30+ Updos for Long Hair: An Array of Options to Love in 2024

updos for long hair

After months or years of care, you managed to maintain the long locks beautifully. However, we all know the struggle of washing, drying, and de-tangling. There’s a selection of perfect hairstyle to go with the occasion to add more to the effort. From ponytails to half ponytails and buns, everything is tried and tested, but still, we lack the hairstyles.

Gone are the days when people used to show-off the relaxed hair look. Now everyone looks for the hairstyle that will save their locks from damage. So to help you, I am here with the trendiest updos for long hair.

After extensive research and a talk with a hairstylist, I decided to curate this article. Updos are practically so cool that they can be worn anywhere, be it a new year’s eve party or an important conference meeting. The only challenge is to choose the ideal one.

Here in this article, I have mentioned updo hairstyles for weddings, formal meetings, casual outings with friends, a party night, and much more. Let’s just push open the door to the world of easy and elegant updos for long hair without any delay.

Whether we are munching while watching Netflix or running a random channel on the TV, you will see many recognized characters slay the updo look. Whether you take Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid, or Selena Gomez, everyone in the industry has at least once opted for the cute updo for their long tresses, even on the red carpet. With this, let’s start with:

Casual Updos for Long Hair

Below are the buns you can do when you have planned(or are invited) for casual friends outings or informal events, like picnics. They are equally popular as the fancy ones (scroll down to read about that)!

1. Low Bun

Low Bun updos for long hair

The low bun existed in the fashion industry for a very long time, but it became popular when Meghan Markle was spotted doing it with her twist. The low bun is easy to do and carry all day long. This one is simple, yet the elegance is incomparable. You add Meghan’s twist just manage to pull out the little bang on one side.

2. Sleek Updo

Sleek updos for long hair

Again easy to do, but you might need finishing spray to set the look. Maintaining a sleek look for the voluminous hair is a bit difficult but not impossible. Do the mid-part and pull all your back in the ponytail and form a bun (not a messy one!). Use the spray or dry oil to keep all the sleeky-ness in the place.

3. Updo with Beach Vibe

Updo with Beach Vibe

It is nothing but a messy bun with the bangs hanging alongside the face. You can also go to the ponytail. The face-framing fringes look best with this hairstyle.

4. Voluminous Ponytail for Thin Hair

Voluminous Ponytail for Thin Hair

You don’t need thick hair to make a voluminous ponytail. What? Yes! At the end of this article, you will find a tutorial to form one. This is one of the best hairstyles for girls with thin hair.

5. Classic Top Knot Bun

Classic Top Knot Bun updos for long hair

Got highlights done recently? Twist your hair up and form a tight knot over the head! You will definitely feel confident with this, and the plus point is, you can show off the statement earrings flawlessly.

6. Messy Bun

Messy Bun updos for long hair

Messy is in trend for like forever. Don’t worry! If you leave some of the strands out there, it is okay as it is in the fashion. Mess around the hair from the bun and other areas. If you have long tresses with bangs, the messy bun updo will rock!

7. Bun With Bangs

Bun With Bangs updos for long hair

Tie a bun (refer to the steps given below) and pull out bangs to make sure that it is framing your face. You can carry this look at casual parties, semi-formal events, and many more.

8. Fishtail Braid Bun

Fishtail Braid Bun updos for long hair

A fishtail braid is a beautiful thing to wear. You might have seen it in ponytails or open hair, but what about a bun? Try this one, and you will love it 100%.

9. Ponytail with Face Framing Bangs

Ponytail with Face Framing Bangs

High ponytails keep your confidence high! So make the high ponytail and let your bangs definitively frame the face! You can even go for the partial ponytail with accessories as well.

10. Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun updos for long hair

Ballerinas have taken over the beauty world with their classic bun! So curate the high for the flawless ballerina updo. You will need a donut hair bun maker to get the fuller bun view. Add the floral accessory to the bun for the gorgeous look.

