6 Christmas Party Outfit Ideas by Sophia to Eliza and Her Fiance

Christmas party outfit ideas

On thanksgiving, Sophia helped Eliza with the outfit ideas. Eliza was damn convinced with her styling ideas and also shared those ideas with her friends and cousins too (obviously after picking out the best one for her!). Eliza already knows that festive months are going on and she will need more help with the outfit ideas. Festive months tend to bring party invitations (that too in bulk, from family, from friends, and office too!). To add more joy to her life, she got engaged in this thanksgiving with her lifelong love. So this Christmas she is going to attend parties with her fiance. (Did you realize, the number of parties will also get doubled up!).

But this time she wasn’t worried about the outfits, guess why? If you are thinking, because she already had the outfit ideas she received for the thanksgiving and will utilize them here, then my friend you are wrong. She also knows this will limit her fashion senses to an extent. She received an mail from Sophia regarding Christmas party outfit ideas for 2019. (Best Friends know each other better!) Oh! Yes, and this time she also mentioned the Christmas outfit ideas for men too.

We will quote here the entire email,

Hey Eliza, 

How was your thanksgiving? And once again congratulations on your engagement. As a friend, it’s my right to give you an engagement present and this email is the gift you wished for! We both know how confusing it is for you to get party-ready. Haha! Christmas is coming, and you would have received a lot of invitations to attend the party. And this year the number has doubled up (I mean, number of Christmas parties to attend). 

So this time, I have segregated the fashion styling ideas for you and your better-half, according to the type of invitations you would have received.

From the office, there are chances of two invitations – 1. Black Tie Party 2. Semi-Formal Office Party

From friends and family, there are chances of many invitations but mainly the type of party can be – 1. Theme Party (most common) 2. Cocktail Party (friends can’t wait to celebrate!) 3. Casual Party (no-reason party) 4. Festive Party (kind of family get-to-gather)

Let’s get into the styling part,

As I said I have divided outfits according to the type of Christmas party. So the following are the ideas for Christmas party outfits 2019:

1. Black Tie Party

These are the super corporate parties, where you will meet the CEO and business partners. Definitely, you will need to dress up-to-date formals.

For you: Get your blue long flowy gown out of the closet, pair diamond-studded silver earrings and stilettos to glam-out at the party.

Christmas party outfit ideas

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For your Fiance: Tell him to wear a blue tuxedo. In case he doesn’t have don’t rush to buy it. Adjust with a blue blazer, pant, white shirt, and to add the black-tie element go for a tie or a bow. Complete the look with polished formal shoes.

Christmas party outfit ideas

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2. Semi-Formal Office Party

At semi-formal parties, there are no etiquettes to follow. But you will need to dress-up elegantly, to ace the fashion queen crown.

For you: Go for colors like teal, red, cream, and black is evergreen. For an outfit, you can wear either jumpsuit or co-ords or even one piece. Let loose your hairs and put on winter boots if you are going for shorter outfits or else sandals will do the magic.

Christmas party outfit ideas

Source: mylifewellloved.com

For your Fiance: He will be having formal pants, tell him to wear that along with a sweater and a casual blazer. If not blazer he can also go for a trench coat. Formal or semi-formal shoes work well with the outfit.

Christmas party outfit ideas

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3. Theme Party

There are plenty of ideas for theme parties, it can be a secret Santa party, gingerbread party, regular Christmas theme party, north pole theme party, anything. You will have to get ready accordingly. So I am not able to come to the conclusion for the particular point. But do check Christmas theme party outfit ideas by Fashionterest. You will get a rough idea about getting dress-up. Otherwise, I am just a call away!

Christmas party outfit ideas

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4. Cocktail Party

We are meeting at this one, by the way! Friends just need an excuse to throw a party or you can say vacation (mini one also!). Here you shouldn’t think about what to wear to the Christmas party? But either way, you don’t want to have a wardrobe malfunction too, that too when you are with your other half.

For you: Wear a knee-length dress of maroon or black color with tied-up hair (ponytail or sleek bun, anything will go). Long earrings, as it will glow-out with the hairstyle. Wear pumps to pump-up the look.

Christmas party outfit ideas

Source: dhresource.com

For your Fiance: Suit is a final answer. Okay! Only waist and no blazer will also work. Check out my blog on cocktail party styling guide for men.

Christmas party outfit ideas

Source: lookastic.com

5. Casual Party

This is an absolute no-reason party! Just an excuse to spend time with the near and dear ones! My one tip for this type of party is to get ready with the comfort zone and with a tint of glam.

For you: Pick out black leather pants that you got in the last sale and pair it with a glittery top. For over-cover, you can go with a blazer, formal or casual (whichever you wish for!). 

Christmas party outfit ideas

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For your Fiance: Make him look dashing and classy with ripped jeans, a plaid shirt, and plain sweater. Complete the look with sneakers.

Christmas party outfit ideas

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6. Festive Party

It isn’t necessary that the festive party invitation will come from a family side only. But there are high chances as friends want to chill out and family will love a festive get-to-gather. As you are newly engaged all eyes would be on you both. So make sure you both look perfect. Here I am mentioning from the common viewpoint of festive Christmas party.

For you: I have noticed, glittery pants are in trend this year. If you don’t have one, my recommendation is to get one. Pair it with a plain top and a blazer or a swing jacket. For footwear, glittery pants go with everything from sneakers to heels.

Christmas party outfit ideas

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For your Fiance: Perfect formal wear is a great option. Here your fiance has the freedom to wear any of the outfits from the list.

Christmas party outfit ideas

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Look how easy it was! Now you have good damn six ideas to get ready for the Christmas party. Enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones and friends! If you still have any queries regarding Christmas party outfit ideas, I am just a call away!

Your Best Friend Forever,


Wishing for a friend like Sophia:

Christmas party outfit ideas

Source: hearstapps.com

Yes! Literally, we do want a personal stylist like Sophia. Who wouldn’t? Now, you too have a cue on getting ready for the Christmas party this year. Take inspiration from the above opinions and glam up the entire place with your presence. For more styling tips by (Sophia) fashion stylist, visit Fashionterest.

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