How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Pro

How to decorate a christmas tree

Christmas tree decorations can be trickier than it seems. It’s all fun and games when you’re a kid, taking part in a festive tradition without realizing the extra effort your parents put in behind the scenes. But when you’re an adult in charge of your own tree, you start to care more about how it looks and fits into your home.

Things like holes in the tree, clashing colors, or that nagging feeling that something is missing may keep you up at night. Don’t worry! Whether you’re hosting guests for the holidays or simply aiming to perfect your Christmas tree, we’ve got some tips to help.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with a Ribbon

Christmas tree with ribbon

Christmas tree decorations with ribbon is a simple task. There are various methods you can use to decorate your Christmas tree. You can use ribbons on both real and synthetic Christmas trees.

In the spirit of creating a relaxed and enjoyable Christmas this year, we’re going explore a few elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas with ribbons.

1. Create an Ornament Symmetry

christmas ornament symmetry

If your family is like most, your collection of Christmas tree ornaments is a mix of various ones gathered over the years. To give your tree a more deliberate look, use the same colored ribbon to hang each ornament.

2. Fill the Void

christmas accent ornaments

Even if you have plenty of ornaments, you might still notice some empty spaces on your tree. To add charming accents without overcrowding, tie bows onto those empty branches.

3. Let Go Tinsel

christmas tinsel

If you’d rather avoid the mess of tinsel, opt for super thin strips of ribbon! You’ll have a wider range of colors to pick, and come January, cleanup will be easier on the back.

4. Bring together the Color Palette

christmas tree color palette

Using a variety of colors for your decorations? Look for a patterned ribbon that blends them all to tie the look together. For example, a burgundy, bright red, and cream plaid ribbon used as a garland on your tree can add a sophisticated finishing touch.

5. Wide Ribbons

christmas tree Wide ribbons

Opting for extra thick ribbons to make big bows will allow you to create eye-catching centerpieces all over your Christmas tree. Pair them with shiny ornaments for a truly dazzling effect.

6. Go with Red

christmas tree red ribbon

Your tree decorating ideas can also include traditional red ribbons. You can also use the same ribbon to hang the wreath. To enhance the theme even more, you can consider replacing the angel topper with a large red ribbon bow. Christmas nails are also a good idea for you.

7. Use Patterns

christmas tree ribbon

Why limit yourself to a single color when there are so many lively patterns to explore? Think about using stripes, polka dots, gingham, plaid, and other patterns for tying up ornaments and wrapping gifts.

8. Snowflake Garland

christmas tree Snowflake Garland

Give your tree a wintery feel by using a white garland. It brings in a nostalgic touch and resembles a strand of intricately carved ice.

9. Use Ribbons in your Garland

christmas ribbons in garland

If you’re not keen on having ribbon on your tree but still love it as an accent, here’s an alternative: Incorporate it into the garland above your fireplace.

10. Rustic Feel

christmas tree rustic feel

If you’re aiming for a rustic appearance, using burlap ribbon tree decorating ideas to wrap your tree is an easy choice. You can even include large white ornaments, pine cones, and brown sleigh bells to go with the theme.

12 Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Let’s take a look at a few of the elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas that will make your decorations stand out this holiday season.

1. Invest in a Premium Tree

christmas tree decor

Choose a Christmas tree made from good quality materials for strong and dependable support for your decorations. Premium trees tend to be more long-lasting and can withstand years of use, all while retaining their beautiful appearance.

It’s a good idea to go with a classic tree instead of a tending one. This ensures that your tree won’t go ‘out of style’ after a few years and provides a timeless design that serves as an ideal canvas for layering and decorating to your heart’s content.

2. Shape and Fluff the Tree

Shape and fluff christmas tree

Fluffing the tree branches is essential for giving your faux Christmas tree a fuller and better lifelike appearance. While it can take some time, the final outcome is absolutely worth it.

Take each branch and separate them so they spread out, covering as much space as they can. Don’t be shy about bending separate branches to plug in any gaps. A well-shaped tree looks attractive, regardless of whether you plan to keep your decorations minimal or go all out.

And a quick reminder: it’s a good idea to wear long sleeves and gloves if possible to prevent any scratches on your arms and hands during the process.

3. Decorate around a Set Theme

create a Christmas tree

To create a Christmas tree with a polished appearance, start by establishing a central theme that harmonizes your decorations. Deciding on the theme before you pick your ornaments sets the mood and provides you with a clear plan for tree decoration.

In search of motivation? Why not explore the latest themes online? Pick a theme that is easy to follow and beautiful to look at.

4. Go with the Proper Colors

blue christmas tree

Once you’ve settled on your theme, put together a color palette that enlivens it. For instance, if you’re going for a classic yet luxurious look, stick with a combination of gold and red. For a Scandinavian feel, layer different hues of muted neutrals and white, or opt for silver and blue to create a frosty, cool aesthetic.

