Nano Ring Vs. Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Vs Micro Ring Hair Extensions

For those women who would love to add extra thickness and or longness to their hair, hair extensions are the perfect answer to them. There are a number of hair extension equipment and methods that come with various application processes and you can choose them according to your style and comfort demands. You can get a variety of types of hair extensions, some of which include weaves, tape-ins, nano rings, micro rings, and fusion bonds. But among all of these, the most popular hair extensions used by most women are the nano ring vs. micro ring hair extensions that are both usually made from copper or in some cases, silicone inner to protect your hair.

The main difference between micro rings and nano rings is primarily the size that they come in.

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Micro Ring Hair Extension

Micro Hair Rings

Micro rings hair extensions came into existence many years ago and back then took over the market by storm.

The launch of these Cliphair extensions really amazed women back then as they did not need any heated glue bonds to attach to your hair unlike how many extensions there were at that time.

The cold fusion of these micro rings is supposed to be applied to a small section of your natural hair and then they are attached with an I-tip hair extensions that is inserted into the micro ring in order to make them easily blend in with your natural hair.

After that, the micro rings are clamped shut which helps to secure the I-tip extension with your natural hair.

These micro rings apply to your hair in the form of horizontal rows and can be used as you want until you get your desired look.

Due to the single-strand method of these hair extensions, they look amazingly natural hair and easily merge in without even being noticeable.

Pros of Micro Ring Hair Extension:

Here are some of the main advantages and pros of micro rings:

  • The primary benefit of getting micro hair extensions is that you would not have to use any kind of adhesive.
  • Micro extensions are better for your natural hair.
  • Another thing is that these extensions can last from about four to six months if cared for properly.
  • Micro ring hair extensions look very natural and are extremely secure.

Cons of Micro Ring Hair Extension:

  • If you want fuller or longer hair for a brief period of time, micro rings can be a time and effort consuming task.
  • If you have very short hair, it can turn out to be very hard to make the extensions not visible.

Nano Ring Hair Extension

Nano Ring Hair Extension

The nano ring hair extensions are quite similar to micro rings but they come with smaller rings as suggested by the name.

The nano rings hair extensions come with a strong keratin tip which helps you to secure the metal loop which is squeezed tightly to form a firm tip that is inserted into the nano rings before it gets clamped with the pliers.

They also come in plastic tips which is like an alternative to the keratin tip hair extensions.

If your hair volume is less and you have thinner hair, then the nano rings hair extensions are the ideal match for you.

Pros of Nano Ring Hair Extension:

  • Nano rings are smaller than micro ring hair extensions and are this uper discreet.
  • When you perfectly fit these well, they can stay secure for a longer time without much hassle.
  • Nano rings are perfect for women who have thin hair to gain more volume and length.

Cons of Nano Ring Hair Extension:

  • Nano rings are extremely small and thus they have to be maintained quite regularly.
  • Due to their small size, they are ideal for thin hair but if your hair is too silky, or too oily, they might slip down from your hair and get loose very soon. This can make you unsatisfied with the final results after a long process and effort.


Although the process or method of using micro and nano rings are both similar, in retrospect, nano rings are way better.

The reason behind this is there is a chance that the traditional micro rings might be visible through thin hair because its rings are bigger than nanorings.

Due to the major difference in size, nano rings are generally preferable, especially for those women who do not have much natural hair volume.

In addition to that, they also cause less hair damage and prevent hair tangling as compared to micro rings.

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