Santa’s Most Wanted: The Cutest Family Christmas Pajamas in 2024

Family Christmas Pajamas

The holidays are sneaking up on us, whether we’re ready or not. Folks are busy thinking about what gifts to get for everyone, figuring out delicious dinner plans, and gearing up for their cherished traditions. If one of those traditions involves the whole family wearing matching pajamas to open gifts (or if you’re thinking of starting this tradition), it’s a good idea to start getting those matching outfits sorted out soon.

If you’re someone who adores the winter holidays or simply enjoys being cute and comfy, we’ve gathered some super cute and best family Christmas pajamas.

1. HonestBaby Organic Cotton Holiday Family Jammies Pajamas

HonestBaby Organic Cotton Holiday Family Jammies Pajamas

Indulge in the coziness of these organic cotton pajamas. The best family Christmas pajamas are available in a wide range of sizes, including those for infants, toddlers, children, adults, and even pets.

In addition, the tabbed zipper on the infant sizes is a great feature for protecting little chins. Whether you’re taking Christmas photographs, shopping for a present, or just want to relax at home, these pajamas are ideal. The most exciting aspect? One way to express your individuality is by combining several prints.

2. PajamaGram Matching Christmas PJs For Family

PajamaGram Matching Christmas PJs For Family

There is so much joy in these matching family Christmas pajamas! Their cotton-spandex combination makes them soft and stretchy, perfect for all-day relaxation. To make sure the PJs are just as happy for your family as they are for ours, we put them through a rigorous testing process. Yes, it also encompasses your beloved pets!

The long-lasting, fade-resistant pajamas are perfect for starting a new family tradition this Christmas season. They will enhance your festivities and last the test of time. Whether you’re taking pictures of adults, children, or even the family dog, our PJs are sure to fit the bill.

3. The Children’s Place Festive Christmas Pajama Sets

The Children's Place Festive Christmas Pajama Sets

This holiday season, the best family Christmas pajamas, made of 100% cotton jersey, are the coziest choice. In addition, they are of high quality as they are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Hohenstein HTTI certified.

Thanks to the product’s 100% cotton construction, washing it is a breeze. On top of that, it’s available in an abundance of styles and colors!

4. Burt’s Bees Matching Holiday Organic Cotton Pajamas

Burt's Bees Matching Holiday Organic Cotton Pajamas

Adorable matching family Christmas pajamas from Burt’s Bees are like a mini-celebration in and of themselves! Everyone is raving about this latest Christmas fad. Charming hand-drawn prints made by in-house designers. Sizes 12–24M for newborn sleepers and 2-piece PJs, as well as options for toddlers, kids, men, and women, are all available.

These best family Christmas pajamas, which are made of organic, breathable cotton, are ideal for those with sensitive skin and for keeping cool. They’re ring-spun and combed for durability and softness, so they won’t pill and will remain smooth wash after wash.

5. IFFEI Matching Family Pajamas Sets

IFFEI Matching Family Pajamas Sets

Unlike most others, which tend to shrink, the matching family Christmas pajamas have pockets and remain in place even after a wash and dry. They’re long-lasting, comfy, and elastic, so you can be sure they’ll fit you perfectly. In addition to being soft on the skin, these pajamas allow air to circulate, are stain-resistant, and are simple to clean. They’re perfect for family breakfasts, Christmas photos, cozy movie evenings, and carrying on gift-giving traditions.

These pajamas are perfect for the holiday season because of their festive design, which features iconic Christmas letters on stretchy, long-sleeved shirts and checkered bottoms. With a scarf that works for canines of all sizes, even your pets can get in on the action. You may want to consider ordering a size larger if you are curvier in the hips or bust or if the fabric has any give. It’s okay if the pants are a little big; you can easily tighten them.

6. Joyond Christmas Family Pajamas Matching Sets

Joyond Christmas Family Pajamas Matching Sets

Featuring a wide variety of fun prints—including flamingos, Christmas trees, snowmen, deer, and reindeer—these are the best family Christmas pajamas you’ve ever seen! Our sleepwear is jam-packed with Christmas spirit and is suitable for youngsters, men, and women thanks to our traditional plaid and stripe patterns.

Made from soft cotton, these crew-necked shirts won’t irritate your family’s delicate skin thanks to their label-free design. The pants’ elastic waistband ensures a tight and comfortable fit, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. These pyjamas are so versatile you may wear them all day long and even too lively events! Take some photos and send them to loved ones so they can relive the joy.

One word of advice: these Christmas pajamas family sets should fit snugly. Consider ordering one or two sizes bigger to ensure a snug fit for those members of your family who are on the curvier side.

