what to wear for Thanksgiving

What to Wear for Thanksgiving That Will Make Look Gorgeous

Hey Sophia, I need your help. It’s kinda urgent. We are having a Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother’s place. And I am super confused about what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner. Though it is a family dinner date type and it is also going to be a relaxed and cozy affair. But cousins planned to dress up. I was the first one to agree but now I am out of ideas. Everything seems to be outdated. You are the only savior now.

Hello Eliza, First, calm down. Take a deep breath. Now listen to me carefully. It’s really exciting to know that you all are dressing up for the occasion. Not many people do that. Now that you have finally decided to ditch super casual and sweat pants. Just follow my steps on getting ready for Thanksgiving. I promise that you are going to rock the night with my ideas on what to wear for Thanksgiving

(You read how Eliza is confused about dressing up for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is also about dressing up elegantly and stylishly. It’s not only about giving thanks and a grand dinner full of roast turkey, turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Let’s see how Sophia is going to help her.)

1. Jeans + Sweater + Ankle Boots

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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Starting off with the simplest outfit. Grab your jeans (ripped or plain), put on that sparkly sweater, and complete your look with ankle boots. Go for light make-up and a high ponytail.

2. Turtle Neck Sweater Dress + Suede Boots

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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You will love this one. Just two things and you are ready to glow. Turtle neck sweater dress and suede boots to add a charm to it embrace long neck-piece.

3. All Maroon + Cardigan + Knee High Boot

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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All black is too mainstream. Step out of the zone and enclasp maroon this festive season. All maroon with knee-high booties and a cardigan to make you look out of the box.

4. Cranberry Velvet Dress + Stiletto Heels

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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Cranberry is an essential element of Thanksgiving. Wear a cranberry velvet dress with stilettos. To complete the look, style your hairs with a mid-partition. 

Wear loose outfits, so that your stomach doesn’t feel congested after eating a Turkey.

5. Pleated Skirt + Winter T-shirt +  Heels

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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Pleated skirts have succeeded on the runaways. Take them to your grandmother’s house and see how your cousins envy you. Pair it with a winter t-shirt and wrap a scarf around the neck to give your outfit a sophisticated look. Heels will be your companion for the night.

6. Jeans – Tshirt + Blazer + Leather Boot

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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I call this look a multi-tasker look. This outfit can act as both casual wear and formal Thanksgiving outfits. Blazers went to the wedding dresses too then it isn’t shocking they are going to be your partner to a Thanksgiving dinner. Accompany it with leather boots.

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7. Leather Skirt + Turtle Neck Tshirt + Ankle-High Leather Boots

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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The chic look. Wear a leather skirt with tucked in turtle neck Tshirt. For footwear, there are two options either you can go for ankle-high or knee-high boots. I would advise you to go to the leather ones.

8. Wide Leg Jeans + Casual Tshirt + Woolen Coat + Platform Heels

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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Wide leg jeans have entered the fashion industry again. Let’s welcome them with the Thanksgiving dinner. Pair it with a casual tucked-in tee and a woolen coat as an outwear. Everyone is going to wear stilettos and boots, you should go for platform heels. Just to stand-out among the crowd.

9. Leather Tights + Black Tshirt + Casual Winter Blazer + Heels

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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Got many leather tights? Utilize them here. Though I said all back is too mainstream but who doesn’t love black (no regrets!). Wear all black with all the love. Add a winter blazer of pastel color to the outfit. And heels always completes the look, without any doubt.

Wear any of the stylish outfits I suggested, from grandmother to sister-in-law everyone is going to praise your fashion sense. Enjoy your dinner and appreciation looks.

what to wear for Thanksgiving

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I hope now you have an ideas on what to wear for Thanksgiving.

Thank me later (On Thanksgiving). 

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