How to Pick a Fragrance for You

How to Pick a Fragrance for You

There is something rather special about treating yourself to a beautiful new perfume, especially if it is for a special occasion ringed in red in your diary!  Smelling good gives a real boost to confidence. Just as the Pulse of Perfumery rightly states that Perfume is considered by many to be the most important accessory and the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Wearing a gorgeous fragrance can lift our spirits and make us sensual and alluring to men.

Choosing a new fragrance can take some time – if you are going to be successful. The choice of fragrances on the market is almost overwhelming. It is well worth reading about which are currently the most popular perfumes as there may be a couple that sounds as though they could suit you. If one of your friends (or someone who passes you in the street) is wearing a fragrance that really appeals to you, why not ask them what it is? After all, they are going to be absolutely delighted that you like their perfume!

The morning that you plan to go shopping, make sure that you shower using the unperfumed shower gel and that you do not apply any perfumed body lotions etc. Spend as much time smelling the different perfumes. Do this by spraying each in the air. If one smells particularly appealing, spray a little on the inside of your wrist, but do not rub into your skin as this damages the perfume. The initial smell is created from the ‘top notes’ of the fragrance. These are fragile and short-lived, lasting no more than 10-15 minutes.

Pick a Fragrance for You

It is best to try only two different perfumes – one on each wrist. Wrists are the ideal spot for perfume testing as their warmth helps the fragrance to develop, mixed with your own unique natural smell, which is why perfume rarely smells the same on two people. Once you have applied both fragrances, smell them carefully, and then take yourself for a walk or head home.

After a short time, when you smell your wrists again, you will find that the perfumes are altering and developing; this is as the ‘heart notes’ emerge. These create the true smell of the fragrance and can be enjoyed for several hours. The heavier and more sultry ‘base notes’ will replace the heart notes and with some fragrances will last quite a number of hours.

How have you enjoyed wearing the new perfumes? It is important that the perfume you wear suits your personality. Lighter, fresh-smelling perfumes are perfect for the summer and for those who enjoy playing sports, whilst heavier sensual perfumes are ideal for the winter months and the evening. Crisp elegant perfumes are ideal to wear for a busy day at the office, whilst lighter floral fragrances are great for leisurely days.. Many women enjoy having just one ‘signature’ fragrance that makes them feel good and really confident. Others prefer to have a few different perfumes so that they can choose one to suit the mood and the occasion. Whichever, is best for you, have you found a new perfume that is fun to wear?

Tips to choose best fragrance

If you have not been lucky and have not found your ideal perfume, it is best to visit the perfume counter again to repeat the process! If you are delighted to say that you have found THE new perfume for you, there are some more decisions to make!  These include which size bottle to buy and also whether you should splash out on matching body lotion.

Larger bottles of perfume are usually the best buy, but it is unlikely that you will be able to fit one in your handbag! There are a couple of great tricks to overcome this dilemma! You can spray your new fragrance onto some tissues and pop them in a plastic bag for your handbag. These will be quick and easy to use when you want to freshen up during the day or evening. The second trick is to make your own body moisturizer. Buy a bottle of unperfumed moisturizer and add a couple of drops of your perfume to the bottle and shake well. Apply a tiny dab of the moisturizer to each of your pulse points before you apply your perfume and you will find this helps to lock in the fragrance so that it lasts longer.

Best Fragrance for You

Having treated yourself to a wonderful new perfume that makes you feel a million dollars, be sure to look after it well. Keep the bottle stored in its original cardboard box and place it somewhere cool and dry like your wardrobe to keep it in perfect condition.

En joy all the lovely compliments that you are sure to get for smelling so good

and remember that Coco Chanel suggested that you should always apply perfume wherever you wanted to be kissed!

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