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Weekend Accessories

After a week of constant client meetings and workload, weekends are for relaxing. Weekends are your time to relax. Plan a weekend trip? Oh! That’s the issue: The weekend packing list, right? It is an obvious thing to ask.

If you’re going on a 5- to 6-day trip, you can take as many clothes and accessories as you want. However, if you’re going on a weekend trip, you should cut them short. We have compiled a list of seven essential weekend accessories to help you out when packing for your next road trip, hiking adventure, or resort stay. Don’t forget to bring a weekend bag or a backpack. A two-day trip won’t require you to carry a suitcase.

For clothes, three pairs are sufficient: a casual pair, a dressier pair, and a nightgown. In case of emergency, carry an extra set. Next, let’s look at weekend trip accessories.

1. Jewelry and Cosmetics

Jewelry and Cosmetics

Try not to skip jewelry. They are going to add a charm to the outfit. Without matching earrings or necklace, you won’t feel complete. So if you are packing three outfits, try to figure out the two pairs of earrings and necklaces that will go with all of them.

Apart from jewelry, you will also need to carry cosmetics and skincare products. You can’t bring the whole makeup box, but few essentials will do the work. Products to take – Sunscreen, body lotion, BB cream, compact, eyeliner, lipstick, and pocket perfume.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses for Weekend Accessories

Sunglasses are a statement piece for a stylish look. It has the charm to convert a casual outfit into the super cool one. However, when choosing sunglasses, you need to consider other factors apart from the trendy shape.

We would suggest you go for Siryn/S Sunglasses by Jimmy Choo. Why? It is a perfect match for the weekend trip. The full-rim sunglasses with an oversized shape, luxurious design, and full-spectrum UV protection is all you need to have for a chic outlook.

3. Toiletries


The weekend trip doesn’t let you give up on taking care of your body. You must have a separate toiletry bag to store the essentials. Keeping it loose may result in you losing them. You even might need to play a treasure hunt to find them at the time of need.

So it is better to have a separate bag where you can store toiletries safely. Now, what will you need to carry? – Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, sanitary napkins, and tampons.

4. Portable Charger

Portable Charger

Whether you are going hiking or a resort relaxing, you will need to take a pocket-sized portable charger. Why? While traveling, you will need to charge your phone, and a portable charger will come to help. You probably won’t get the charger in a plane, bus, or car.

Make sure it is fully charged, or it will make no sense taking it. There are many options available for investing in a travel power bank. Check the specification thoroughly before you buy one of them.

5. Earplugs and Eye mask

Earplugs and Eye mask

The use of an eye mask and earplug makes you sleep worriless-ly without letting light or noise disturb you. Whether you are on an extended vacation or a weekend trip, these two must-have on the packing list.

You won’t want to get off the plane with sleepy eyes and tiredness. The eye mask should be lightweight, not to put much pressure on the eyes. As for earplugs, they should be soft and capable enough to stop the external noise.

6. Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet

You will need to take good care of the essential cards while traveling. Keeping it in one place is the key. Get yourself a travel wallet that can secure your money, credit cards, and personal information in an organized manner.

Make sure you get the travel wallet with the RFID blocking that will ensure the maximum safety. You will get many options online but go with the genuine brand to prevent any risk.

7. Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

Last, but not least is the packing cubes. You might be thinking, how does it make an essential weekend accessory? Here’s the answer: You won’t get time to stay organized when on a two-day trip. After all, you also need to enjoy yourself.

These packing cubes will store all your things in a specific folder and all you have to do is place them in a backpack. It will save your space and will let you keep the laundry separate from other clothes.

Wrapping up:

These are the weekend accessories that you should have in the wardrobe. It will be easier for you to pack for the weekend plans. We hope this weekend getaway packing list is going to help you. If there’s something that we have missed in this list, comment down, and let us & readers know!

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