New York Fashion Week 2022 Complete Schedule Guide

Every year the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) takes everyone on an amazing ride of new trends in February and September. This is an exciting phase not just for fashion designers, but also for the fashion enthusiast. The New York fashion week helps them in deciding their shopping spree for the next season.

Just like every year, New York Fashion Week 2022 was a hit show. Many top celebrities were spotted at the NYFW including Blake Lively, Olivia Culpo, Harnaaz Sandhu, Amanda Seyfried, Drew Barrymore, Uma Thurman, and many more.

The New York Fashion Week started on 11th Feb. 2002 and lasted till 16th Feb. 2022. During this period many fashion designers represented their amazing collection on the runway. The celebrity show stoppers took the entire NYFW by surprise with their look.

Without wasting much time, let’s move ahead and see what’s new for fall fashion trends for the year 2022.

[As not everyone can attend the NYFW, we decided to showcase the fashion week as per its schedule.]

February 11, 2022:

A.Potts and Stan: 

New York Fashion Week 2022

Both the designers paid a tribute to New York’s Men’s Day with their collection. A.Potts collection was unisex, free from biases of size, gender, race, or age, whereas Stan displayed the collection named “The Rugged Gentleman.”

The Academy

New York Fashion Week 2022

The Academy showcased the don’t-try-too-hard kind of cool designs. The tiny emblems, military pins, and text graphics were inspired by the Japanese Buffalo ’66 book. Everything in the collection was loveable, from blazers to footwear.

Proenza Schouler

New York Fashion Week 2022

The brand’s collection consisted of homeware and all sorts of wardrobe needs. Comfort and ease are the two things that were reflected from Proenza Scholer’s collection on the runway. 

FYI: Bella Hadid was seen flaunting one of the pieces on the stage.

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Christian Cowan

New York Fashion Week 2022

Christian Cowan showcased the ready-to-wear evening wear collection. He infused the old Hollywood style and Gen Z’s attitude to form this collection. We can’t stop praising his collection that will add sparkle to life upon wearing. Also, you would definitely want to dance in one of them!

Helmut Lang

New York Fashion Week 2022

Helmut Lang’s fall 2022 collection is all about dresses with sheer and opaque lining with silk slips. Another thing that stood out in the collection was lace insets and buttons. What do we say about tailoring and outerwear? They are inexplicably beautiful.


New York Fashion Week 2022

Libertine showcased the pure silk-screened vintage collection with rose prints, blingy gold buttons on jackets, navy coat with crystals, wild orange, and pink jacquard print. Small business has displayed the most of the fashion industry.

Snow Xue Gao

New York Fashion Week 2022

The Gao has instilled the inspiration of ancient Chinese and a sense of modernity. In the collection, you can see the energy of Lunar New Year – the year of the Tiger.

Tanya Taylor

New York Fashion Week 2022

Tanya Taylor’s collection is a perfect inspiration if you are looking to get something to wear as a wedding guest, or at the office. The collection consisted of feather sweaters, fuzzy opera gloves, wide belts, balloon sleeves, and merino-jacquard socks.

February 12, 2022:

Jason Wu Collection

New York Fashion Week 2022

Jason Wu’s collection was all about the human touch. The collection has a waterproof puffer coat, skirts, top, one-piece, and even trousers.

Maisie Wilen

New York Fashion Week 2022

Maisie’s collection was all about the future of the fashion industry in the AR and VR world. The collection was full of holographic pieces with turtlenecks and patterned catsuits with new and different colors.

Christian Siriano

New York Fashion Week 2022

Christian has created an interesting matrixy of shapes and contrasts for this collection. The combination of denim and black with the white in some pieces is just WOW. The collection also consisted of plus-size’s pieces.

Kim Shui

New York Fashion Week 2022

Kim Shui’s NYFW’s Fall 2022 is all about tweed looks and faux fur. The colors of the pieces in the collection are eye-soothing and the detailing of sequins and sheer components were loved by the audience.

Brandon Maxwell

New York Fashion Week 2022

Brandon Maxwell was planning to resonate this collection with his grandmother’s style. The collection has blanket shawls, antique jewelry, and clutch bags that echoed how his grandmother used to style his sister. 

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Eckhaus Latta

New York Fashion Week 2022

Eckhaus Latta’s (EL) collection was handmade in the brand’s atelier by the artisans. The EL showcased the collection that resembled their earlier collections and was erotic and acerbic in nature. 

Naeem Khan

New York Fashion Week 2022

The Naeem Khan’s collection was all about the sparkling dress styles. His muse was Marilyn Monroe’s mermaid dress which she wore to accept the golden globe. The dress styles consisted of turtle neck dresses, co-ords, gowns, and much more.

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Nicole Miller

New York Fashion Week 2022

Whether you are a good girl or a bad girl, the tartan print collection from Nicole Miller is your choice, if you want to slay on your day out.

February 13, 2022:

Ulla Johnson

New York Fashion Week 2022

Ulla Johnson displayed the collection with his specialty – printed dresses. The collection had polymorphous bronzes, ruffled skirts, wide-leg pants, denim, puffed sleeves, crochet and suede patchwork, space-dye handknits, and floral embroideries.


New York Fashion Week 2022

Khaite’s collection was full of cashmere sweaters, leathers, and denim with a twist in tailoring. In the collection, you can see various outlines like trench coats, jackets, double-breasted blazers, and snap-front work shirts. The embellishment included high-waist belts and zips.

Frederick Anderson

New York Fashion Week 2022

Frederick Anderson went with the re-emergence fashion. He showcased tweed suits and knitted midi-dresses on the runway. The trimmings included ruffles and pom-poms.

