Mesmerizing 90s Theme Party Outfits to Slay in the New 21st Century!

90s theme party outfits

The 90’s theme is an evergreen theme option for parties. What is even more exciting is the 90s theme party outfits. No matter how hard we try to compete with the 90’s era. Even if you are not attending a party, this theme works perfectly on various occasions. We are coming closer to the year’s end. And, when I say we are nearing the end of the year, it means to have lots of theme parties.

When we are discussing theme parties. How can we forget to discuss the most popular 90’s theme parties? Let us get back to that golden era. The 90’s theme party outfits were all about two major collaborations. The first thing was the unique colors and exciting prints, and the second thing was the comfort.

Let us see some of the exciting trends of the ’90s that will help you with some exciting ideas. So, are you guys excited to see some of the most captivating 90’s themes? Even though we have the most alluring outfits in today’s world, we still go for the old ’90s as an inspiration.

Stunning, Soothing & Captivating 90s Theme Party Outfits

I am a huge 90’s fashion enthusiast. For me, the 90’s fashion trend is always the best. It is an absolute mixture of comfort and looks. From my years of experience, I am sharing some of the best ideas for everyone.

From couples to women and boys to men, I have compiled the best options everyone can try on themselves this party season.

Flare Pants

90s Flare Pants party outfits
Flare Pants for 90s Theme Party Outfits

Flare pants are a great option. We can’t deny, these flare pants still make a great outfit. Flare points were a craze in the late ’90s. People were crazy about the pants. It was a great option for both men and women. The flare pants were available in different fabric options. They had different flares that made it even more exciting.

If you are looking for perfect 90s theme party outfits couples, consider the flare pants. Women can pair the pants with a crop top or oversized t-shirts. For men, they can pair these flare pants with a plain shirt or any vintage graphic t-shirt.

Plaid Pant and Skirts

90s Plaid Pant and Skirts theme party outfits
Plaid Pant and Skirts for 90s theme party outfits

The plaid print is again an evergreen pattern and design you can explore even in this 21st century. The plaid prints were mostly worn by all the popular personalities. Soon in the mid and the late ’90s, people started liking this print and trend.

Especially all the beautiful people out there who belong from the 90’s will definitely agree with me. Women enjoyed wearing the plaid skirt with a perfect pair of the top.

Plaid print and fabric are again a perfect match for both men and women. They make perfect 90′ theme party outfits for the male. A man who loves to maintain a slightly formal look can consider wearing plaid pants with a plain shirt. Believe me, handsome, you will set the floor on fire with your perfect 90’s outfit.


Overalls Outfit for 90s theme party
Overalls for Women

Overalls are still a trend in every country of the world. People still adore wearing these overalls. The best part about this outfit is that it is compatible with both men and women. If you are looking for a perfect 90’s theme party outfit for a couple, you can explore different options. The overalls have various styles to be worn.

Men can wear it with t’s and keep either side unpinned. For all the beautiful women out there, you can pair overalls with a crop top or oversized t-shirts. Believe me, it is one of the most comfortable and captivating 90’s outfits. So, what are you waiting for?

Satin Shirts

Satin Shirts Ideas for 90s theme party outfits
Satin Shirts for 90s theme party outfits

Satin shirts were very popular amongst women in the 90’s. Women used to pair satin shirts with formal skirts or formal pants. The craze for the satin shirts shot up when Jeniffer Aniston wore the Satin shirt with formal skirts for our all-time favorite FRIENDS in 1995 and 1996.

Though Satin shirts are a better match for formal events, the texture, material, and colors make them a real match for wearing them in a 90’s theme party outfit.

You can pair the shirt with a formal skirt, bell-bottom pants, or high-waist pants or jeans. If you are good with carrying unique folds, you can tie a knot instead of closing the shirt’s buttons.

The Bowling Tops and Shirts

The Bowling Tops and Shirts
The Bowling Tops and Shirts for 90s theme party outfits

The bowling shirts and T-shirts are the most admired 90’s outfits. Whether you are looking for a party or a casual day out, bowling shirts are a great choice. Bowling tops were one of the top-selling tops amongst the boys and young gentlemen. They have various colors, patterns, and shades available. If you want, you can even get them customized as per your choice and liking.

90s theme party outfits guys have a huge fan following, especially when bowling tops as an option. There are many ways you can pair these tops and shirts with. You can pair these shirts with knee-length shorts, jeans, or oversized- pants too.

Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck Sweaters for 90s theme party outfits
Turtleneck Sweaters For men

Turtleneck sweaters are a great escape. They look extremely mesmerizing when paired with jackets. If you are looking for a winter 90’s theme party outfit, a turtleneck is a great choice. They look perfect on everyone. Whether you are a male or a female, this is a perfect outfit for both men and women.

Usually, females pair Turtleneck sweaters with PVC Pants or skirts. Whereas men love to pair this outfit with corduroy jeans or striped jeans and pants. Men can carry jackets to give your look an altogether different level. Turtleneck sweater makes a perfect choice of 90’s theme party outfits for both men and women.

Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-Shirts For 90s theme party outfits couples
Graphic T-Shirts For women

I am sure you will agree with me, we still love to wear these graphic t-shirts even in this 21st century. All the 90’s kids were mad for the graphic t-shirts. The best part of this 90’s outfit is that it goes completely with all the bottom wears. You can add on accessories to enhance the overall final look.

Men can pair this t-shirt with bell-bottom pants or other jeans. They can even pair this with knee-length shorts. For all the beautiful ladies out there, you can pair this with mini skirts or bell-bottom pants. Ladies can consider wearing glasses and a choker to add a flair to the overall look.

Baggy Cargo Pants

Baggy Cargo Pants for 90s theme party outfits
Baggy Cargo Pants for 90s hip hop theme party outfits

Now, this is honestly my favorite one. I am a fashion enthusiast, and I always explore the various styles and designs for baggy cargo pants. The trend of baggy cargo pants started somewhere in the early ’90s. The trend started as a 90s hip hop group outfit. Later, people started loving the Fact that it is something really unique and extremely comfortable.

For the time being, even women started wearing these baggy cargo pants with crop tops or short-length pants. They make a great choice of outfits for the 90s hip hop theme party outfits. So, what are you waiting for?

Oversize Shirts and Pants

Oversize Shirts and Pants for90s hip hop theme party outfits

Oversized shirts and pants are one of the most comfortable attire. There are many ways you can pair this. In Fact, if you pair an oversize shirt and pants together, it will create a perfect 90’s hip theme party outfit. Many Hollywood actors in today’s date believe oversize pants and shirts are a great option. In Fact, all the hip hop artists feel it brings a great

You get various styles and options when you have oversize shirts and pants as an option. You can say that oversize attires make a great 90’s hip-hop theme party outfit. It is a good choice of outfit for old 90’s themed parties.

Vintage Windbreaker

Vintage Windbreaker for 90s hip hop theme party outfits
Vintage Windbreaker for 90s theme party outfits

Have you ever thought vintage Windbreaker could be so successful? However, the Fact is this 90’s outfit is killing people with its craze. People are still crazy about the attire that was popular in the 90’s era. Vintage Windbreaker makes a smart option to slay in 90’s theme parties. If you are not a party person who likes to get ready, consider wearing a vintage windbreaker.

Vintage Windbreaker has many options of styles and patterns. Both men and women can pair the jacket with a plain t-shirt and jeans. You can wear a sneaker for a complete hip-hop look.

Plaid Flannel

Plaid Flannel for 90s theme party outfits male
Plaid Flannel for 90s theme party outfits  For Women

Plaid flannel printed tops, jackets, shirts, and pants were very popular in the late ’90s. It is a splendid escape. There are many ways you can wear this print. If you have plaid pants, pair them with a plain white t-shirt and a printed jacket.

For girls and ladies, you can wear this print as a pant with a plain white top. You can even wear the print as a blazer with some hot and alluring mini skirts. You can try different accessories to create an iconic look for your 90’s theme party outfits.

The best part of plaid panels is that even though it is a 90’s outfit, it makes perfect attire for formal occasions. So, if you even want to wear it for your regular formal occasions, you can explore the various options.

Plain T-shirts with Track Jackets

Plain T-shirts with Track Jackets
Plain T-shirts with Track Jackets for 90s theme party outfits male

Plain T-shirts with Track jackets makes a perfect option for 90s theme party outfits male. The track jackets have different styles and color options available if you want some unique ideas to explore. Though track jackets are for morning joggers and workout enthusiasts, you can still pair them with some captivating costumes as your 90’s theme party outfits.

For boys, this can be a great option. Pair up this 90’s outfit with a joggers pant and slay your presence in the 90’s themed party. This outfit will set the floor on fire when you know how to carry it with the correct attitude and confidence. I am pretty sure you will rock this outfit just like a rockstar.

