Tips to Keep a Beautiful & Glowing Tattoo

Tips to Keep Your Tattoo Glowing

Getting a tattoo is a major decision especially if it’s your first one. Because of the permanent nature of a tattoo – it is usually for life or through painful laser removal; utmost care is needed when you finally get a tattoo. My sister came up with a range of female classy half-sleeve tattoos. Many customers have given a good review for Tattoo in Dublin and they are absolutely trendy.

You want the tattoo to look fresh and new, not faded after a few years. It starts with the healing process; as your skin may take weeks sometimes months to heal after a tattoo. If you’re wondering what to do to hasten the healing process and keep it looking new after that, you’ll learn tips that will help you in this guide.

But first, you should know how the tattoo is formed.

Your skin consists of three layers; epidermis the topmost layer, dermis the middle layer, and hypodermis the bottom layer. The ink from a tattoo machine passes through the epidermis and is deposited on the dermis.

Here are tips to keep your tattoo glowing:

1. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs That Can Thin Your Blood Before and Immediately After Your Tattoo

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs That Can Thin Your Blood Before and Immediately After Your Tattoo

It is beneficial to stay away from alcohol the day before you get your tattoo as alcohol in your system can lead to several unbeneficial results like causing too much bleeding during tattooing and affecting the pigmentation. Some of the pigments can also fall off when you take too much alcohol immediately after the tattoo.

You should also avoid taking drugs that can cause your blood to thin before your session. Most pain relievers are in this category.

2. Moisturize Daily

Moisturizing helps heal the skin faster and lets the ink shine through. Moisturizing your skin daily will keep it elastic and prevent dry out. You should avoid peeling off the pigmentation especially in its early healing process when it begins to scale.

3. Wear Sunscreen

The sun can cause your tattoo to fade so when going out under the sun ensure you wear sunscreen. This is even more important when your tattoo is still healing. The pigmentation can easily be broken down by the sun’s rays.

4. Keep Your Weight in Check

Keep Your Weight in Check

After getting your tattoo, you need to keep your weight in check. Excess weight gain or loss can stretch the tattoo and change its shape. Staying in and around the same weight will keep your tattoo looking new and prevent any distortion of the tattoo.

5. Stay Hydrated

Water keeps your skin and tattoo glowing. Drinking lots of water is not only beneficial to your health but also to your tattoo as it can clean the skin and make the tattoo colors shine out.

6. Exfoliate Your Skin

Are you worried exfoliation would remove your tattoo’s pigmentation? There is no need to worry as exfoliation only removes dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin and your tattoo is imprinted on the middle layer of your skin.

Exfoliating will help make the area cleaner and remove dead skin cells that would’ve otherwise dulled the area and stop the tattoo from popping.

You should only exfoliate after your tattoo must have healed fully not during the healing process.

7. Soaking the Tattoo in Bathwater of Steam Baths

Soaking the Tattoo in Bathwater of Steam Baths

When your tattoo is still healing, you should avoid soaking the tattoo in bath water or high-humidity rate steam baths as that can soften the skin and cause the scales that may form to fall off.

Gently splashing water over it and drying it by patting it with a towel instead of rubbing it will keep it fresh and intact when it heals.

8. Schedule a Touch Up for Your Tattoo

Because of the time your tattoo may take to heal and sometimes you may accidentally peel off some parts of the pigmentation when it scales during the healing process, you may get an uneven tattoo color and shape after.

When this happens, you should schedule a touch-up with a tattoo artist. This touch-up involves going through parts or the entire tattoo with ink to brighten it or even add more information.

Most artists offer a free touch-up if the first tattoo was made by them, while others may just require a small fee.

Fading is inevitable after a long time but a touch-up can bring it back to life and let you continue enjoying your tattoo.


Several factors can cause your tattoo to fade off after a while but you can reduce its effect and prolong your tattoo’s glow by practicing these tips and using recommended inks for your tattoo.

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