How to Add Glamour to Your Wardrobe This Autumn/Winter 2024

add glamour to your wardrobe

With the start of autumn officially here and winter quickly approaching, it’s likely your personal calendar has suddenly been inundated with social invites for brunch, meals out, work socials, and date nights. But as the temperature has also started to decline across the UK, it can be difficult to decide on an outfit to wear to all these social events that will keep you warm in the cooler months but make you still look stylish and feminine.

Below are five ways you can add glamour to your wardrobe this Autumn/Winter.


Add Jumpsuits to wardrobe for glamour

While jumpsuits were created as functional garments for parachuters, this utility wear has quickly become a timeless way to add glamour to your look. Favoured by women for the coverage over both the top half and the bottom half of their bodies, they are an easy way to look stylish since they act as their pre-made outfits.

And for anyone with an upcoming busy social calendar, jumpsuits are perfect for any social event and can be dressed up or down by adding boots or heels.

High-Rise Flares

Add High-Rise Flares to wardrobe for glamour

High-rise flares have had a revival in this year after being originally worn as part of the US naval uniform and then coming into mainstream fashion in the late 1960s and 1970s. Depending on your style, choosing between flared jeans, cotton high-rise, velvet trousers, or even satin high-rise flares, this style of trouser is a classic look that always exudes glamour.


Add Co-ords to wardrobe for glamour

Similarly, co-ords are also having their moment. Requiring minimal styling but always causing maximum impact, co-ords make any outfit look stylish. Typically coming in block colours, you can also branch out by investing in patterned co-ords or winter florals. Halve your getting-ready time by opting for a pre-made co-ord set, or mix and match the pieces with clothing you already own.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses to wardrobe for glamour

Maxi Dresses are a must-have dress this Autumn/Winter – but especially maxi dresses.

As the temperatures get cooler, choosing a maxi dress over a mini means you don’t have to fuss with tights, but you also look more glamorous in a longer more stylish piece of clothing. For the ultimate classic look, try pairing your dress with a bomber jacket.


Add Boots to wardrobe for glamour

Finishing off your wardrobe look with a pair of booties are perfect for the colder months as they are comfy yet stylish. Investing in timeless staple shoe-wear for your outfits can add a sense of elegance whilst still saving your money on such tending items that go in and out of fashion.

The colour and type can be dependent on your style preference, such as ankle Chelsea boots or knee high. We say it is crucial to have a good mix of square, pointed, and rounded where you can take your outfits to the next level, ready for the office, nights out, or even casual coffee dates!

Adding Details

Add Accessories to wardrobe for glamour

Accessories make even the most basic outfit combinations look simply stunning and effortlessly glamorous. Adding a hint of colour and vibrancy through a statement handbag, chic shoes, or a standout piece of jewellery will allow you to create the perfect autumn/winter look in mere minutes.

Adding glamour to your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult this season. By opting for classic styles, timeless pieces, and statement accessories, you can make sure you attend to all your social functions looking stylish and feminine – all while keeping warm.


Add Make-Up to wardrobe for glamour

For most, it is common that the cold weather affects our skin so, changing your skincare routine and make-up isn’t unusual. The foundation to any good skincare routine is a good base – your moisturiser. Researching, trialling, and erroring is the best way to go for this one as keeping your skin hydrated in such cold conditions is key.

When it comes to your makeup, softer shades of browns and oranges can be used to elevate looks with eyeshadow and even, your eyeliner. Graphic liner creating an outline around your eye shape gives an effortlessly neat look and a bold lip colour to complement your outfit.

Signature Scent

signature scent for the season

No outfit is complete without your signature scent for the season. Within the Autumnal months, you want fragrances that linger and leave a statement when you’re gone – opt for rich and warmer notes, those of a sweet yet spicy smell such as incense, cinnamon, saffron, and jasmine.

You want your fragrances to add to your wardrobe, to almost elevate your look, whether or not you are dressed up or down.

The more festive and winter months call for still those spicy and sweet scents however, as the Christmas days approach, you may want to opt for more sensual and fresh fragrances to give the feeling of vacation, cheesy yet binge-worthy Hallmark and Disney movies.

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