London Fashion Week 2023: Dates, Designers, Tickets, & More!

London Fashion Week 2023

Here’s everything you need to know about the year’s biggest fashion event – London Fashion Week 2023. From the event calendar and venue to the designers and celebrities, know all the important details!

After the pandemic and the death of Queen Elizabeth, London Fashion Week 2023 has finally returned to full swing with high-end brands and top designers that promise to be bigger and better than ever before! 

London Fashion Week, or LFW, is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry. It is also the ultimate celebration of British fashion. This event makes the UK – one of the best global style leaders. From most preeminent fashion designers to luxury brands from all around the world, everyone gathers to showcase their new designs and latest trends.

After a couple of years of canceled events, London Fashion Week is back with new exciting events this year. This year’s five-day fashion week is jam-packed with interesting and surprising things, from catwalk shows and runway events to presentations and appointments!

So, if you didn’t attend the LFW 2023 in February and didn’t want to miss the next one, keep reading this blog!

Today in this post, we will tell you every detail of the upcoming London fashion show 2023. From when is the London Fashion Week 2023 to where and how to attend LFW, we’ve covered all the information.

So, get ready to explore!

What Is London Fashion Week?

What Is London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is the most prestigious and coveted fashion event organized and hosted by the British Fashion Council twice a year in the UK capital.

Since 1983, London Fashion Week has been held once in February for the autumn/winter collections and once in September to showcase spring/summer collections by the world’s most talented designers.

London Fashion Week, or LFW, always features menswear, womenswear, and gender-neutral clothing designs as a hybrid digital and physical event. From London fashion week street style to the fashion market’s designs and upcoming trends, every season has something creative and fascinating.

London Fashion Week comes second in the entire series of four, along with New York, Paris, and Milan.

When Is London Fashion Week 2023?

When Is London Fashion Week

Here is the London Fashion Week calendar for 2023:

  • 17th – 21st February 2023
  • 10th-12th June 2023
  • 15th-19th September 2023

The complete schedule for the LFW June and September 2023 show will be soon announced on the London Fashion Week website: LFW Schedule.

Where Is London Fashion Week 2023 Held?

Where Is London Fashion Week Held

In 2023, the London Fashion Week is taking place at Somerset House, 180 The Strand, London. The location is in central London in the district of Holborn, with the closest underground station, Temple.

Several other fashion events and festivals, including the British Fashion Council’s series of “city-wide” celebrations, will also occur throughout the week at various venues. However, the main event of the biggest designers showcasing their collections for LFW 2023 is at 180 The Strand. Other venues include Somerset House, the Royal Academy of Arts, and the Saatchi Gallery.

Who Organizes London Fashion Week?

Who Organizes London Fashion Week

Since 1983, the British Fashion Council (or BFC) has been hosting the London Fashion Week shows and five-day events twice yearly. It is a not-for-profit organization responsible for supporting the next generation of designers.

BFC supports the British fashion industry with the aim of strengthening British fashion in the global fashion economy while enabling sustainable growth in London style.

What Is the Schedule of LFW 2023?

What Is the Schedule of LFW

The London Fashion Show is a five-day event with something for everyone in the fashion world. London will be transformed into a hub of creativity and style in the upcoming months. The first day of the event will kick off with an opening ceremony, followed by a series of catwalk shows showcasing some of the most dramatic collections by famous designers in the industry.

The second day will see presentations from emerging designers, giving them a chance to showcase their work to a wider audience. The third and fourth days will feature more catwalk shows, culminating in a closing ceremony on the final day.

How to Attend London Fashion Week 2023?

How to Attend London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is a private and exclusive event – so, unfortunately, the in-person catwalk events of the LFW are not open to the public.

The tickets for London Fashion Week 2023 are invite-only and limited. This is why they are only sold to industry professionals, fashion students, and press members. If you have any contact with the press or designer and can explain why you want to attend, you might receive an invitation or ticket for the event.

You can attend the LFW 2023 as:

  • An influencer
  • A photographer
  • A journalist
  • A fashion blogger
  • An industry leader
  • A fashion retail buyer

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to the London Fashion Week 2023, expect to see some of the most fashionable attendees, including Abbey Roberts, Maise Williams, Ella Eyre, Nick Grimshaw, and Bukky Bakray. You will be able to experience the most exciting fashion shows in the world.

Where to Watch LFW Shows Online?

Where to Watch LFW Shows Online

How Do I Watch LFW Online?

People who are not able to attend the LFW 2023 in person can comfortably watch all the events and shows online, including Irish designers Sinead O’Dwyer and Banshee of Savile Row.

Yes, the London Fashion Week will be broadcast on the event’s official website.

London Fashion Week 2023: Designers & Brands

Who Is Attending the London Fashion Show? 

Attendees of London Fashion Week 2023 will include some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, as well as up-and-coming designers, fashion students, and members of the press. Apart from these, several fashion editors, celebrities, and influencers will also attend. These celebrities and influencers will showcase the latest fashion trends and set the tone for the upcoming season.

What Designers Should We Look Out For?

This year’s event is packed with well-known brands and talented designers, including returning favorites and exciting new faces. Last year’s event was filled with talented designers like Simone Rocha and JW Anderson. Similarly, this year’s London Fashion Week 2023 will have some of the biggest names in the fashion industry who will come together to celebrate creativity and innovation.

Famous names like Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Victoria Beckham, alongside up-and-coming designers like Richard Quinn, Dilara Findikoglu, and Sinead O’Dwyer, are all expected to showcase their latest collections.

Here are some of the all-time-favorite and some emerging designers to look out for:

1. AADNEVIK – Hila Aadnevik and Kristian Aadnevik

AADNEVIK – Hila Aadnevik and Kristian Aadnevik

2. Burberry-Daniel Lee

Burberry-Daniel Lee

3. Dilara Findikoglu-Dilara Findikoglu

Dilara Findikoglu-Dilara Findikoglu



5. Richard Quinn-Richard Quinn

Richard Quinn-Richard Quinn

6. Sinead O’dwyer-Sinéad O’dwyer

Sinead O'dwyer-Sinéad O'dwyer

7. Victoria Beckham-Victoria Caroline Beckham

Victoria Beckham-Victoria Caroline Beckham
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week

LFW 2023: An Iconic Fashion Event of the Year!

London Fashion Week 2023 promises to be a spectacular event celebrating the best and newest trends in the fashion industry. Not only this but LFW brings together fashion, culture, and technology for us.

With a packed schedule of remarkable events, a talented lineup of designers, and a range of venues across the city, this year’s event will surely be one of the highlights of the fashion calendar of 2023. Whether you’re a fashion professional, a coveted fashion designer, or a fashion lover, London Fashion Week 2023 is an event not to be missed.

So, hurry up, mark your calendar, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the fashion industry!

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