What do I Do to Fix Tangled Hair Extensions?

Tangled Hair Extensions

Tangled hair extensions are some of the common problems women have to deal with at one point. It is a serious issue and can ruin your human hair if not appropriately handled. During the cold season, tangled weaves are common, though even during summer a lot of sweating can tangle your Human Hair Weave very easily. But, there are simple steps that you can follow to detangle your hair and step out looking all beautiful.

3 Steps to Help You Fix Your Tangled Hair Extensions

1. Wet Your Extensions

Wet Your Tangled Hair Extensions

The first step should be wetting the extensions, trying to detangle them while dry will cause a lot of shedding and breakage. Make sure you use an alcohol-free shampoo for your Human Hair Weave or extensions.

Add a deep conditioner to close the hair cuticle, which opens after shampooing. It softens and smoothes the hair, and you can now start detangling it.

2. Get a wide-toothed Comb

wide toothed Comb

Now that the hair is soft, it’s ready for detangling. Get a wide-toothed comb to reduce shedding and breakage. Separate it into small sections and comb it gently until you are done with all the parts.

A brush and your fingers will come in handy. They help you prevent harsh tugging, which causes a lot of hair breakage.

3. Taking Care of Your Hair

After you have successfully detangled your Human Hair Extensions, learn a few ways to take care of it and avoid tangling. Here are tips of how you should take care of your hair.

Taking Care of Hair
  • Protect your hair while sleeping by using a satin pillow and make sure the hair is dry before you go to bed. You can also tie a satin scarf to prevent frizz and tangles as you sleep.
  • Brush your hair daily with a brush that has natural bristles. Skipping this simple hair care step is one of the common causes of tangled extensions. Do this about three times a day along with your natural hair if the extension is glued or sewn-in to keep the hair tangle-free.
  • Braid the extensions, especially if they are long. This prevents tangling, but the braiding has to be done gently, especially if they are clip-in human braids. If they are sewn or glued, braid them along with your hair.
  • Make sure all your styling products are alcohol-free. Human Hair Extensions are affected by dehydrating products, just like natural hair. Alcohol is a dehydrating product and affects hair cuticles leading to tangles and snags.
  • Use a moisturizing oil to keep your extensions smooth and silky. Use light oil at least once per week; such oils include olive, jojoba, castor, coconut, and argan oils.
Tangled Hair Extensions

Hair extensions give you an easy way to change your entire look. A stunning hairstyle enhances your facial features and brings out the beauty in you. You can choose to have the extensions sewn or glued-in. Besides, there are clip-in human hair braids for special events.

You can remove the clip-in extensions anytime you want to. Just make sure you use the recommended tools and products when handling your hair. Come up with a simple daily routine of combing the hair, and you will never have to worry about tangles.

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