Keep the color scheme simple; two colors, at the most three, work best to maintain a tidy appearance.

Consider texture and materials, too. Verdant velvet baubles fit well with a luxurious tree, while wooden and paper decor suits a minimalist or Nordic tree.

5. Begin with Lights

christmas tree lights

If you’ve got an unlit Christmas tree, you’ll need to add Christmas tree lights. A good thumb rule, according to lighting experts, is to use a hundred bulbs or five meters of light for every two feet of the tree. So, for a six-foot tree, you’d require three hundred bulbs or fifteen meters of lights.

When it comes to adorning your Christmas tree, the first and most crucial step is always to start with the lights. It’s a bit trickier to add them after you’ve hung embellishments like garlands and baubles.

Remember, less is often more, but it’s Christmas! Above all, decorate your tree in a way that brings you joy. The decorating guidelines are more relaxed during the holiday season, so have fun with it.

6. Poise the Decor

christmas tree decoration tips

Considering the numerous Christmas tree ideas you’ll probably have, it’s important to make sure everything is evenly distributed and arranged according to your preference. Start by placing the ornaments from the canopy of the tree, and then toil your way down. This approach allows you to continually assess your strategy as you decorate your tree.

7. Create a Cluster of Baubles

christmas tree cluster of baubles

You can group baubles of various sizes together to create a visually stunning effect. You can either choose similar pieces or opt for contrasting ones.

To achieve a balanced and visually attractive tree, we recommend buying baubles in multiple pairs and attaching them to the tree in a zig-zag pattern. Larger baubles are best placed nearer to the center of the tree to add depth, while smaller ones work well toward the outer branches.

For added safety, hang flimsy glass trinkets at the awning of the tree to avert any potential breakages. Save the special ones for last to guarantee they are in the ideal positions.

8. Layer Up the Tree

christmas tree ornamental ribbons

Consider adorning your tree with ornamental ribbons to enhance its overall look. You can opt for a single style of ribbon or combine ribbons with opposing textures and different widths for a more striking effect.

We suggest utilizing ribbons with wired rims. These types are simpler to shape into rolls, spirals, or bows, and they maintain their shape better compared to non-wired ribbons.

9. Tree Picks for the Rescue

Christmas tree ideas

These come in various forms, including berries, twigs, branches, and pine cones. Use these as delicate accents to enhance the overall appearance of your tree. Binding these picks together employing flowery wire offers an innovative way to beautify your tree without overshadowing other decorations.

These Christmas tree ideas are good for adding vibrant bursts of color not only to trees but also to garlands and wreaths. When selecting picks, ensure they have flexible branches to make shaping them easier.

10. Use Scented Ornaments

christmas tree scented ornaments

You can now make your faux tree smell just like a natural one, thanks to fragrant embellishments. It’ll infuse your entire space with the enchanting aroma of Christmas. Simply purchase a bottle of fragrant paper tube stakes, which come with clips included, and place them among the ornaments on your tree to enjoy that fresh fragrance. You’ll have a delightful fragrance in no time, and you can choose from scents like winter fir, berry, and cinnamon. In fact, scented ornaments are one of the best Christmas gift ideas for friends and family.

11. Go with the Proper Tree Topper

christmas tree topper

An eye-catching tree topper is a lovely finishing touch to achieve that designer look for your tree. It’s important to select one that suits your symmetry and the size of your tree while also considering the elevation of your roof. Although star and angel tree toppers are the traditional favorites, there are numerous alternative designs available, including personalized options. If you’re feeling creative, you can even craft your very own tree topper.

12. Wrap Up with a Tree Skirt

Wrap up with a tree skirt

Usually, people tend to overlook the importance of a Christmas tree skirt, but it’s a crucial element that adds the perfect ending touch to your holiday decorations. This tree skirt serves multiple purposes, from concealing the less attractive parts like the tree’s trunk “legs” to standing to safeguard your mats and floors from any fallen pine needles, particularly if you have an actual tree.

A tree skirt naturally directs engagement to the lower part of the tree, contributing to a cohesive and complete appearance. Moreover, it creates an ideal background for beautifully dressed Christmas gifts. Alternatively, you might consider investing in a carpet or a rug, which is especially practical if you own a potted tree or one in a basket.


When does Disneyland decorate for Christmas?

Disneyland gets dressed up for Christmas in November since the official holiday season typically kicks off on the second Friday of the month. These holiday decorations will stay up till January 7, 2024.

What is the most popular thing to put on a Christmas tree?

A tree topper is the most popular thing that you put on a Christmas tree.

How do you decorate a tree to look full?

You can make a tree look full by fluffing the branches and adding more ornaments to the tree.


We think this blog solves a very important dilemma of how to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro. Of course, without having to spend big moolah! These tips are reliable and can be used for years to come. Take these tips and go have a blast this Christmas.

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