Your Skincare Routine for Summer

Skincare Routine for Summer

Summer has always been the Freddy Krueger for anyone with sensitive skin. Even the best looking dermis can experience a little bit of harshness here and there.

It is because of the loss of moisture, dehydration that comes with the hot and humid world ambience at that instance.So being prepared is the only defense, and also the best skincare aid you can possibly possess. It is recommended to create a daily routine that is fast, easy, and, above all, easy to maintain. There are a couple of steps you can add to your skincare routine like cleansing, exfoliating your skin, toning with natural beauty spray and finishing it off with a moisturizer. The choice of products should be done mindfully.

Some of us are accustomed to the basic array of creams and lotions, and the basic face washes to defend their skin against the signs of aging.

However, it’s more than that, and should not be just limited to basic skin care products. Science is evolving, and so are innovations that can aid and preserve youth of the skin.

I mentioned a few essential but super effective, science-backed rituals you can adopt during the summertime:

1. Hydrate

stay Hydrate

Most of you know how important hydration is, but I’m sure there are many many people who don’t know the extent of how big of an essential hydration is.

It’s important for a wide variety of reasons, for instance- we humans are 60 – 70% water, with which we regulate our body’s temperature.

More than that, it raises our metabolism, removes toxin, excess heat, and also distributes the right minerals throughout our entire body.

So when we drink a lot of water, we tend to sweat a tad bit more, which is greatm, because of the following:

Sweating = Expulsion of toxins and dirt residue in skin pores

Be sure to drink at least 30-50 ounces of water, and if it’s tough for you, simply rely on water rich fruits, like watermelon, cucumber, coconut water, and even milk can help with that.

2. Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Light therapy has been the topic of much interest the last couple of years. All the celebs are using it, the dermatologists are using it, and most likely someone you know has already mentioned/referred this to you already.

Light therapy comes in many colors and applications. One of which is skincare.

The science behind light therapy is very simple. The ray of light at the right frequency will penetrate the skin and the tissues, and energize the mitochondria’s basic functions.

The mitochondria is the power generator for your cells, so it will repair your skin faster, help you rejuvenate your already damaged skin. Moreover, it also boosts the collagen production capabilities for your skin.

Trying our red light therapy and near infrared therapy will get desirable results. Blue light therapy is pretty good for your skin as well.

3. HIIT / Cardio

HIIT / Cardio

Believe it or not, long sessions of working out can do wonders for your skin, and not just the physical capabilities of your body.

Firstly it improves your overall metabolism, which by default will be really good for your skin. Then it unclogs all the stuck residue through intense sweating, and also gets rid of the toxins.

The reason HIIT and Cardio is mentioned here specifically is because of the amount of sweat outflow you can experience through these.

Here’s the cherry on top of this sundae, HIIT along with improving the muscles, cardiovascular health, and  metabolic state of the body, also further reinforces the mitochondrial density of the body, which as you read already, is the power generator for your cells.

At last but not least, HIIT’s ability to induce EPOC (Excessive Post Oxygen C) is really helpful for sensitive skin.

4. Sunscreen


I feel like this is not emphasized enough. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT. SPF is an essential and more vital for your skin than it’s made out to be.

It’s the shield against the harmful rays of the sun that can potentially give you cancer, but that’s extreme. What you need to worry about is

Aim for an Sun Protection Filter of at least 30 or higher. One very simp[le thing that most don’t know is that you need to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours, so be sure to put in a thick layer for a long summer’s day.

5. Diet


Another gem of a skincare secret ritual everyone misses out on. Diet is not only an essential for your skin but for every aspect of your bodily functions.

Processed foods should be avoided at all costs, and spicy food as well.

Aim for fresh fruits and veggies,(aim for the yellow, orange, and green ones). Fatty fish yet another healthy choice,along with lean protein.

Go For It

Go For It

At the end of the day, just about any problem can be dealt with, IF prepped with the right precautionary steps.

The aforementioned points are  as basic as they come, and won’t even tax your wallet.

So just don’t contemplate it, get out there, and seize the skincare that you need and deserve.

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