What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather: 11+ Stylish Outfits

what to wear in 60 degree weather

Are you overwhelmed about what to wear in 60 degree weather? Luckily, you have landed in the perfect spot. We don’t get the ideal temperature too frequently. You won’t be sweating the whole day, but you won’t be shivering every time you go outdoors without a coat. That isn’t to say that dressing for this in-between weather isn’t a challenge.

You’re not alone if you’re unsure about what to wear in 60-70-degree weather. The spring season can be challenging to navigate, and dressing for spring break can be even trickier. Temperatures can range from scorching hot to cold. There’s nothing special about the secret sauce. But, we are here to help you out.

Check out these 15 highly stylish outfits to help you get through what to wear in 66 degree weather, this beautiful season that has finally arrived!

How to Dress For 60 Degree Weather?

Have you ever looked at the weather forecast and wondered, “What am I meant to wear?” Yes, that occurs to us, especially when the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether you reside in a cold or hot area, try to remain warm while avoiding overheating.

Here are some examples of what to wear in 60 degree wether or you can say to have in your wardrobe for this enigmatic weather:

1. Midi Skirts & Sweaters

When the temperature drops into the 60s, a merino wool sweater is a must-have. These are usually composed of thinner merino wool, which keeps you warm without being too hot.

Faux leather or faux suede skirts are ideal for pairing with a merino wool sweater for a stylish look. If your region is colder, you may, of course, choose natural leather. If you reside in a hotter climate, imitation leather or suede textiles will keep you warm enough.

2. Long-Sleeved Dresses with Tall Boots

Whether they’re cowboy boots or a sleek over-the-knee version, tall boots can immediately convert any dress, including summer trends, into a fall-ready ensemble. A good pair of black or brown boots can serve you well all year.

Moreover, a long-sleeved dress combines two must-haves for 60-degree weather: long sleeves for warmth and the ability to ditch the pants.

3. Spring Dresses & Light Jackets

While we all understand the need of being practical when the sun shines, the spring dresses and gown you’ve been saving for that first sunny day demands to be worn. Just throw on a light jacket to complete the look. We’ve got you covered no matter what kind of outerwear silhouette you like.

4. Long-Sleeved Blouses & Denim

Although skirts and dresses are popular in the spring, a decent pair of jeans may be worn all year. After all, denim is appropriate for all seasons and flatters all body types. As a result, the only option to round off this look is with traditional denim and a long-sleeved shirt combo.

What to Wear In 60 Degree Weather?

You might be wondering if it might be challenging to choose between a sweater dress with fishnet stockings and something a little warmer, such as pants and a turtleneck.

If you are wondering how to dress for 60 degree weather, we have devised these 15 stylish outfits for 60 degree weather.

1. Long-Sleeved Black Bodysuit

 Long-Sleeved Black Bodysuit

A long black outfit coupled with a skin-fit bodysuit could be your favorite outfit for the entire season. This outfit gives you a dynamic look and also compliments your physical appearance due to its skin-fit clothing. To enhance your look you can wear short golden earrings or rings that go easily hand in hand with the black color of the outfit.

2. Mini Skirt with a Pair of Boots

Mini Skirt with a Pair of Boots

As the 60-degree weather is shining upon us, you can pair up your navy blue or blacktop with a mini skirt. Here, you can see that the girl is carrying her top with a monochrome mini skirt (black and white).

Moreover, you can complement your outfit with earrings and carry a bracelet or watch around your wrist. To elongate and make your appearance slimmer, you can wear pencil heels.

3. Get Semi-Formal with the outfit

Get Semi-Formal with the outfit

With this pink blazer and semi-formal outfit, you can get professional without wearing a boring outfit. Now is the moment to get out those breezy pants and match them with a basic white crop top and your favorite ankle heels. Besides, you can wear hollow silver rings that go hand in hand with this outfit.

This outfit is most suitable for wearing to the office or semi-professional events. To give an extra touch, you can wear a watch to your office or any event.

4. Nude Blazer and Slip Dress

Nude Blazer and Slip Dress

Here, you can carry yourself with a combination of a nude-colored slip dress and blazer. Here, you can combine your outfit with a nude color slip dress and white color blazer or a nude color slip dress with a nude color blazer.

The slip dress’s romantic vibe is contrasted with subtle nude color earrings like a sleek, and pencil or ankle heels.

5. Turtleneck Top with a Blazer

Turtleneck Top with a Blazer

Pair your turtleneck top with your loose pants and fun-looking white sneakers. If you want to make a semi-professional look, layer it with a blazer that can match the whole outfit. You can flaunt your outfit with statement-looking silver rings.

Also, if you are going for an outing, you can get a small sling bag sliding down your waist.

6. Blazer Dress with Ankle Boots

Blazer Dress with Ankle Boots

When you are looking forward to showing off some of your body appearances, there is no better outfit than a blazer dress. It gives you the perfect chance to flaunt your legs which you would have worked so hard to get in the gym.

To highlight the length of your body you can wear a belt to your waist and finish the look with a bag that is easy to carry in hand.

