Popular Highlighted Wig Trends Among Women

Highlighted Wig Trends

Fashion trends come and go but your head stays still, so wigs. Here and now all ages women are wearing wigs and making it a trend. Even several social media celebrities are influencing young teen girls to become a part of this  fashion highlighted wig trends.

A new season brings new trends and fresh ways to color and highlight color and with the ongoing trends, women are turning into the use of highlighted wigs. Various funky colored and highlighted wigs are more common in fashion nowadays. Wearing a wig has become so convenient and simple. Through an observation, the average women blow almost an hour in front of the mirror just to fix or make her hair.

Wigs are a good way to put an end to the nuisance of making perfect hair and save a lot of time. Certain women have a really busy and tough schedule and do not find enough time to put any effort into making their natural hair look good. So, the only option to compensate is putting on a wig that makes them look good with minimal effort.

Being a woman we all faced this that sometimes our hair can be so bothersome and irritating and do not settle up the way we ladies want them to be so why wasting time to make them look perfect rather go for a wig.

Many times girls come across a situation where they can’t figure out how to make a good hairstyle for themselves, even if it’s a ponytail. So, one of the good reasons to make those bad hair days nicer is to use a highlighted hair wig or weave to make a ponytail. But, don’t worry we have figured all out just for you how to slay your day with a flawless hairstyle.

How to Use Hair Weave to Make a Highlighted Wig Ponytail (Step by Step)

First of all, you need to have a bunch of things to make a highlighted ponytail look perfect or to make your last-minute hairstyle.

1. What You Need:

How to Use Hair Weave to Make a Highlighted Wig Ponytail

To make a ponytail using a highlighted wig you should have a list of things that includes:

4 Pieces bundles or highlighted wig hair extensions

You can get this smooth straight Peruvian hair bundles 4pcs human hair weaves from KNhair online shop at a reasonable price weighing 75-100g/pc.

  • A Comb: You can use your regular comb
  • A good Straightener: Use a good quality straightener
  • A Hairdryer: You need to have a good hairdryer.
  • Some Hair ropes: You should have some hair ropes ties for tying of hair.
  • Hair care oil: Good hair oil for hair protection must be used.
  • Hair cream: Use a styling cream or a hair cream to give your hair a natural and subtle shining look.
  • Hair spray: Use a hair spray to place your hair in one place perfectly.
  • Hairpins: You will need some hairpins for holding your hair.

2. Protect Your Hair

Hair protection is the basic step that needs to be considered. To protect your hair it is recommended to use hair care oil.

For your hair straightening, you can use a good quality hair straightener so that your hair can be tied up with a hair rope after applying the hair care oil to the hair. You can skip or jump on to the next step if your hair is of good quality and can be tied up easily.

3. Tidy up Your Hair

Blonde Hair Highlighted Wig Trends

Now the step next is to tidy up your hair. For this, you can use hair moisturizing spray and use a hairdryer for drying. Comb, again and again, to give a clean look by using hair moisturizing spray. You can leave baby hair to give your hair styling a smooth look.

4. Styling Your Baby Hair

Baby Hair Highlighted Wig Trends

The next easiest and relief-giving step is to style your little baby hair by brushing them out. One of the biggest issues faced by most women is fixing or holding your baby hair at a place either they are too small for clipping or too frizzy for loosing. So, Use a hair cream to brush your baby hair in whatever shape you want.

5. Combine Your Ponytail and 1 pc Bundle

The next step is to combine your ponytail and 1 pc highlighted wig bundle by tying it into a twist shape, you can use hair rope to tie the hair up and cut off the surplus hair.

6. Add 1 Pc Bundle

Use a hairpin to bundle thumb boss extend and stick it into the end of the web. Stick it into the end of the braid ideally inside the middle of the rubber band now get the ends, remove the pin and fold it upward direction just like making it like a latch on so it will not come off.

7. Be a Nice Ponytail

Ponytail Highlighted Wig Trends

Keep using the rest of the bundles around the braid until you get up to the top of your ponytail. Now, wrap the top of the hair by using a 1 pc bundle after tying it up with hair rope. Continue the process of tying the bundle one more time with hair spraying and using a hairdryer.

There you go, you’re perfect, stunning, and confident ponytail look using a highlighted wig is all ready to go anywhere.

As we have split some best-loved tips to make your highlighted wig look essence, go ahead and try it!

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