What to Wear Horseback Riding on the Beach?

What to Wear Horseback Riding on the Beach

Horseback riding on the beach is a great joy. Listening to the sea breeze, feeling the sun on the skin, enjoying the sound of the waves, and connecting to nature. It is also a great option for a romantic gateway with your partner. However, you may wonder: what to wear horseback riding on the beach? Is there any special outfit? Here is a list of clothes and accessories you will need in order to enjoy your ride with confidence and comfort.

Riding Boots With a Heel

Riding Boots With a Heel

It is important to wear proper shoes for your safety. Such open-toed shoes as flip-flops are not allowing because a horse can accidentally step on your feet. Therefore, it is recommended to wear quality leather riding boots or cowboy boots with a low heel that will prevent you from slipping off of the stirrup.

1. Long Pants

You probably want to wear shorts or a bikini, but it is not a good idea. Instead, you need to wear long pants, jeans, or leggings. You can also buy special riding pants or breeches. The best option is pants made of a light ventilated fabric.

2. Helmet

If you are an experienced rider, you may not need a helmet. However, if you are a beginner, having a helmet is a must. Ask your guide or host if they provide helmets. It must be a special helmet for horseback riding, so do not use a bike helmet instead because it does not provide proper protection.

3. Undergarments

Since you may get wet from waves during your ride, it is better to skip the underlayer. A wet undergarment against the skin can cause painful friction burns.

4. Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt

Even if it is really hot, you should still wear a long sleeve shirt while riding a house on the beach because it will protect you from the sun. It should be made of linen or cotton – the materials that provide you with comfort and protection.

5. Water

Many people forget about it but having water while you are riding on the beach is very careless. You need to stay hydrated, especially if it is hot and sunny.

6. Light and Waterproof Jacket

No one wants to be soaking wet, especially if you are trying to enjoy your ride. Therefore, a waterproof jacket should always be with you when you are going horseback riding on the beach.

7. Accessories

There are also a few accessories that provide you with extra protection and will make your horseback riding experience more enjoyable.

  • Sunglasses. Beach horseback riding will be much more enjoyable and comfortable if you are wearing travel-friendly sunglasses. You need sunglasses that are not easily broken, will not slip, and fit well under the helmet.
  • Sunscreen. It is important to have sunscreen with you with at least SPF 45. If you are fair-haired, then you should wear SPF 70. Do not ignore this because, without sunscreen, your risk of getting sunburns is really high.
  • Gloves. There are several reasons why horseback riders wear gloves. First, gloves provide a better grip on the reins. Second, they protect your skin – they are able to preserve healthy and soft skin. It is especially important on a sunny day when there is a risk of sun damage.
  • Safety vest. As its name suggests, the purpose of this vest is to protect your torse area. Wearing it while you are horseback riding is similar to wear a seat belt in a car when you are driving.
  • Cell phone holder. You may need this accessory if you want to have your cell phone at hand and you do not want it to bounce out of the pocket during the ride. You can also use cell phone holders for other purposes – for example, for holding keys or other small but valuable hiders.
  • Spurs and whips. You may want to consider having spurs and whips, especially if your horse is stubborn. However, it is important to remember that this accessory is for helping you control the horse and giving gentle commands rather than hurting the animal.

What Not to Wear on Horseback Riding on the Beach

What Not to Wear on Horseback Riding on the Beach

There are certain things that you avoid wearing when you are riding on the beach. Here is a list of them:

  • High heels – Wearing high heels on the beach ride is one of the worst ideas. First, because it is uncomfortable. And second, it is not safe at all. High heels increase the risk of falling off and getting serious injuries.
  • Shorts – You may want to put on shorts thinking that it is a comfortable option. However, it is not if we talk about horseback riding. Instead of wearing shorts, think about eats or long pants that will enhance your comfort and will protect your legs. You may want to wear spandex shorts though (or bikini shorts) to wear under your pants or jeans.
  • Dress – Wearing a dress while you are riding a horse is one of the most uncomfortable things. There are many brides who suffer a fall at their own wedding because they were wearing dresses.
  • Baggy clothes – Do not wear baggy pants, a baggy sweater, or a scarf. Loose things may get you caught, which will cause a fall. Wearing a scarf is even more dangerous because it can get tangled in the animal’s legs leading to a fall for both you and the horse.

Shopping for the right clothes and attire for comfortable, enjoyable, and safe horseback riding is not the easiest thing to do. If you are preparing for your first ride on the beach and you need some help, Equoware is ready to help. It is an equestrian boutique with collections of stylish and comfortable clothes and accessories for riders. If you check Equoware’s website, you will find a great selection of equestrian apparel.

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