An Ultimate Guide to Tailored Group Pamper Days

pamper days

As we emerge from the pandemic, the beauty industry is reaping the benefits of a non-socially distanced world. Salons are as bustling and busier than ever before.

Although the beauty trends in 2022 focused on natural nourishments and homemade therapies, salon beauty treatments were never forgotten.

Customers are still making their regular haircare appointments. In fact, some customers seem ever-more willing to splash some cash on occasional professional beauty treatments that are challenging to do at homes, such as eyebrow care and waxing.

A Holistic Approach to Better Health and Well-Being

 pamper days

It seems that the self-care boom, spawned during our extended periods of isolation over the last two years, is still going strong. Covid-19 sparked a collective focus on our health and wellbeing as we sought to improve our overall fitness and simplify our at-home beauty regimes.

In response to this, current wellness trends focus on promoting long-lasting natural results, improving health, and helping us look stunning without the need for extreme hair-dos and make-up.

As events start up again and employees head back to the office, people are looking to indulge in the latest beauty trends to ensure they are looking their best for long-awaited social events.

As a salon owner or beauty therapist, an easy and effective way to tap into the potential of current wellness trends is to design special pamper days for groups, such as hen parties.

These full-day sessions are a great way to generate organic recommendations and engaging content for social media. They also have the ability to be highly lucrative and bring in good money for your business.

You could even capitalize on annual events such as Halloween and Christmas to create special offer-themed packages. Explore these recommendations on how to design tailored programmes for a range of typical group customers and watch as they become a huge success!

Hen/Stag Parties

pamper days

With weddings back on again, marriage ceremonies continue to dominate the beauty industry, which is a key part of making dream bridal looks come true.

A return of wedding events also means indicates hen and stag parties getting back on the agenda. There is no better to bond and prepare for the special day than with a group pamper for nourishing body and soul.

When designing your packages, make sure to keep them age-appropriate. Consult with the organizers to understand customer requirements, such as what kind of vibe they are looking for.

Offer personalized treatments and emphasize visual results. Think tan, nails, and hair. On the other hand, they might want relaxation to be a top priority. With the stress of a wedding to organize, full-body aromatherapy or glow facial wouldn’t go amiss!

Prom Queens

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Who will be crowned Prom Queen? It is the question on everybody’s lips when you are a teenager going to your first dance. So make your teenage clients feel like royalty with a package that will help to stir excitement for the big night.

Keep it fun with whacky styles, bright colours, and even brighter nails. Consider investing in some top-quality semi-permanent hair colour so your queens can have fun mixing up their shade without the risk of having to go back to school with pink hair.

If your queen is feeling stressed about the big day, offer a pre-prom trial so she can plan her coronation and make-up to the last hairclip and stroke of blush.


pamper days

Pregnancy can be one of the most stressful and anxious times of a mother’s life, so design a mums-to-be package that focuses solely on relaxation. Take them away from the aches, pains, and exhaustion of mid-stage pregnancy with a series of facials, mani-pedis and massages.

These treatments raise endorphin, serotonin, and dopamine levels, leaving future mums feeling relaxed and happy. Make sure to understand which types of treatment are or are not recommended for pregnant women at each stage of their pregnancy.

 Work Groups

pamper days

What better motivation is there than the promise of a spa day? There are lots of ways to promote your corporate spa days, from individual employee rewards to team-building outings and overall professional wellbeing.

Safeguarding the team against stress, depression or illness and enhancing wellbeing in the workplace is fast becoming a priority in the professional sphere. Companies like Google and Facebook are now owning their own wellness campuses.

Fuel professional productivity with a spa package that makes employees feel valued and appreciated, as well as relaxed and healthy.

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