7. Followme Family Pajamas

Followme Family Pajamas

Put on a show with these coordinated buffalo plaid pajamas and transform a night of relaxation into a social event. These pajamas are ideal for any event, whether it’s a night in with your significant other, a game night, or a memorable sleepover with your friends and family.

Your beloved pet is more than welcome to join in the festivities! Men’s, women’s, and even dog jacket sizes are available for these plaid Christmas family pajamas. Plus, the comfortable combination isn’t complete without the matching buffalo plaid socks to go with the pajamas. Prepare yourself for the height of luxury! Whether you’re relaxing or getting some sleep, these plaid pajamas will keep you warm and cozy with their microfleece construction.

8. VENTELAN Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

VENTELAN Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

This is the best family Christmas pajamas to wear to a PJ party. These pajamas are machine washable, have a great fit, and are soft and elastic thanks to the 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric. They’re adorable and so cozy! These airy jammies are ideal for all of your holiday festivities, including breakfast with Santa, gift exchange, cherished morning photographs, and a cozy night in front of the TV.

Sizes are available for everybody! Get a pair of these really cozy matching pajamas for any member of the family, whether they’re toddlers, boys, or adults. Featuring charming Snowman images and a joyful Santa Claus, these Christmas-themed PJs are sure to put you in the holiday mood. Make note that you may purchase each set alone.

9. Awoscut Family Matching Pajamas

Awoscut Family Matching Pajamas

These family matching Christmas pajamas are soft, lightweight, and ideal for any daytime relaxation at home. These pajamas aren’t your average pair; they come in matching sets for babies, toddlers, boys, and girls of all ages! Put on your holiday jammies and get into the mood with your loved ones with these matching sets! You can’t go wrong with them for Christmas Day, celebrations with loved ones, or even just to brighten up your everyday get-togethers. Picture this: Santa visits, Christmas morning, a cozy movie night, the exchange of gifts, and more.

The best family Christmas pajamas are available. Anyone on your gift list would be lucky to get these brightly colored, cartoon-inspired family Christmas pajamas. Enjoy a photo-perfect Christmas, unwind with a movie night in, continue the custom of exchanging gifts, and have a memorable brunch with Santa!

10. Ekouaer Matching Family Christmas Pajama Sets

Ekouaer Matching Family Christmas Pajama Sets

Crafted with care from a fabric that is both soft and breathable, these best family Christmas pajamas will keep you feeling cozy and fresh all winter long. For a restful night’s sleep or just lounging about the house, they’re the perfect choice. What this set of pajamas offers is a set of lounge trousers and matching shirts for every member of the family. Among its many stylish features are two large pockets, contrasting color trimmings, round necks for children and ladies, and Henley collars for males. Also, the pants contain drawstrings that you may adjust to make them fit perfectly.

The family pajamas Christmas are decorated with traditional designs like Santa Claus, antlers, snowflakes, and red and black plaid. You may make your holiday moments even more memorable with these bright designs that coordinate with your Christmas decorations. In search of the ideal holiday present? What a perfect pair of Christmas pajamas for the whole family! Gather the whole family in a celebratory mood, take some cute pictures, have some movie evenings, and continue the gift-giving traditions; these will surely make your family reunions more enjoyable.

11. IFFEI Family Christmas Pajamas Matching Sets

IFFEI Family Christmas Pajamas Matching Sets

The long-sleeved shirts and leggings in this Christmas pajamas for the family have a beautiful Candy Cane motif, making them ideal for lounging about the house throughout the winter. Relax in style with these pajamas! The material is strong and comfortable, and it has a lot of give, so they’ll fit you well. Their resistance to stains is second to none, and they’re simple to clean, breathable, and kind to the skin.

Perfect for those memorable occasions, these pajamas are perfect for capturing photos, continuing the custom of giving gifts, cuddling up for movie evenings, and having a leisurely breakfast with loved ones.

12. PajamaGram Christmas Pajamas For Family

PajamaGram Christmas Pajamas For Family

Prepare yourself for enduring coziness! Wearing these airy fleece pajamas will be the ideal way to warm yourself on cold winter evenings. Traditional holiday-themed motifs and patterns decorate the long-sleeved, button-front shirts and full-length trousers that make up the two-piece sets.

Our long-lasting, colorfast pajamas will be the beginning of a new family tradition this Christmas season. Durable and thoughtfully crafted, these Christmas pajamas for the family are sure to become cherished traditions throughout your annual festivities. We put these PJs through our paces to make sure they would make your family happy just as they make ours. Cozy enjoyment is something that even your four-legged buddies may enjoy!