Sport Tracksuits

Sport Tracksuits ideas for 90s theme party outfits male
Sport Tracksuits for women

A Sports Tracksuit is a perfect option for a 90’s hip hop theme party outfit. It looks outstanding to create a cool and rocking look. All the hip-hop stars in the late ’90s enjoyed wearing the outfit. It was a comfortable outfit no matter what; all glamorous 90’s outfits were later released and designed.

There are various designs, colors, and styles designed according to everyone’s liking and desire. So, are you ready to get your perfect match?

Leather Jacket

90s theme party Leather Jacket outfits Idea
Leather Jacket For 90s theme party outfits

Leather jackets were a luxury for people in the 90’s. They were popular not because of the luxurious amount the jacket cost. The leather jacket gave a royal and celebrity feel and look. Even if you wear a simple shirt and pants or jeans and pair it with a leather jacket. I mean, the overall look gave an “awwww” feel. Various trends have come in the fashion world, maintained a craze, and left soon.

If you are looking for a luxurious feel in your costume, go for leather jackets as the 90’s theme party outfits.

Neon Jackets

Neon Jackets for 90s theme party outfits guys
Neon Jackets for 90s theme party outfits for women

Neon Jackets are the funkiest yet mesmerizing attire. The color itself speaks everything about the look. Neon jackets were a craze then in the mid and late ’90s. Women loved wearing neon shades of attires to create a captivating and mesmerizing look.

All the beautiful ladies loved wearing neon one-pieces that highlighted wherever they had to mark their presence. If you want something loud without wearing too many things, wear a simple neon one-piece with the right colored sneakers, you will rock the look.

PVC Dresses

PVC Dresses for 90s theme party outfits
PVC Dresses for party outfits

PVC dresses were an alternative to neon dresses for women back in the 90’s. The material and fabric were designed to cover their actual figure and make them look even hotter and sexier. If you are looking for a sexy 90’s theme party theme outfit, consider the PVC dresses.

It was not just for women, even men wore PVC jackets that made them look hot and handsome.


When we are exploring the great 90’s outfits, why forget the Footwear. Here are some of the most trendy 90’s Footwear you can wear with your outfit for the 90’s theme party.

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers were the most desirable footwear option back in the 90’s. Today they are in trend. In those days, they were mostly white and black in colors. Now, we have various options of colors and brands that make this amazing and comfortable Footwear. If you want to enjoy the 90’s theme party outfits, never forget to consider the platform sneakers as your footwear option.

Air Jordan

Air Jordan Shoe for 90s Theme Party Outfits

Air Jordan is a luxury brand. In the ’90s only celebrities had this opportunity to wear these brands. Though they are a little costly, they still make a great comfort and feel. If you love to wear something classy, royal, and qualitative, definitely go for Air Jordans as your Footwear.

Leather Boots

Leather Boots for 90s theme party outfits guys

One more Footwear that was great then was the leather boots. The best part is, they allow customization. Customization allowed both men and women to enjoy this Footwear with their outfits. If you go to a right and high-quality leather boot, they will make perfect Footwear for your 90’s theme party outfits. So, what do you think, when will you get your perfect match?


Accessories for 90s theme party outfits guys
A woman wearing a hat and smiling


Chokers are a great option to wear as an accessory. Earlier, only women loved wearing this accessory. Now, even men love wearing these accessories with some of their particular outfits. There are various styles of chokers that allow you to choose the option that will make a perfect pair for your 90’s party outfit.

Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is again a cool and classy accessory that you can add to your 90’s accessory collection. They made a perfect pair for women to wear with most of the outfits in those years. You can explore different stores that still have these amazing and outstanding collections of bucket hats if you want.


Chains are a neutral accessory; they look perfect on both men and women. They have various styles and designs that make them applicable to everyone. Even young children can wear this chain with some of their funky outfits. Chains still make a great option in today’s date. Men love wearing this with some of their hip-hop outfits.


Glasses are a good choice of accessories to add to your outfit. Various shades make a perfect accessory for your 90’s theme party outfit.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are a great choice of escape for people who love to carry some essentials but hate carrying backpacks or handbags. You can carry some of the essentials and wear the pack as a belt on your waist. Different brands still design these funny packs.

Leather Belts

Leather belts are the most admired accessory in the 90’s outfit. You can wear the belt with any outfit if you actually know how to wear it.

The Bottom Line

We never fail to wear the perfect dress for a party. So, why compromise when you have so many various 90’s theme party outfits available in the market. I have listed some of the best 90’s outfits you can wear to your theme party. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your chance to explore the best one for yourself. Happy Shopping!

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