7+ Hair Removal Cream: Suitable and Safe for Different Skin Type

hair removal cream

Women always have three options when it comes to having a hair-free glowing body. What are the three options? Firstly, the excruciating and scary waxing method. Second, in the list comes the daily or regularly shaving out the hair. Honestly, this one is not a risky and unreliable idea. The skin after shaving loses its softness and needs to be taken a lot of care of. According to dermatologists, shaving the hairs on your body increases the chances of skin tanning very fast. So here comes the third, last, and best option, Hair removal cream.

Yes, you heard it right, hair removal creams are one of the best ideas. They are available in different flavors, quantities, according to your skin type, and mainly for every part of your body. So why choose any other option when you have this best option. It won’t give you any pain and won’t harm the softness and texture of your skin.

Those days are gone when these hair removal creams were a formula with a very bad and irritating smell. Now you have plenty of options in the market that are beneficial and suitable for your skin. Numerous brands make these hair removal creams. They make sure they make suitable cream for the right skin types. All the ingredients and formulas in the skin have some other benefits that are good for your skin.

Now without wasting any further time, let us see which are the best hair removal creams.

Best Hair Removal Cream for your Skin Type

The list will have all those hair removal creams that will suit your skin type. I will be describing the benefits and which skin type is suitable for the particular hair removal cream. So need not worry about which one is suitable for your skin type.

1. Nair Hair Removal Cream

Nair Hair Removal Cream

One of the best ways to apply any hair removal cream. Nair provides you with a hair removal cream in the form of a deodorant stick. Just like we use deodorant in your underarms, you have to apply this in the same way. What makes this suitable for all skin types is the Moroccan Argan Oil that soothes the skin. It even has the extracts of Orange Blossom that provide you the freshness. Both the ingredients make this best for all skin types.

And all the users have liked the product style. The roll-on method is way too easy than applying the cream. It provides you a longer-lasting result with the best effect on the skin.

2. Neomen Hair Removal Cream

Neomen Hair Removal Cream

Neon Hair Removal Cream is one with all the essential requirements of the skin. It has Vitamin E, Aloe vera, and baby oil. Vitamin E provides calmness and glows in the skin. Aloe Vera and baby oil will help with giving moisturizer to the skin and reduce dryness. It removes all the unwanted hair from the skin. You can see the results within five minutes of the application.

Once you are done removing the hairs, clean or rinse with clean water. Apply any good moisturizing cream that will help relax and soothe your body. Make sure you do not forget this process, as your skin needs to be hydrated.

3. Veet Hair Removal Cream (Dry Skin & Sensitive Skin)

 Veet Hair Removal Cream

Are you wondering, what if you have dry and sensitive skin? Not to worry, friends, Veet 3-in-1 Hair Removal cream is the exact product you are looking for. This works perfectly on dry and sensitive skins. It won’t result in any irritation. Approved and certified by a dermatologist. It has all the soothing and moisturizing ingredients which are essentially required for your body.

One thing that is always important in all hair removal creams, the essential body essential oils. Veet provides your oil according to your skin type and sensitivity. Veet hair removal is one such brand that has a variety of flavors in its products.

4. Nair Hair Removal Lotion (with Aloe & Lanolin Soothing)

Nair Hair Removal Lotion

Nair Hair Removal Lotion gives you the best results after application. Having a pretty hard hair growth? It doesn’t matter. Nair’s hair removal lotion formula works directly on the pores. It is made with extracts of lanolin and aloe. Both the ingredients are suitable for all skin types, not at all harmful. You won’t face any reaction after the application. And the reason behind this surety is because it is certified by a dermatologist.

If you have too hard hair growth, apply a good amount of lotion on the particular area. Allow it to work for three to four minutes and remove with a clean tissue, water, or cloth. Later apply any body lotion that will help you soothe your skin. Nair Hair Removal Lotion is best for removing hairs on the legs.