Puppets & Puppets

New York Fashion Week 2022

The designers from Puppets & Puppets went with the clothing collection that they and their friends could wear on regular days. The collection had a hint of gothic spirit in dresses, prom-girl tops [bustier], dog jacquard coat, crochet-panel midi skirt, panniers, and corsets.

Sergio Hudson

New York Fashion Week 2022

Hudson’s collection was all about coordinated clothes with leopard prints and pastels colors. The color palette he chose was something that would definitely cheer everyone up: peach, lavender, seafoam, and bubblegum. The things that attracted everyone’s heart were the leopard matching sets, larger hats, and belts.


New York Fashion Week 2022

The Altuzarra’s collection was an inspiration from a narrative of a sailor being seduced and transformed into a mermaid. He said you can see the transformation on the stage with the collection. It indeed was true! Look for yourself:


New York Fashion Week 2022New York Fashion Week 2022

The area represented the couture collection at New York Fashion Week 2022. The models on the runway emitted the assertive, rigid, and threatening beauty with the collection. The pieces were baggy pants with cutouts, sweatsuits with feather embellishments, and blazers with a corset outlook. 


New York Fashion Week 2022

Hay’s take on the collection is a little repulsive. The collection showcased on the runway was ready-to-wear and had dresses, knits, skirts, blouses, vests, pajama sets, and even sweat skirts. 

February 14, 2022:

Carolina Herrera

New York Fashion Week 2022

Herrera displayed the collection with the shapes from the ‘60s. Whether it is a ball gown, long skirt, short dresses, blouses, jackets, or coats. The design emphasized the designer sleeves, plunge-front, and jet-bead-embroidered jumpsuit.

Private Policy

New York Fashion Week 2022

The designers of Private Policy: Siying Qu and Haoran Li were inspired by fungi and mushrooms for this collection. It has futuristic designs and pieces that will go in different seasons.


New York Fashion Week 2022

The collection from Markarian is hyper-feminine and whimsical with sparkly paisleys to bustled dresses. You will see models walking the runway in veils, peacock feathers in hair, and much more.


New York Fashion Week 2022

The ready-to-wear collection from Coach was ordinary and unusual with babydoll dresses, flannel shirts, oversized jackets, and much more.


New York Fashion Week 2022

Bevza’s collection was a “love letter to earth” and went well with the fish scale-designed pieces. The knitwear represented was recycled from the plastic bottles.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

New York Fashion Week 2022

Zadeh showcased a collection with a slender ringer tee, charismatic long pencil skirt, boxy skirt set, and leathers.

Tory Burch

New York Fashion Week 2022

Murch went with the experimenting collection and women in New York love to experiment with the styling. One of the models wore an embellished T-shirt over a turtleneck.

LaQuan Smith

New York Fashion Week 2022

The collection of smith on the New York Fashion week’s runway was sexy, fresh, young, and something that a new New York bitch would wear.

Dion Lee

New York Fashion Week 2022

Dion Lee presented the Fall 2022 collection at NYFW with knit dresses with more holes so that they can transform easily into halters or tank tops. Apart from that it also had mini and micro skirts.

Et Ochs

New York Fashion Week 2022

The idea of the Et Ochs designs was “Something hard with something soft.” The collection certainly showed that.


New York Fashion Week 2022

Adeam presented the collection made from the inspiration of “Into the Woods.” The designs have khaki pants and polo shirts.

February 15, 2022:


New York Fashion Week 2022

The ready-to-wear collection is ideal for college-going girls and is made from deadstock materials. The silhouettes were denim, tops, skirts, blazers, etc.

Gabriela Hearst

New York Fashion Week 2022

Hearst’s collection showcased the thinking of today’s kids ‘gender is an imposition’. The focal point of the collection was printed on the cashmere-silk poncho, which was taken from the painting of artist Ana Martinez Orizondo.

Bibhu Mohapatra

New York Fashion Week 2022

The fall collection of Mohapatra in the NYFW’22 was inspired by two fearsome characters that showcased the verge of excessive aggressiveness: Salome and Elektra.


New York Fashion Week 2022

The collection displayed on the runway from Interior is a little fucked up and has the inspiration of the 14th century as well as the ‘70s.

Peter Do

New York Fashion Week 2022

Peter Do went a little selfish this season and created a design that reflects his styling.

Michael Kors Collection

New York Fashion Week 2022

Who doesn’t love Michael Kors (MK)? The collection’s clutch coats were inspired by Marilyn Monroe. She is the one who can make a towel look like millions of worth.

3.1 Phillip Lim

New York Fashion Week 2022

The collection from 3.1 Phillip Lim was perfect for the office or even the Work From Home Scenario. He went modular with the design and showcased three different pant styles.


New York Fashion Week 2022

Tibi’s fall collection is all about coziness. The designer says you can sleep for 7 hours in these clothes.

Jonathan Simkhai

New York Fashion Week 2022

The Simkhai showed a collection with new cutouts, handwork, and hardware. The designer doesn’t believe in story-telling designing.

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February 16, 2022:

Collina Strada

New York Fashion Week 2022

Strada’s collection is always thoughtful, and her designs flatter all the body types and have seamless execution as her strength.

Prabal Gurung

New York Fashion Week 2022

The collection is inspired by two cities: New York and Kathmandu. In addition to the midriff-baring choli blouse, Gurung added crisscrossing straps to tweed and animal print dresses.

No Sesso

New York Fashion Week 2022

The collection from No Sesso was in collaboration with Levi’s denim pieces. It showcased a short boldly sexy zip-front dress, denim pieces tied with laces, zippers, and corsets.

Wrapping up the NYFW 22

These were the designs that famous and utmost creative fashion designers showcased on the runway during New York Fashion Week 2022. We have got major fashion trend goals till September 2022. Whether it is a street style, haute couture, casual wear, or formal wear, it seems like 2022 is going to be cozy. 

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