to Know If It Is Time to Switch Your Shampoo
  • If your hair gets frizzier or it becomes more tangled or unmanageable than before. Then this may be the sign that your shampoo is stripping your hair of its natural oils or your hair is not getting enough moisture.
  • If your hair is dull and limp or lacks the desired volume or luster even after regular wash and care, then it’s time to switch to a volumizing or strengthening formula as per the need of your hair.
  • An undesirable change in the texture of hair or it becomes oilier or drier than it was originally, then it’s time to adjust your shampoo according to the changing environment or weather conditions.

Choosing the right shampoo that is suitable for your hair type is the first step for your gorgeous and healthy-looking hair. So get to know about which type of hair and scalp you have and choose your shampoo accordingly, that will help to give you better results.

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