Unleashing Your Inner Style Icon: 10 Tips to Create a Signature Look

Channel Your Inner Style Icon

You don’t have to be a celebrity to channel your inner style icon, but rather someone who can look beyond what a garment or outfit is and know what the item or outfit can be. A style icon is someone who not only looks great in anything they wear but also pushes the boundaries of fashion.

Whether it be formal dresses, a simple boho-chic look, or a casual outfit you wear to the store, there is no reason why you can’t be a style icon, too, using these tips.

Find Your Style

Find Your Inner Style

The first thing you need to do is work out your own style. Do you like high fashion, bohemian, casual, or ultra-formal? This will then give you some direction when it comes to choosing and buying particular items.

While your style can be adapted and changed, knowing what you like and dislike will at least set you on the right path. However, don’t get stuck in one particular style either; always keep your mind open to everything that is out there; just because you love the grunge style, it doesn’t mean boho or preppy wouldn’t look good on you too.

Know Your Body

Know Your Body Type

Next, you need to know and understand your body shape. Clothing isn’t designed to fit and suit every body shape, unfortunately, but knowing what does and doesn’t work on your body is key.

This also allows you to experiment then, as you won’t feel like you are forced to only wear one or two particular shapes or cuts.

Find Your Favorite Pieces

Find Your Favorite Pieces Of Outfit

The best way to build a super-stylish wardrobe is to find a few pieces you love and then create multiple outfits around them. This allows you to create a flattering and stylish base, and then you can build outfits around it.

Start with the Basics

Start with the Basics wardrobe Outfit

It is essential to have a good selection of basic items in your wardrobe. Jeans, white and black T-shirts, tights, a few coats, jumpers, etc. Basics are the building blocks of all outfits, and without them, your outfits will look haphazard and without direction.

Stock up on basics and variations of the basics, and then use the more niche and unique items as a way to turn the basics into an outfit.

Shop Somewhere New

Shop Somewhere New

One of the reasons style icons get that title is because they never seem to stick to one particular style or genre of clothing. You can do the same by shopping somewhere new whenever you want to pick up a few items.

Eventually, your closet will have a wide variety of patterns, cuts, materials, and textures, as opposed to having nine shirts or pants that are all just slight variations of the same thing.

Don’t Copy Fashion Trends

While many style icons create trends, they don’t follow them that often. Instead, they will take a trend and adapt it to their taste, creating an entirely new look. Therefore, adapting a trend is a way to stand out.

This can be tricky to do, but with a little bit of practice and picking the right items, you will be creating your own trends in no time.


Accessorize for Inner Style Icon

Never underestimate the power of accessories when creating outfits. A simple shirt and jeans combo can be elevated to the next level by using weekend accessories and accessories alone. Hats, scarves, gloves, bags, and jewelry can all be used to create brand-new looks.

The trick is knowing what to wear with what and how much of something to wear. While rings are great accessories to wear with all outfits, too many of them can end up looking like a fashion-don’t.

Break Style Rules

A woman in a yellow outfit

While there are a few style rules you should follow, there are also numerous that you should break. Sneakers with dresses are one of the most popular and have been for a while, but you can also break the rules regarding patterns and colors.

Many people say you shouldn’t mix patterns and colors, but many fashionistas prove this is a rule worth breaking. Once again, this is all about experimenting and finding what does and doesn’t work, not what does and doesn’t follow the rules.

Mix & Match

Mix & Match Outfit

Don’t be afraid to mix and match items in your wardrobe that don’t necessarily go together. A mini skirt with a blazer, a pantsuit with fashionable sneakers, whatever it may be, people who understand fashion find a way to make everything work with each other.

There is no reason why you can’t wear Sumer clothing with a Winter outfit or turn a formal dress into something more casual.

Be Confident

A woman in a red coat holding shopping bags

Finally, you need to be confident. The trick to pulling off any outfit is to be confident in yourself and be confident in what you are wearing. Someone like Timothy Chalamet, Harry Styles, or Zendaya wears clothing that many wouldn’t, but they do it with more confidence than you have ever seen.

If you feel good about what you are wearing, don’t worry about what others may think or if they think your outfit is weird. Don’t forget that at one point, a three-piece suit and cocktail dresses were considered strange too; now, look at them.

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