13. Lazy One Flapjacks

Lazy One Flapjacks

Looking to find a familial match? Family pajamas from LazyOne coordinate There are plenty of matching sets available for Christmas, even ones for the family dog! For family Christmas pajamas, they are the perfect option. These one-piece pajamas are perfect for a night of snuggling up. Wearing these footie pajamas will keep you and your loved ones warm or cold winter evenings spent inside. Choose from a wide variety of cute patterns, including plaids, animals, solids, and more! Drop seats are useful in the adult sizes and ornamental in the children’s and infant sizes.

These footie pajamas are ideal for the holiday season since they are fluffy and made of high-quality 100% cotton. In addition to being adorable, these pajamas are quite comfortable. Everyone from couples to families is sure to love them this holiday season.

14. WephuPSho Family Christmas Pjs

WephuPSho Family Christmas Pjs

Long-sleeved, round-necked tops and trousers with joyful Christmas letter designs make up this set. They have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit and are simple to put on. An ideal choice for any and all holiday festivities!

The pants are 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and the shirts are a polyester and spandex combination. That’s the rundown on the materials. They’re very pliable, cozy, and mild on the skin. Plus, they won’t fade or pill, so you can be certain that they will retain their quality.

You can’t go wrong with these adorable, festive jammies for Christmas Day and all your family gatherings. These one-of-a-kind suits are sure to be a hit with the whole family, whether you’re hosting a formal event or a casual get-together.

15. Tipsy Elves Christmas Onesies

Tipsy Elves Christmas Onesies

Wearing a Tipsy Elves Adult Christmas Onesie, which zips up from head to toe, will keep you warm and cozy this winter. The zipped side pockets of these onesies are ideal for stowing away holiday sweets or other necessities. Prepare yourself for the height of luxury!

Super soft and lightweight, these matching Christmas lovers’ onesies are perfect for cuddling up on those cold winter nights. These onesies are the perfect addition to your Christmas card collection because of the long-lasting fabric combination that makes them ideal for wearing year after year.

16. Ekouaer Christmas Family Matching Pajamas

Ekouaer Christmas Family Matching Pajamas

On the inside, the Ekouaer family’s matching pajamas have a microfleece inside, while on the exterior, the cloth is silky smooth. They’re soft on the skin and will keep you comfortable all winter long. To make sure our PJs last and are comfortable for our clients, we select high-quality materials that won’t shrink.

If you’re looking for some festive Christmas PJs, choose from a variety of designs, including navy with an all-over polar bear print, red with a vivid tree, snowman, and deer print, or green with Santa Claus, socks, and snowflakes. These timeless Christmas pajamas are reminiscent of dress shirts in every way: long sleeves, a notched collar, and a convenient chest pocket. The elastic waist of the full-length pants ensures a snug yet comfortable fit.

17. Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Family Pyjamas

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Family Pyjamas

Cozy up with your loved ones on Christmas Eve with matching pajamas from The Nightmare Before Christmas! Tim Burton’s films are perfect for fans of the Disney franchise and would make wonderful holiday presents for anybody on your list.

These PJs are ideal for holiday movie marathons and other cozy activities because of the cotton fabric’s softness, lightness, and gentleness. An elasticized waistband on the pants and a long-sleeved top provide a snug and comfortable fit. Pick the one you love the most! Get the Sally-themed pajamas with matching snowflake print pants or the Jack Skellington Pumpkin King.

18. Amazon Essentials Pajama Sets

Amazon Essentials Pajama Sets

These PJs are ideal for a restful night’s sleep due to their 100% cotton micro-rib knit construction, which is both breathable and flexible. The tight fit of these pajama sets guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep. The elasticized waist, ribbed collar, cuffs, and ankles make these pants very comfortable to wear. On cold days, they have cozy puffer coats and fleeces, while on school days, they have polo shirts and jeans. So that parents may have faith in what they’re purchasing, we put every item through extensive testing to ensure it meets our high standards for comfort and quality.


We perused all of the available holiday sets and monitored sales trends to discover the most recent selections for the best family Christmas pajamas. Important considerations in assessing the items include their safety, style, size, fabric, prints, and value for money. We have selected a selection of family Christmas pajamas that are both comfortable and safe, available at a variety of prices, and designed with style and comfort in mind.


Are PJS a good Christmas gift?

Yes, PJs make a good Christmas gift. However, make sure you get the size right.

When should I buy Christmas pajamas?

You should start Christmas pajama shopping right in advance by October or November.

Why do people match Christmas pajamas?

People wear matching Christmas pajamas to invoke the spirit of festivities and a sense of belonging.

When did family Christmas pajamas start?

The tradition of family Christmas pajamas started in the early 50s.

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