9 Face Shop Products in Cute Packaging Perfect for Gifts

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Beauty and skincare products are excellent and versatile gifts you can give to anyone. If you’re looking for great and useful presents for upcoming birthdays and seasons like Christmas, you can take advantage of popular The Face Shop products’ beautiful packagings.

Here’s a list of Korean beauty products that come in cute packaging and perfect for gift-giving:

1. Pastel Cushion Blusher

Pastel Cushion Blusher

This lovely powder blush delivers long-lasting, rosy blush colors that blend seamlessly into your skin. It also provides excellent oil control properties for a long-wearing finish. You can choose from eight blush colors. Each comes in eye-catching, retro-style packaging, and its puff applicator is designed with a gorgeous, bow ribbon holder.

2. My Plant Hand Cream

My Plant Hand Cream

This hand cream is perfect for plant lovers since it comes in cactus-shaped packaging with inspiring messages! The My Plant Hand Cream looks like a cacti plant you can place in your drawer, bathroom, or table decoration.

These hand creams are enriched with Agave Atrovirens extract to provide long-lasting moisture and come in refreshing scents:

  • Good Luck is scented to uplift your mood
  • Good Job for calming the mind and body
  • Good Day to expel stress

You can give this to your aunt or sister. The cute cactus will brighten up anyone’s day.

3. Gelato Tint

Gelato Tint

This lip tint is almost irresistible since it comes in ice-cream shaped packaging and smells like chocolate and fruits! This creamy lip tint is highly-pigmented with a smooth and creamy velvety finish. The natural oils keep your lips soft and moisturized.

You can choose from fruity scents:

  • Grape
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon
  • Chocolate

This tint is perfect for ice cream and dessert lovers.

4. Ryan Velvet Lip Tint Kakao Friends Limited Edition

Ryan Velvet Lip Tint Kakao Friends Limited Edition

In partnership with the popular South Korean social messaging app Kakao Talk, these best-selling lip tints are now packaged in cute Ryan bottles! These lip tints come in vivid matte shades, and they give your lips soft, velvety texture, smooth gliding application, and lasting color.

You can gift these to your social media friends!

5. Mini Lipstick Kit (Little Friends Holiday Edition)

Mini Lipstick Kit

This lipstick is another beauty collaboration with the highly popular South Korean messaging app Kakao Talk. This lipstick kit is perfect for the holiday season and features Little Muzi, Little Neo, and Little Frodo in their packaging.

6. Cotton Lip Tint Coca Cola Special Edition

Cotton Lip Tint Coca Cola Special Edition

Soft drink addicts may have one more thing to add to their favorites – this special edition Coca Cola lip tints! These lip tints come in soft drink inspired packaging. These lip tints provide a non-sticky cotton finish, with high-pigmentation, vivid colors. Its applicator makes it easy to create a gradation lip look, and colors range from fresh red, orange, and transparent pearly gloss.

7. Ink Lasting Cushion Coca Cola Edition

Ink Lasting Cushion Coca Cola Edition

In collaboration with Coca Cola, this foundation powder provides excellent coverage that comes in a trendy Coca Cola inspired packaging. This lightweight and buildable foundation allow you to add foundation layers to achieve your desired look and cover skin imperfections. Its Light Fitting Cover Pigment technology helps create a smooth skin appearance and comes with added SPF30 PA+++ to protect your skin from UV ray damage. It also provides a long-lasting finish.

8. Prism Cube Eyeshadow by Italy

Prism Cube Eyeshadow by Italy

These posh-looking eyeshadow palettes are a gorgeous addition to your makeup products lineup. This pressed powder eyeshadow is made with Prisma technology, which provides ultra high definition pigmentation, vibrant colors that smoothly glides on your lids and reflect lustrous sheen. Plus, it comes pressed in a bowtie or rose motif, making it a glamorous gift for makeup lovers.

9. Holiday Mono Cube Shadow (Sparkle)

Holiday Mono Cube Shadow

This cute, retro print styled eyeshadow palette makes for a pretty gift for high school and college ladies. This holiday edition monochrome eyeshadow boasts a soft and silky texture with pearl powder for a shimmering effect. The golden accents on the eyeshadow case enhance an upbeat holiday mood and make it also a perfect gift idea for the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is just around the corner. Make your beauty shopping more fun and enjoyable by choosing these cute products perfect for the gift-giving season. The Face Shop is a brand that creates natural products suitable for all skin types, and the designers made sure the packagings were cute and beautiful enough for people of all ages.

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