7. Explore Double Denim

Explore Double Denim

We can all agree that denim on denim look can never go out of fashion. This classic fashion trend was popular in the 90s and is still going on. This outfit is very easy to pull off with a denim jacket and jeans.

Just to go a little overboard, try wearing a crop top inside the jacket with the same colored ankle boots. Do not forget to accessorize with your favorite accessories, such as handbags and sunglasses.

8. Summer Slip Dress and Jacket

Summer Slip Dress and Jacket

As 60-degree weather is already tough and resisting, you need an outfit that comforts you in this season. You can carry yourself in a long dress and flat shoes. To save yourself from the harsh weather, you can wear a jacket or if it gets too hot for you, you can drape it across your shoulders when it becomes too hot.

You can accessorize your look with a dark-colored handbag and sunglasses. This look is ideal for a day or night out with friends or perhaps a date.

9. Fun Sneakers and Baggy Jeans

 Fun Sneakers and Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans and a skin-fit crop top are one of my favorite outfits that I wear almost every other day. Carry your outfit with fun sneakers complimenting the whole attire. Last but not the least, finish your look with a sling bag and a black jacket.

Adding sunglasses to your look would work as a cherry on the cake.

10. Go Sunny with Pinstripe Suit

Go Sunny with Pinstripe Suit

The pinstripe suit is the latest trend you can experience in the professional look. Pair your blazer with a black-colored crop top or a dark-colored one. On the minimalist side, you can carry a bag in your hand and wear black earrings that give you a bolder look.

11. Leggings and a Shacket

Leggings and a Shacket

Harsh weather can ruin and damage your skin. To prevent that you can combine your daily wearing outfit with a shacket. Shacket ensures that your skin is in a safe and protected environment.

If it is burning you up, then you can drape the shacket around your waist. Carry yourself with a sling bag and some cool sneakers.

12. Denim with Blazers

Denim with Blazers

Harsh weather can ruin and damage your skin. To prevent that you can combine your daily wearing outfit with a shacket. Shacket ensures that your skin is in a safe and protected environment.

If it is burning you up, then you can drape the shacket around your waist. Carry yourself with a sling bag and some cool sneakers.

13. Jumpsuit in a Neutral Color

Jumpsuit in a Neutral Color

We can all agree that jumpsuits are the easiest to carry yourself effortlessly and still have a stylish outfit for 60-degree weather that will never fail you when things out of hand.

With a fair complexion, you can have a nude color jumpsuit, which is created sustainably from compact cotton.

Silver earrings and silver bracelets go best with the nude color. This gives your body an aesthetic look and a touch of elegance.

14. Two-Piece Lace Set

Two-Piece Lace Set

We can all agree that two-piece lace outfits can give you the sexiest looks of all time. If you have tried a lot of fashion outfits, then this is the time to go a little overboard with this outfit. It is perfectly fine if you want to try something new.

It would be minimalistic if you can have a light-colored or white-colored two-piece set that works best while the weather is sunny.

15. Jackets and Scarves

Jackets and Scarves

For the longest time jackets and scarves have protected our skin from the harsh weather, like sweaters and other woolen clothing, keep you warm. Wear a lightweight jacket with a silk scarf around your neck for a stylish appearance.

Accessorize fitting pants with ankle boots, sunglasses, and a shoulder-length handbag.

what to wear in 60 degree weather

FAQs On What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather

In 60°F Temperatures, Should I Wear Trousers or Shorts?

Shorts may be worn in 60-degree temperatures if you are comfortable and have a high body temperature. If your legs are chilly, you can wear tights.

Is It Hot or Frigid at 60 Degrees?

Temperature is a subjective term. 60 degrees will feel like summer if it’s the midst of winter. It would feel like a chilly snap if it was in the midst of summer.

What Are Your Weather-Appropriate Outfits?

Wear light, breathable clothing and avoid anything too tight. Shorts, skirts, and dresses are the most common choices. Tank tops and short-sleeved shirts are other popular choices. If you’re not acclimated to heated temperatures or have problems in the heat, you may want to stay indoors in the air conditioning.

Is It Possible to Wear Jeans in the Winter?

Jeans are incredibly comfortable; however, they do not insulate effectively in the cold. If you prefer jeans over sweatpants, layering them with long johns for women will keep your lower body toasty. They’re light enough to wear beneath your jeans while yet not being overly big over them.

What Does It Feel Like to Be 60 Degrees?

When it’s been considerably cooler overnight, 60F ‘here’ can seem pretty “warm,” just as 60F ‘there’ can feel somewhat “cool” when it’s been much warmer throughout the day, especially when on, alongside, or near the sea, with a wind.


If you’re still undecided about what to wear in 60 70 degree weather, try the easy-breezy coat hack or keep the look simple and uncomplicated, then accessorize with exciting accessories like a dad hat, sunglasses, or a textured purse.

The most important thing to remember while dressing for this weather is to remember that, even if the temperatures are increasing, it’s still a chilly day, so don’t be afraid to mix in some of your favorite spring/summer outfits.

So, now you know what to wear in 60 degree weather and how you can style these outfits. For more information on the fashion and beauty industry, follow Fashionterest on social media platforms and subscribe to our newsletter.

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