Dress Sense: Dos and Don’ts of Every Body Type

Dos and Don'ts of Every Body Type

People come in all shapes and sizes, and so does their style statement. Not every body type is sculpted to adjust to similar styles and fashion patterns. You may have experienced that there is always that one dress that catches your eyes, but when you go down to try it, it doesn’t quite fit your body or, worse, accentuates the wrong parts of your body. Do you realize why this happens? Well, the answer is quite simple, it is not your fault, it’s just that dress doesn’t go well with your body type. Here are some dos and don’ts of every body type so that you can get best look for your body.

Dress sense and body type are strongly relative, and it’s high time for all of us to heed this entire procedure of body shapes and dress selection to avert the crisis of choosing the wrong dress for our perfectly right bodies. iKrush, a women’s online clothing boutique, provides a wide range of selections for every body type.

So here are some dos and don’ts for every body type. This article mentions every kind of dress that a body type should wear and every kind it should avoid.

1. The Hourglass Body

The Hourglass Body

If you have an hourglass body, you will have a proportionate bust, shoulders, and hips with a well-highlighted waistline.


  • You should go for dresses that cinch at your waist to highlight your waistline.
  • As per necklines, you can choose sweetheart and plunge V necklines as they accentuate your collarbones.
  • You can go for bodycon dresses as they will perfectly accentuate your figure.
  • Plus, you can opt for A-line dresses as they can work well with the lower parts of your body.
  • Lastly, if you wish to flaunt your waist, you can use belts that coordinate with your outfits.


  • This figure rocks every look; however, loose tops and bottoms do not specifically work the magic here and hence should not be preferred.

2. The Apple Body

 apple body shape

You are classified as the apple body shape when your upper body is heavier than the lower part of your body. The key features of the apple figure are broad shoulders, a heavy midriff, and a bigger bust line.


  • As most of the bodyweight gathers around the midriff, it seems wise to go with V or deep V necklines.
  • You can also flaunt your legs by wearing midi or short dresses.
  • It would be best for you to wear tops that create visuals of an elongated torso like A-line or empire cuts.
  • Prefer 3/4th sleeves or layers.
  • As for colors, choose dark or monochrome colors with a skater or loose tops.
  • Go for flared bottoms.
  • The key feature is a bigger bust line, so ensure you wear the right size undergarments to prevent any kind of malfunctions.

3. Pear-Shaped Body

Pear-Shaped Body

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, everyone seems to be acquainted with the pear body type. You classify as the pear body type when your lower body is comparatively bigger than your upper body. The key features of a pear body are big hips and thighs.


  • You have bigger bottoms; thus, you can wear wide-legged pants to complement your upper body.
  • You can go with ruffled tops, A-line dresses, and patterned skirts.
  • Moreover, you can add definition to your body by opting for skinny jeans and crop tops.
  • Necklines like V, plunged-V, and boat will perfectly balance out your bottom.


  • You should avoid tops with skinny fits and loose-fitting pants (unless you like them).

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