How to Fade Your Hair with Clippers?

how to fade your own hair

The fade haircut is now in trend, AGAIN! There is no rocket science formula for having a faded haircut at your home. If you pay a visit to the hairstylist they will cost you around $30, whereas, at home, you can achieve this look within minutes. No doubt, you might need to invest in electric clippers with different guards.

I have seen many of you asking about how to fade your own hair. So to help you with the task, I have come up with this article. You are smart enough to figure that out from the title. so without wasting much time, let’s move straight to the topic.

What is Fade Haircut?

Fade Haircut

A men’s haircut where the hair has a faded structure. To be clear, on the bottom part of the hair (near the neckline and ear) there will be the shortest hair, and it will increase as you move up. It ranges from short to high and even bald fade.

In this blog, you will read about giving a fade haircut on your own hair.

How To Fade Your Own Hair?

Whether you want to become a barber or this one is just a simple try to save your money, don’t worry we will have you achieving it like a pro. Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to fade hair. Do you want mid fade? We have got it! Umm… a high fade? That too done! Along with these, there is short, bald skin, and a tapered faded haircut too.

What will you need?

  • Electric Clipper with different Guards (most preferably – #0 and #1)
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Trimmer
  • A handheld or full mirror system

Before we do anything, it is necessary to prep our hair. So wash your hair with shampoo, condition it, and let it dry. Comb out the hair to remove all the tangles. Once you have tangled-free hair it will be easier to know how much and what type of hair you have to deal with.

Step 1: Decide the Fade Line

Fade Line

Here you will have to decide where the fade will start. Whether you want to have a high, mid, or low fade, setting the fade line will act as the guide. Guide as to fade till here only. This step isn’t necessary if you want to go a taper fade. It doesn’t feature a scalp line, you will have to work up to the top of hair from the bottom.

Step 2: Select the Guard


The next step is to select the perfect size of the guard for the ideal fade haircut. If you are a beginner, I would suggest going for the lower guards at first like #2. This way you won’t lose your hair much and still achieve the fade look.

FYI: Guard #2 will leave 1/4th an inch long hair.

You have to move upward from the bottom. The motion should be like scooping ice cream. And always use small and short strokes at first. It will provide you with smooth and even cuts.

Step 3: Switch the Guard Size

Switch the Guard Size

To have a smooth transition it is necessary to change the guard size. Here you can take the #4 guard size. It is preferable to move up a size or two for the fade look. The motion is the same as the above (from bottom to the upward direction, gently).

Here you have to start from where you left in the last step. Use a handheld mirror or mirror system to look for the unevenness in the hair and work on them.

Step 4: Work on the Hair on Top

Hair on Top

One more step closer to achieving the final look! Now might have already seen the faded look, but we still have few steps left (2 to be exact). At this step, you have to blend the fade into your long length of hair.

Once, you reach the top of the sides and back, pull your hair together, comb them up, and run the trimmer along the desired length. This way you will be able to have the perfect length of the hair.

Step 5: Finishing

Last but not least is the finishing. No matter what, you need to add a finishing touch. Here for finishing you will have to shave and trim the neckline and hairline. You can add a definite shape. A good trimmer will help you achieve the look. You can also create sharp cuts along with the temples and sideburns for a smart and bold look.

How to Do a Fade Haircut of Different Styles?

Above you read about having a fade haircut without visiting a salon, this one is in continuation of having different fade hairstyles at home. Whichever fade you want to get, the process is the same, but there will be a few changes. Let’s see, what are they:

1. Long Fade Haircut

Long Fade Haircut

If you have long hair, it might get difficult for you to achieve the look but it isn’t impossible. Here you will have to check each time you move the clipper out and see how much you have cut and how much you will need to cut more.

2. Short Fade Haircut

Short Fade Haircut

If you are a fan of a short fade, then man you have many different hairstyles that you can go for, like tapered, buzz cut, and side cut detail. While getting any of the mentioned cuts, you will need to brush off the hair every time you cut and dampen hair for the exact look.

3. Temple Cut

Temple Cut

Let the clippers do the magic. Here you have to give a defined shape to the temple, normally the square shape. Use #2 guard to achieve this exact look.

4. Skin Fade

Skin Fade Haircut

The skin fade is a haircut where you will have a bit of the hair on the upper portion, and short hair on the sides. For this cut, you have to use the clipper keeping on the 90-degree angle with the #0 and #1 guards.

5. Shadow Fade

Shadow Fade Haircut

The shadow fade is where you will create an illusion of shadow on the sides. To get this cut perfectly, you will have to use #3 guard for the top, #2 on the forehead area, and #1 to gradually fade it out. These steps will avoid unevenness and give you a smooth transition.

Give Yourself a Fade Haircut

Fade Haircut

So this was all on how to give yourself a fade haircut without spending a lot. I hope you got a rough idea on how to fade your own hair with clippers at home. I tried to give you pointers on getting a few modern and different fade hairstyles. What are you still waiting for? Come on, hurry up and adorn the faded haircut.

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