15 Latest Hot Looking Hair Style Boys (2024 haircuts)

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If you think that only women spend a lot in parlor for getting perfect hair cut. And only they have the maximum number of haircuts or styles to try out then you might be mistaking. As men are no more lagging behind and they have a ton of hairstyles to try out as well. If you are still cannot decide how to style your hairs. Then here are few hair style boys for all kind of hairs. That you need to check out for sure and rather you can choose one a try on yourself as well:

1) Long Front Short Back:

Long Front Short Back

If you are already bless with slightly long hairs then you are already luck as this hairstyle would perfectly suit you. Here you would have one side of your front section of hair long that would be part in one direction and the rest of your hair would be short and moreover, the other side of the hair would be trim shortest. This look is really cool as well as classy and you need to straighten up your hairs for this look.

2) Backhand Comb:

Backhand Comb

This is the easiest hair cut or style to maintain. Here you would have long hairs in your spike region. The back or the neck region hairs would be trim short. Styling this hair is easy and you would just need to apply some hair wax or gel. Then with the help of your hands just backcomb your hair that’s it. Don’t forget to keep the spikes a little pump up. Also, keep the middle section of your hairs slightly in the front direction.

3) Messy Hairs:

Messy Hairs

Not just women look cute in messy hairstyles. Men too look totally adorable in messy hairstyles. By the name of the hairstyle you already know that everything is going to be very messy. So you don’t really have to be careful and all you need to have is a mushroom cut hairs. Which means that the upper portion of your hairs would be long and the hair near to the neck would be trim completely. Then you just have to move your hands around your hairs and you are good to go.

4) Perfect Curls:

Perfect Curls

Boys can too carry out beautiful curls and still manage to look hot as well as smart and you just have to get and long to short hair cut where the back portion would be comparatively shorter than the front section of the hair and then you are complete and to style it you would just get a your hand through your hair and get your long hairs in a side and the rest of your hair in an upward direction.

5) Side Spike:

Side Spike

Well is one of the smartest hairstyles than a man can carry out and this hairstyle would particularly look good on rectangular face shape and in this hairstyle you would have to get hair cut in a way that the upper section of the head would have longer hairs and the neck region would have trim hairs and you can style it by combing your hairs in two sections one with the long hairs and other with some remaining hairs and set it with a setting spray.

6) Pumped Hairs:

Pumped Hairs

This is the hairstyle that would suit most of the face cutting and you would have to get the upper section of the head with long hairs and the rest of the hairs needs to cut short and then you would have to pump up all the long hairs all together in a spike and to hold it you can apply hair wax or hair setting spray and you can also get some front section of your hairs highlight.

7) Curved Spikes:

Curved Spikes

This is kind of similar to the pump hairstyle but this much more detail than that and here you would need to get your parting of both the side accurate and also you have to get your long spikes slightly bend in an inward direction and keep the nearest to neck as well as ear region clean.

8) Clean Spikes:

Clean Spikes

This is a true gentleman kind of a hairstyle that you can carry our almost everywhere and this would make any man look smart and this hairstyle is easy to achieve as well so you don’t have to do a lot and you just have to get long hairs at the crown section and rest of the head needs to clean with trim hairs and you just have backcomb the long hairs to form spikes that are it.

9) Fallen Aside Spike:

Fallen Aside Spike

Even for this hairstyle you would need to have long hair at the front and crown section of the head and the rest of the head needs to be clean and trim and here you would have to backcomb your hairs to form a good spike and here you need to get your spike slightly bend in any one direction and use a good hair wax to hold your hairs.

10) Short Spike:

Short Spike hairstyle

Here your hairs needs to be short and trim from the sides as well as from the back portion of the head and you literally have to run your hands through your hairs with a good hair wax or gel try to lift your hair in an upward direction and you are good to go and color hairs looks best in this hairstyle.

11) Clean Edges:

Clean Edges

This hairstyle is again very good for short hair types and here you would have to get clean edges of your head and the back, as well as sides of your head, needs to be cleanly trim and to style your hairs add a dash of hair gel and run your hands through your hairs and keep your hairs in a side direction.

12) Crown Spikes:

Crown Spikes

This is one of hottest as well as famous hairstyles to try out and you don’t have to do a lot and the hair cut it is enough to style your hairs. Here you would just have hairs at the crown section of your head and the rest of your head would be clean shave and to style it you just have to run your hands through your hairs and keep the hairs in an upward direction and that’s it.

13) Clean Spike:

Clean Spike

Here the hair cut would be long spike hairs and trim from the back as well as sides. Also, the partition of your hairs need to be clear so the parts cut a bit wide with the razor. The best way to style this hair cut is by upholding the long hairs in a slight sideways direction with a lot of wax or hair gel and you are complete.

14) V-Shaped Clean Spikes:

V-Shaped Clean Spikes

Here the front edge of your hairs needs to be shave in such a ways that it forms a V shape and the partition needs to be widely shave again and the sides and well as back portion of the head needs to be trim and run your fingers through your hairs to hold on the spike and you are good to go.

15) Crazy Highlighted Spikes:

Crazy Highlighted Spikes

Here you don’t have to get your sides as well as the back portion of your head entirely shave rather you would just have to get your crown section hairs slightly bigger and you just have to get then highlight or color and spike them with your hands that’s it your look is complete.

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These are few of the best hairstyles boys that you can check out and rather you can try them on or you can find many other styles at fashionterest.

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