How to Epilate Your Body Hair Easily

How to Epilate Your Body Hair

We’ve all been there: you provide yourself a beautifully smooth shave, then again by the subsequent day you’re already seeing the primary hairs start to grow back. Epilation is often an answer to your problem here, as this process removes the hair from the roots. Knowing a way to epilate perfectly allows you to enjoy weeks of smooth skin, perfect for a pre-summer treatment.

To make epilating as comfortable and smooth as possible, read our greatest epilation tips and tricks, to be told a way to use an epilator for your best hair removal experience ever!

Epilation is a technique of hair removal that pulls out the hair from the roots, like waxing. Unlike waxing, however, once you know the way to epilate correctly it doesn’t need to be a painful process. You’ll be able to also bang anytime, anywhere, and without the mess of waxing.

An electric epilator is formed with a textured surface of rotating discs that grip the hairs and pull them out, together with the roots. It’s important to settle on an epilator that rotates quickly to create the method as quickly and comfy as possible.

Here we have tried to illustrate the process of epilation correctly.

Before You Epilate  

the process of epilation correctly

It’s all about preparation. As every beauty conscious person knows looking effortlessly gorgeous needs a bit forward-planning. So before we show you process to epilate, check what to try and do earlier:

1. Set the timing correctly

Epilate the night before you go out from home or your place, with a good epilator. This provides 24 hours for any irritation to cut back. 

Evening is the easiest time for epilation rendez-vos. You feel more comfortable, any minor jerk is about to pass in the morning and you will pick up the sexiest, smoothest skin ever!

2. Exfoliation is that golden word

Take a cosy shower, relax and exfoliate your skin to keep away from those feared of unwanted hairs. Use an exfoliating scrub or mitt or rub skin with a dry towel. Alternatively you can use a spa brush or process, an innovative exfoliating brush that provides 4 times better exfoliation than a manual scrub.

When You Epilate

Epilate Body Hair

1. Stay fresh and calm

there is a lot of not-so-pleasant things we all neutralize the name of beauty, like plucking, tweezing and buffing but when it involves epilation, epilator helps to minimise the pain with features like the cooling glove and therefore the massaging rollers for an extra-gentle hair removal experience.

2. Use water

Now you will be able to use wet and dry epilators which means you can epilate in the shower or bath. Water reduces pain by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

3. Hold balance

Don’t put too much pressure on any way of holding the epilator, it should feel natural. Hold your legs at a 90 degree angle. You will be able to pull your skin tightly with your other hand so that it is easy to accelerate over the device.

Don’t move too hard, simply touch the epilator lightly on your skin.

4. Use it slowly

Take at least 15 seconds from ankle to knee. Going too fast is not a good way. It has risks to break the hair which can cause unwanted hairs.

5. Take direction

Apply the epilator in an upward motion opposite to where the hairs are growing. This lifts the shorter hairs providing you with a smoother finish.

6. Wet or dry

It’s up to you but if you choose dry, ensure that your skin is totally dry. If wet then apply a touch shower gel.

After Epilating

Epilating skin

1. Pamper perfectly

The major rule is moisturise AFTER epilating not before. Apply a nourishing lotion for the most effective, skin smoothing results and obtain a set to awaken the subsequent morning with super-soft, silky skin.

2. Repeat the treat

If you are a newbie, epilate once every week and every time you’ll notice the discomfort drop and also the satisfaction increases. If you are a pro, drop it down a notch and epilate once every three weeks.

With these epilation tips and tricks, it couldn’t be easier to learn how to epilate your face, body and delicate areas to get weeks of soft, smooth skin. The correct way and technology make this experience quick, easy, comfortable and smooth. 


  • Try to use an epilator at midnight. Some of us experience redness and skin irritation after removing hair in the daytime.
  • The redness goes away after a pair of hours, leading to clear, smooth skin.
  • Some epilators have different speed settings. Start with low speed, then gradually increase the speed that you’ll be able to tolerate.
  • Be patient. For the simplest results you’ll must move the device slowly across your body, so take it slow. If you progress too quickly, you may leave hairs behind.
  • Moisturize your skin after using an epilator to cut back irritation.
  • Don’t forget to wash your epilator after each use to cut back the danger of a skin infection. Remove any lingering hair and use alcohol to scrub the device.

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