11. Two Buns on One Head

Two Buns on One Head updos for long hair

The quirky one, but when pulled on correctly, it might give you head turns from many! Don’t worry. It is easy to do as well—section the hair in two parts: Lower and Upper. Make a bun on the upper half and the other one as well.

12. Dutch Braid Ponytail

Dutch Braid Ponytail

You will find hundreds of tutorials online on how to make dutch braids. It is a bit complicated to do, but practice will make you a pro in no time. Start from the top of your hair, do the Dutch braid till mid, and then tie everything in a ponytail. You are ready to rock the college or even sporty look!

Formal Updos

Office preparations should be sorted, be it outfit selection or the hairstyle. Here we have mentioned around 10 of the best formal hairstyle for long locks, which you can wear throughout the week (without repeating *Wink*).

1. French Twist Bun

French Twist Bun Formal Updos for Long Hair

Be the formal chic at the office with a French twist bun. It is easy to make and handle. Pull your long locks back, twist and roll on the side, and secure it using bobby pins.

2. Headband Braid Bun

Headband Braid Bun Formal Updos for Long Hair

Don’t use the general headband. Instead, make one on your own. Pick the hair from one side and plait it till the tips and secure it on the other side. Then use the remaining hair to form a bun (messy or sleeky, whichever you want).

3. Twisted Up Bun with Loose Bangs

Twisted Up Bun with Loose Bangs Formal Updos

Twist the hair and make the bun on the back of the head. Don’t forget to loosen the bangs to enhance the facial features. You can wear this updo hairstyle to conference meetings and events for a formal yet elegant look.

4. Messy Bun Updo

Messy Bun Formal Updos

Who said messy buns are for the casual look only? The new trendsetters have passed the bill of messy bun updo as a formal hairstyle too. This can be one of your easy-to-made updos for long hair.

5. Low Bun Updo With Embellishment

Low Bun Updo With Embellishment

This Updo is actually the lower one. Did you get that? Anyways! (Kind of lame it was… hehe!) Low buns are the official last-minute work hairstyle. You can add a little charm to it with silver, golden, or any metallic embellishments.

6. Side Bun

Side Bun Formal Updos for Long Hair

Grab the elastic band in one hand and then take the hair on one side with another hand. Now tie the side ponytail or the loose braid, twist it and make a side bun. Leave the pieces of hair here and there hanging on the face to make it look mesmerizing.

7. Low Banana Roll Updo

Low Banana Roll Updo

Pull your locks back, roll it up on the nape of the neck, and secure it with bobby pins. This hairstyle looks good with formal as well as a casual attire and even party wear. If you have curly wear, trust me, this one is for you.

8. Rose-Style Braided Bun

Rose-Style Braided Bun updos for long hair

Rose is alluring, so is the rose-style braided bun. It is easy to make, and then it looks! All you have to do is braid the hair, loosen the parts and roll it in the bun. You can adorn it with hair accessories or flowers.

9. Criss Cross Low Bun

Criss Cross Low Bun updos for long hair

It seems too complicated to make, but it is the easiest one. How? Take out the part of hair from the right and left side, let it rest. Take the remaining hair to form the low bun. Now interchange the position of locks left open and secure it with the bobby pins.

10. High Ponytail

High Ponytail for long hair

The last one but the easiest one, all you have to do is make the high ponytail. However, let me tell you a super-secret. Tease the upper section of hair for the striking front. Hide the elastic band with the section of hair and secure it with bobby pins.

Wedding Updos

The wedding hairstyle needs to be elegant and eye-catching. It shouldn’t hide your face but define it, and hence the updos are perfect! You can wear the below-mentioned hairstyles on any special occasion other than weddings also. Keep your focus high!

1. Side Swept Wrapped Bun

Side Swept Wrapped Bun Wedding Updos

When you are attending the wedding or is the bride itself do the side-swept wrapped bun. It is just so timeless and stylish that you can’t say no! Tell your hairstylist to apply the texture spray for the real look. If you are doing it on your own, use the dry shampoo or oil to keep it in place.

