What to Look For When Buying a Hair Dryer?

Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are god-send tools to help you style and dry your hair instantly. It cuts the time by allowing you to wick all those moisture and slay the runway looking gorgeously polished.

Choosing the right one with all those tons of products in the market may overwhelm you. With different hair dryers suitable for every hair type and needs, one should make you feel like it’s designed especially for your hair.

Here’s a quick guide on finding the right blow dryer and what features to look for to prevent hai damage and breakage.

What Features To Look For

Course, curly, dull, thin, long, or short. All of these hair types have a particular hair dryer to match your needs perfectly. Knowing what features and factors to check will help you choose the best hair dryer. A hair dryer must cut the drying time without damaging your hair, causing frizz, or sucking all the moisture.

Hair Dryer

For healthy, shiny, volume-rich, and easy-to-style hair, you must find the right blow dryer constructed for your hair type. You can also read this before buying a new heated styling tool to help you decide which one is suitable, high-quality, and ideal for your hair type. Nonetheless, keep these features when buying one.


Wattage should not be the basis of a good hair dryer. You need to determine the type of hair you have over the power (wattage) that your styling tool offers.

Though high wattage is relatively robust and hotter, ideal for coarse or thick hair, check wattage based on your hair’s length, thickness, and type.


Adjustable ionic pressure provides the right amount of negative ions ideal for every hair type. It is exceptionally ideal if two or more people are using the hair dryer at home to cater to individual needs.

The ionic feature helps reduce or prevent frizz and manage drying time. Based on your hair type, you’ll quickly determine whether you’ll go for ionic, non-ionic, or tourmaline types of hair dryers.


The frequency of use allows you to find the right size for you. Some hair dryers come in a big long barrel while others are handy and ideal for travel use. A more prominent tool has better power and performance compared to a small one.

Heat And Fan Settings

Most hair dryers come with two switches for fan or heat settings. It allows you to have full control of the heat and speed of the hair dryer suitable for every hair type. On the contrary, travel or compact-sized hair dryers have these settings together.

Switch Location

Switch location varies per model or brand manufacture and personal preference. Some switches are located at the side while others at the back of the device. Innovative hair dryers have touch screen control panels for switches.


Attachments should be considered when buying a hair dryer as it serves its purpose for different hair types. For example, some hair dryers come with one or two different sizes of concentrator (ideal for thick hair) while others come with a diffuser, which is ideal for curly hair.

Cool Shot

Fresh shoots are vital features mainly if you frequently use a hairdryer for daily styling. It’s a button that when you press releases a cold air down. Check how this feature works with the device. Some units need to be pressed once while others need consistent pressing to work.

Cord Length

The length of the cord must not be a hassle when working with your hair dryer. It must be considered how far your socket will be to your vanity. Take note that you must use the hair dryer above your head too.

Cord Length of Hair Dryer

Portability & Weight

Find a hair dryer that’s not too heavy or too bulky, especially if you travel most of the time. Bulky devices can weigh you while styling. Find one that’s lightweight and compact for travel convenience.


Hair dryers with excellent warranty coverage have better deals than those that don’t have any at all. Just in case there’s a malfunction or issue, you can return the product or ask for a refund.

Brand And Reputation

It’s ideal to find reliable, tried, and tested brands and manufacturers for complete peace of mind and quality purchase. Previous customers will say it all and help you decide whether it provides better quality than other companies.

Benefits Of Hair Dryer

Benefits Of Hair Dryer

One of the most common benefits of using a hair dryer is faster drying and styling time. It helps you lighten the weight of your wet hair and reduces frizz. Hair dryers have tons of benefits, not just for men and women. Most grooming services use a hair dryer to instantly dry pets’ hair too.


Both women and men need to find the most appropriate hair dryer suitable for every hair type. While others go for trending products, it’s wiser to know which hair dryer is ideal for your hair type. It’s not just a good deal, but you can also reduce damage, breakage, and frizz.

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