5. Nads for Men Hair Removal Cream

hair removal cream

Even men like to keep their skin hair-free and hygienic. Just because their hair growth is harder than women, thus they need a better formula. And keeping in mind men’s requirements and hard hair growth, Nads Hair Removal Cream is here with the solution. They have come up with an advanced formula for the easy removal of hair. Perfectly suitable for all skin types. It removes all the hairs right from the layers of skin. It has refreshing Mint extracts that give you a refreshing feel and confidence.

It is imperative to keep your body clean and hygienic for a healthy life. Thus, it is necessary to clean out hairs from some unwanted areas.

6. Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream

hair removal cream

Are you finding something that can work on the most sensitive part of your body? Like the Bikini Lines? Then, Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream is one of the most recommended products by a dermatologist. It has no extra additional flavors. You can even use this on your bikini line. The most exciting feature of the product is it has no odor during application. There aren’t any chemicals in it.

It helps in cleaning off all the hair painlessly. It has some natural and hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, honey, avocado oil, and melon. All these ingredients are essential to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. So, what do you think about this product, friends?

7. Glee Bee Hair Removal Cream

Glee Bee Hair Removal Cream

One of the most certified products. Glee Bee Hair Removal Cream is made of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera extracts, and baby oil. Seeing all the ingredients, you will understand both dry and oily skin. You can even apply this hair removal cream on sensitive skin too.

So, all the ladies out there who are worried about why to buy this product? I will answer your question. Usually, some of the women feel irritation and rashes on the skin after the use and application. So, this GleeBee Hair Removal Cream eliminates that irritation and rash factor. You can use and apply the product without any fear of side effects. Isn’t this product interesting and worth trying?

8. Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray Foam

Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray Foam

Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray foam is a better version of hair removal cream. The foam form allows the formula to get down to the roots and remove the unwanted hairs. The formula is cruel free, and thus you won’t have any irritating odor during application. It has aloe vera and vitamin E in it that helps in nourishment and soothing the skin.

The product is tested and certified by a dermatologist. The products that are certified help in gaining the confidence of the customers. It created trustability within a huge amount of crowd for the product.

9. Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream

 Nad's Facial Hair Removal Cream

Not every hair removal cream is applied to the face to remove hair. So, it is advisable to use only face hair removal cream. You have so many sensitive features on your face, like your eyes and lips. It may cause irritation and rashes in your eyes and lips. Thus, you must use facial hair removal cream. Nad’s facial hair removal cream is cruelty-free and safe to use on the face. It has no extra flavors. It has baby oil to soothe the face after application.

Just apply, leave it for five minutes and clean it off. And done, you are ready with a glowing face to sparkle around.

With this, we have explored nine different hair removal creams that are suitable for different skin types and hair growths. Now you need to see which is your skin’s requirements and choose accordingly. But this is not the end. I am listing down the process of how-to remove hairs with hair removal cream.

Hair Removal Cream: The Entire Process

The Entire Process of hair removal cream

Make sure you follow all these steps for easy application and hair removal.

Select the Appropriate Cream

As we saw above, there are various options for the best hair removal creams in the market—different products for different skin types, hair growth, and textures. So, make sure you choose the right hair removal cream.

Ready your Skin

Before application, clean your skin nicely and wipe it out dry. Your skin should be hydrated. When your skin is clean and dry, the application becomes easier. You will get more precise and appropriate results for your hair removal.

Test a Small Patch Before Application

Before you apply the hair removal cream, test it on a small area. This will help you to rectify whether you are having any problem with the product or not. So, this process will help you understand the effect on your skin better.

Read and Follow the Guideline:

Every Hair Removal Cream product has its guidelines on the back of the packaging. Just read and follow them accordingly during the application. Following the instructions will help you to have an easy and painless hair removal process.

Timer Settings

Every hair removal cream needs to be kept for a particular time. If you exceed the timer, you may feel irritation and rashes. It may cause you pain shortly. And thus, follow the timer and clean the hair removal cream after the timer is done.

Apply and Soothing Lotion After Use

You must apply a hood body lotion after the use of any hair removal treatment. It will nourish and soothe your body. And you are ready with a smooth and hair-free clean body.

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