2. Ponytail with Soft Waves

Ponytail with Soft Waves Wedding Updos

Who said ponytails are for casuals and formals only? Look how this bride is flaunting the soft wavy ponytail. Use the hair spray to give the polished and shiny look!

3. Intricate Bun With Glitters

Intricate Bun With Glitters Wedding Updos

It’s the wedding bells. You must add glitters that resemble your jitters. Go for the low bun and add glitter and shiny embellishment for the bridal look. Go for the vintage hair accessory to glam-up the entire bridal outfit.

4. Milkmaid Braid Updo

Milkmaid Braid Updo

Pull your boho self out and select this milkmaid braid updo. It will quench your thirst for retro hairstyle for special occasions, outdoor or indoor. Adorn it with real bloom to increase its charm.

5. Floral Low Bun

Floral Low Bun updos for long hair

Flowers resemble the purity of love and care. Weddings are incomplete without them. Get the low bun fixed and intertwine the floral lace or flowers to it for a colorful look.

6. Messy Updo with Flower Crown

Messy Updo with Flower Crown

Do the partial messy updo and add the flower crown to the head. It will make the bride look like a queen. Finish it with the face-framing bangs for the easy-breezy vibes.

7. Voluminous Bun

Voluminous Bun Wedding Updos

Sleek is good, but for wedlock, the volume is the ideal option. Here the bride has added a voluminous effect to the bun to keep the smoothness and polished look in the place.

8. Plaits with Embellishment

Plaits with Embellishment Wedding Updos

A hairstyle that you will see in most Indian weddings. These aren’t the simple plaits, but the intricately worked braid embellished with flowers or metallic hairpins. Though it is a loose braid, it infuses culture to the core.

9. Braided Bun

Braided Bun Wedding Updos

There are many braided buns that you can try on with the wedding attire. Check out this braided bun with the hair accessory, which adds the wow factor to the whole look.

10. Chignon With Hair Accessory

Chignon With Hair Accessory updos for long hair

If minimalism is your choice for the bridesmaid hairstyle, a chignon is the best option. It offers you a smooth and polished hairdo without letting any ties or pins be visible. Accessories will add glam to the whole outfit.

11. French Braid Bun

French Braid Bun updos for long hair

If you have wavy textured and thick hair, the voluminous French braid bun is the right choice. Add the veil just on top of that and let it be the showstopper for the bridal look.

How To Do a Simple Updo for Long Hair?

You read about the different types of updos for every occasion, but the most you will be doing is the simple ones.  So let me teach you the simple and easy updos for long hair. Basically, there are two updos that you can do in seconds (or maximum minutes).


Things you will need:

  • Comb
  • Elastic Band
  • Bobby Pins and Hairpins
  • Hairspray (optional)


  • The very first step should be detangling the hair properly!
  • Once done, pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. If you want a top bun, tie the ponytail on the top of the head and lower, then at the low.
  • Now twist the remaining hair length nicely, and start turning it around the hair tie, and secure the end with bobby pins or hairpins, whatever is comfortable.
  • You can lightly pull up the hair on the top to get the messy look. Now the last step is to use the hairspray. It will set the hairstyle in place for hours. (Also, it is optional.)

Voluminous Ponytail

Things you will need:

  • Elastic bands
  • Comb
  • Claw clips


  • Detangle your long locks, then take the upper section and pin it on the top. Now, secure the lower hair with an elastic band and make sure there’s no sagginess beneath it.
  • The next step is to take the half part of the lower ponytail and fix the little claw clip in between there. Flip the hair in its position.
  • The last step is to tease the upper section of hair and tie the ponytail along with the lower one and repeat the claw clip step. Tada! And you are done.

Show off Your Luscious Long locks with Elegant Updos:

Finally, at the end of the article, I hope you did get a lot of inspiration for updos for long hair that you can try out at home. Simple and formal ones are easy and will consume less time to do. Though the wedding updos are quite complicated, with practice, you will ace at it as well.

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